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Dymples Wipes

Dymples Wipes

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Love these

Both my babies love these wipes.
They’re not dripping wet which I’ve found with some wipes, and they don’t dry up either (if sealed correctly). Very good value for money too

Purchased in February 2019 at Big W Retail Stores for $7.50.

Love it!

I first used this baby wipes with my first son and I’m still using it with my 2nd. Its not too wet or dry and I love the mild smell. But what I love the most is how affordable it is for its good quality.

Purchased in April 2015 at Big W Retail Stores.

Great value wipes from bigw

These are $7.5 for a box of 6. Great value at $1.25 per 80pack. Everyday price so you don't have to hunt for big brands to be on sale. I got the fragrance free one and the shelves seem to be always shopped so I think savvy mums are on to this. My hubby uses like 12 wipes per change (working on training him!) but in the mean time, I don't have a heart attack versus when using $4 80pk wipes.

False advertisement

I purchased a single packet of the dymples wipes they were thick and moist. I then went ahead and purchased the box of 6 and they are see-through and dry. I thought coles were bad but these take the cake. The sticky label on the top does stick after a few goes at opening the packet which makes the wipes dry out a little more. I will never purchase these again.

Value for money, best wipes ever

I have tried al baby wipes and as a mother of 4 find these wipes by far the best, moist, easy seal which works well as long as you close the seal each time and extreme caue for money - i aways buy Dymples now and recommend to all my friends $7.50 for a whole box of wipes is hard to beat and i always leave big w with extra items in hand.

Love it !

These wipes are great to use. I prefer it compared to other branded wipes. The price is also very good. Whenever i go to bigW, i always return home with 2 big boxes of dymple wipes. It doesn't have a clip lid but it is not a big issue. I have simply bought a wipe box and store it. Very satisfied with the quality and would highly recommend it.

Good.. but just 1 thing and they could be excellent

These wipes are great as a wipe, the price is great also but won't be purchasing these again, I buy the bulk box, the reason I won't buy again is that the sticky 'lid' doesn't stick after a few uses, which then dries out the wipes. If only they would have a hard lid or at least something that sticks time after time.

Hello!! Anyone listening???

Every review dating back from 2015 is screaming out for the return of the lid on the Dymples wipes instead of the current ridiculously cheap peel back. It's been two years and no action has been taken. Quite frankly, I don't think our feedback is even being read. About the receipt to add value to our review - if I had that I would have returned the product to the store, taken my money and shopped elsewhere. That's my option from here on.

Good but......

It is definitely a good product and affordable. My only criticism is 1)It should not be interleaved, as in tissue fashion, because we have to push back the wipe/s we don't need and this contaminates the rest in the pack. 2)The current flimsy flap does not stick after a few uses and this only dries out the rest of the wipes in the pack. A more sturdy lid (like Mamia from Aldi) is all we ask.

Hard lids

Why take away the hard lids cause now half our packet ends up drying up so we are losing value for money til you bring them back will have to stop buying them as I am not paying half a pack of dry wipes . Save your product now before it's too late

buy a container

I would prefer the clip lids as well. I just brought Huggies wipes that have the plastic container n put the dymples wipes in it. And if I go out I just wrap bit of glad wrap around the packet does the trick while we are out n about.never used any other wipes love the dymple wipes

Tissues would be better

Useless. They always come out dry, the lid never seals shut properly and they are paper thin- always tearing when you try to take one out. I honestly think that using a tissue would work just as well. They are a complete waste of money. I never bought them with the older packaging so I can't compare but I know that I won't ever be buying these again.

No Openings For Wipes

Very unhappy with the box of Dymples Wipes I purchased, every pack in the box had no opening to get the wipes out, won't be buying this brand again. I had to cut a hole in packet which made the wipes dry out and become unusable with a couple of days.

why change something that wasn't broke

Yes please bring back old lids as these new adhesive ones are crap. Honestly how long do you think they would last being open and shut and being in baby bag they tend to pick up dirt and stuff that makes them less sticky. So please bring back the plastic lids I don't buy any other product.

Terrible packaging. Bring back the old lid!

As per everyone else's comments. These use to be the best wipes and we always bought the bulk box having 2 young children but will look to another brand due to the new packaging. The sticky plastic doesn't seal and what use to be great as a travel pack is useless in a baby bag now as they dry out. Still charging the same price too for a much inferior product!!

bring back the old packaging!

I used to love dymples wipes! Not anymore. Since the new packaging, the seal doesnt stay sticky yet the wipes are always saturated! I cannot pull out 1 or 2, i pull out heaps & its such a waste! Drives me mental when im trying to change bubs nappy & holding her legs with one hand & pulling out a line of wipes, that i dont need, with the other. Id rather pay the extra 5c to have the old packs back! Or at least not have the wipes so saturated! So dissapointed!

Used to love these wipes...

I used to love these wipes, until they got rid of the plastic clipshut lid. The peel back sticky is stupid. It doesnt stay sticky, and is harder to use. Id pay $1-2 more for the clip lid to return. For now ill be going to target for mine :(

Love them. Don't like the new packaging!

Have been using these for 2.5 years just bought a new box and see they are sticky lids instead of clips. This was one of the reasons I like this brand as they stay moist with the clip lid. Will probably be searching for a new brand next time. Would be happy to pay a $1-2 extra to leave the clip lids.

Bring back the clip lid

We have been using the dymples wipes for 5years it was a good wipes and affordable. But all of a sudden they change the packaging, from clip lid to peel backs which we are not satisfied because it doesn't stay sticky and makes the wipes dry out. Bring back the clip lid please that works instead of this crap peel backs lid. We will look for another brand that makes us satisfied.

Bring back the clip lid

I have three kids ages 7,4,1 I have bought dymples wet ones for all three kids I have always loved them and found they were the best ones out until I bought a new packet the other day only to find the clip lid is gone and u have replaced it with a sticky lid whether this is a cheap alternative I don't know but it is absolute crap the sticky part doesn't stay sticky for long therefore the wipes dry up... Please bring back the clip lid!!!

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I need a msds form. Where can i get this?
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From the manufacturer I'd assume Kim. Hope that helps.


Dymples Wipes
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