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Dymples Easy

Dymples Easy

4.2 from 12 reviews

Great value for money!

This pram is great value for money! We recently purchased to take it travelling and it didn't let us down. It was easy and light to travel with and loved that it came in colours rather than just black! The basket at the bottom is a great size for a quick shop! Just don't pop anything little in there as there are gaps so it could fall out. It travelled well and is still in great condition now we're home. For $19 you can't go wrong!

This is ideal for our family

With triplets in the family the 3 strollers can fit on the floor in the back seat of the 4WD of both the wagon & dual cab if necessary. Durable & they dry quickly if they get wet, lightweight & easy to maneuver when out & about. The sunshade folds back if not needed & the stroller is easy to fold down & put up. The quality is strong enough for our purposes, however we do take care with the strollers to try to ensure that they last for as long as we need them. The family live out of town so the strollers are used on rough ground & so far they have proved their worth many times over.

Ok for kids that don’t fall asleep

It isn’t the best to try to push one handed but easy for unfold and fold back up. The only thing I do not like is it’s uncomfortable for your child if they do fall asleep in it as you can’t lay it down or have anything soft for their head.

light and easy

easy to use and light enough to just chuck it in the back seat of the car. we bought uit to take to my mother in laws farm and it l9ives there. surprisingly its not to bad going through the dirt. my son is 6 months old and a chunky monkey and its light enough that his weight doesnt mater

Space-saver for quick travels

We have another stroller that is sturdy and comfortable but it takes all of our boot space. So when we saw the umbrella-type stroller, thought of giving it a go. It takes less than half of the space the other took, it is quick and easy to set up, goes well on shopping centers (even in the parks, just keep it within the paths and you're fine) and seems quite firm!

The few drawbacks are that it offers no adjustments, the seat belts don't seem that strong, the foldable sun cover doesn't cover much (really) and mine seems to be misaligned. I tried working on the angles with my tools but all wheels still point towards in. But it goes very well, really worth - it costs almost nothing!

Worst stroller ever

It is a terrible stroller but i suppose you cant complain too much considering the price. Would only buy this stroller if i was desperate. Worst maneuverability, rough and difficult to push, terrible build and quality. The only positive apart from the price is that it is easy to pack and its lightweight

Perfect for a casual stroller.

Great pram, overall.
Maneuvering is easy, folding and unfolding is practical, very compact which is great if your looking for boot space (after having a bulky pram). The quality is overall good, only issue is the bottom basket isn't very big or very good quality, mine has broken within a few months.
Good value for money for the toddler that doesn't want to walk.


Good and compact stroller with cheap and best price...very eas to use and very easy to fold..its good for older kids like 3plus.they can use it nicely.only if they sleep it's bit difficult with neck position as it don't have any push back.but it is very good and decent for the price.easy to fold as well.li liked it.

Good for bigger babies

Great for bigger bubs when you're just cruising around the shop or have limited boot space. It folds up small, and doesn't weigh much. Very very cheap, yet quite sturdy. My 16kg daughter still uses it from time to time when needed, and it held up quite well. We've had it for almost a year, and so far so good. It still looks brand new, and hasn't shown any signs of giving up anytime soon.

Good value stroller

I agree with 'ate84' review. It is a great little stroller to take overseas as long as your child isn't too little and needs it to recline, as with these 'umbrella' strollers it does not recline.
It is fairly sturdy for the price and I like the vibrant colour. It can be hard to take the breaks off and fold it if you are wearing thongs yes. The clip is also a bit dodgy to hold it together but for the price of a BigW stroller you can't really expect too much and it does the job quite well. It is better than most other 'umbrella strollers'.
We did also buy it to take overseas and used it a lot. We are still using it for short trips for our 3 year old and its still all intact and woking fine. Will hopefully be able to use it for our next overseas trip, next year as its great to have at the airport and when the little ones legs get tired.

Love it! Perfect 2nd pram

Brought this for my mum to use. Initially we wanted to get the zuzu one but found this one much sturdier and wider. Quite light and perfect for those quick trips. Very easy to fold and unfold as well. Love it so much now I want to buy one for myself

Great small pram!

We bought this pram to take overseas but have found ourselves using it here also. It is wider than the normal strollers of it's type and the handles are quite a bit higher too. I tried all the cheapy strollers and this was the only one that I didn't feel like I was bending over to push it. It feels more sturdy too and I can hang the nappy bag over the handles and it won't tip over. Another big bonus. The only downside and it is a pretty big one is the closing mechanism. It is quite difficult to collapse and it requires your foot to be caught between the lever and the metal rail. This is fine if you're wearing boots or runners but in thongs is a nightmare!
Wider size, higher handles, sturdier, stronger feel. Price, so cheap!!
Closing mechanism.

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Price (RRP) $25.00
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age6+ months
Seat OrientationForward-facing
FeaturesUnder-seat Storage
Wheel MaterialSolid
Release dateMar 2013

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