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Dyson Airwrap

Dyson Airwrap

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It's ok. But not what you would expect for $800

I bought the Dyson Airwrap two weeks ago after doing a demo at a Dyson pop up at Melbourne airport. I was so impressed that I bought. I bought it with the intention of replacing all my current hair appliances, including a hair dryer, curler and straightener.
I have long, very wavy hair, which is prone to frizz. I tried the paddle brush attachment, which was reasonably easy to use. It was very much like just brushing your hair, if only a little slower. It didn't leave my hair terribly straight, which is what I was hoping for, but it did look like a semi professional blow out. It completed the job quickly, having only to spend 15 minutes to do my the whole head. I also tried the barrel brush attachment, which gave more volume. I haven't quite mastered the curling attachments, but with the results I'm getting, I don't need my hair to be any curlier.
I don't hate the results. It definitely replaces the hairdryer, and would negate the need to get professional blow outs, potentially saving you money, depending on how often you have salon blow outs. However, I haven't managed to get my hair completely straight, so I don't think it replaces a straightener.
I understand the time, energy and technology development that has gone into the product, which is quite impressive. This, and the Dyson brand name, have to be the only reason this retails for $800. It gave me results that I don't hate, but I don't love them enough to justify the $800 price tag.

Purchased in August 2019 at Dyson for $799.00.

Underwhelming after demo at pop up in Sydney

I went to the Dyson hair demo store to try out the air wrap before purchase. The stylist did my hair in the curls that I wanted, but the curls were literally gone within the hour, I was left with a wave at best. Product including mousse and spray was used. My hair usually does hold curls with heat styling tools. I am glad I was able to try rather than buy and saved myself a fortune and disappointment. Unfortunate because I wanted it to work.

Purchased for $50.00.

Best hair took I've ever used

I love what dyson have come out with, with the airwrap and the airblade. I love my beauty products and this is on of the best I have ever used. It makes styling my hair so much quicker and more convenient. The only reason this gets 4 stars is because its SO expensive. I purchased mine for almost $900 for Myer!

Purchased in January 2019 at Myer Retail Stores for $899.00.

I love this it has made my life much easier

I purchased the dyson air wrap as i was desperate to cut the time it takes to do my hair i was also very wary as to not cause to much heat damage.

Oh boy did it deliever it came in a carry box that has velvet like material inside with all the attachments neatly placed in their own positions.

It says to use it on DAMP hair at first i had no idea what i was doing so a quick youtube tutorial and i have now mastered all the attachments. My favourite attachment would have to be the thick straighening brush it gives me a straightened look in less then 5 minutes. The curl attachments are good but i found they do not last throughout the day but a little hairspray solves that problem.
It comes with
- a hair dryer but it is not as strong as the original dyson hair dryer.
- a volumizing brush
- two straightening brushes one for thin hair and one for thick
- 2 small tight curl attachments for each side of your hair
- 2 thick curl attachments for each side of you hair

Great technology and design
Comes in its own box woth a place for all attachments.
Cuts time in half
Doesn't cause heat damage
I could go on and on
Has a filter cleaner brush for easy cleaning

The size of it, its huge can arm may get a little tired
Best results when hair is damp meaning you will need to dampen hair if hair is fully dry.
Price it is a pretty expensive but hey it is a all in one after all.

Over All I am happy with this product it does what it says.
Note: I use it daily and it hasnt missed a beat

Fantastic Time Saver

I bought a Dyson Airwrap after months of reading reviews weighing up the pros & cons. But decided to take the $799.00 plunge after my old hair dryer stopped working and I haven't looked back!

It does take some practice to get a handle on the curling wands in particular but once I'd worked out the best routine for my hair type (lots of fine fragile hair) this one styling tool has replaced the three I used to use. The barrel brush is my absolute favourite tool as it let's me get volume and add some shape at the same time.

I used to spend around 40mins doing my hair every second day: wash, blow dry, straighten and then add some wave near my face now I spend 20 mins or less to get a better result with so much less damage. Plus if I've got time I can now give myself a full head of bouncy beach waves in about 30mins which I've never been able to do before!

After using for the last month and a half I can tell that my hair is so much healthier! My best tip is to have a water spray bottle next to you when styling so that you can dampen sections if you want to add some curls to your already dried hair.

Purchased in June 2019 at David Jones for $799.00.

Disappointing - not so special. You can do better with your money

I bought this a few months ago and am pretty disappointed because it just does not give the results that all the demo videos and you tube lead you to believe. No way i would recommend anyone pay the riduculous asking price on this. A decent hair dryer and style brush give the same or better result. A lesson learned the hard way. The hype just hot air - which is all that this hair dryer delivers.

Purchased for $799.00.

WOW! After reading a million and two reviews I bought it and love it.

I researched and researched, watched about an hour or two of youtube videos and finally took the plunge.
My hair: Long and thick hair, relatively straight and quite healthy, no bleach etc. My hair has always held curls well when using a hot iron or hot rollers, even perms lasted a lot longer than they should have. The first time I tried the curls, I used no product and within 6 hours they had fallen to a beautiful loose curl, using the larger barrel. The second time I used it, I used the smaller barrel with just a a small amount of moose. Amazing curls for the first 5 hours, then over the past 2 days my hair looks like I've had an amazing blow wave at a Salon. I went to lunch with a friend today and she thought I'd just been to a salon! yet I did my hair 2 days ago. I couldn't be happier with the curling aspect. I haven't tried it straight yet, so I can't comment there. If you read the instructions and there are some great tutorials online you can get amazing results. I wanted to write this review as I searched for Australian reviews and found them hard to find. It worked really well on my hair. If you're considering it, try it out Dyson ( check with them) said I could return it after 45 days if I didn't like it if I bought it from them.

So happy!

Purchased in August 2019 at Sephora Online Store for $720.00.

Love it, but curls won't last!

Love it, dries my hair quickly and leaves it smooth, much better than any previous hair dryer l've owned, and no need for hair iron tongs to follow the drying, making it awesome, quicker, less hair damage, easy to use, results fabulous!
Problem, l can't work out which flat brush l should use. I get good results with either, but l'd rather use the correct one.
Problem, l have no success with the curlers! I use a very small clutch of hair, the wand picks up the hair and curls it easily on both medium or high heat, then l finish with a cold blast for 30 seconds, for each curl. But the curls fall out while l'm doing the other side of my head. I re-do, then re- do, then re-do, exasperating and distressing! I can't get ready because my curls fall out, l always end up upset and having to put my hair in a ponytail or bun.
I don't know what lm doing wrong, any HELPFUL KIND advice would be appreciated.

Purchased in January 2019.

Thank you for taking the time to review your Dyson Airwrap. We are pleased to hear you are happy with your machine. Included with the Airwrap are two smoothing brushes, the Soft Smoothing Brush (with pink balled tips) and the Firm Smoothing Brush (with stiffer bristles). The Soft Smoothing Brush helps create a smooth blow-dry finish, designed for use on finer hair types. The Firm Smoothing Brush helping to create a straighter style and designed to control unruly frizz-prone hair. If both of these work well for you, we encourage using whichever gives you your desired result. We have also replied to your seperate question, however to ensure you see this, we have added our reply to your query about curling below: To ensure you are getting the best out of your Dyson Airwrap, ensure you start with damp hair (as dry hair won't hold a curl and wet hair will take longer to curl), use high heat and airflow, use the 30mm curling barrels, and make sure each curl is dry and cooled before turning your machine off. In addition, it may help to use either a mousse beforehand, or a hairspray after. Any residue from these left on the barrels can be wiped off with a soft try cloth. You can also find a few videos here showing how to get the best results from your Airwrap here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPSfBZzRN-0&list=PLkvJFz1AotStNR-Q8Hc0DdDlM0XkQ-J2OThankyou. This is really helpful advice. I'd like to add the feedback that l wish the case had a sturdy strap handle, on top or sides, would make it so much easier to pick up case, which l have to do often. Strap format to lay flattest against case, for storage in a suitcase or cupboard. Case is gorgeous but awkward and heavy to move.


The Dyson airwrap is used by x3 members of the family all with different hair types:-
- long & fine hair
- long thick & wavy hair
- short & fine, thinning hair
The airwrap is lightweight, ergonomic & easy to use (a necessity for me due to a weak arm).
The heat temperature maintains a constant temperature.
Dries hair very quick compared to other hairdryers I’ve used.
We have all found our hair looks “healthier” since using the airwrap. There is noticeable less frizz, our hair looks shinier & fewer broken ends.
I mainly use the brush & dry my hair with my head upside down which helps to give volume.
It caters for all hair types as it comes with a number of attachments
I feel the handle casing could be of better quality, it is easily scratched/damaged by the plug when stored
Price $$$$

Purchased in December 2018 at Myer Retail Stores for $699.00.

Good but expensive for what it does

I have always had problems curling my hair without getting burnt in the process, so I was super excited when I bought the airwrap. It comes in a massive case with all the attachments which was great, but maybe would've been nice to have a smaller travel case too for the essentials. The curling part requires a certain amount of coordination but is fairly easy overall and I didn't burn myself which was a plus. It seemed to set my hair in curls for longer than when I used a normal wand, but it was difficult to do the back of my hair properly. Overall it was fairly easy to use but for what it does, the price seemed a bit much.

Purchased in November 2018 at Dyson for $699.00.

It's good, but faulty and at that price is it worth it?

I bought the Airwrap in February, it was sold out so I went on the waitlist through Dyson (I have other Dyson products and am usually an advocate of their products), however, in the three months that I've had the Airwrap a number of problems have occurred.

Firstly, the round brush will not stay on the dryer, even if you lock it. I have very fine hair and have never had a problem like this before, so if I want to use that particular attachment I have to be extremely gentle. This then adds at least 20 mins to the drying process - and the drying process does take a bit longer now that I use the Airwrap, that was ok, because I liked the results - less static, less frizz, more shine - but is not a great experience overall (especially when you're in a rush).

Secondly, the dryer cuts out. Just stops working and won't turn back on again. It will work again the next morning, but then only for a certain period of time. Then it will work and lure me back into a false sense of security until I have wet hair and go to use it again and it stops working halfway through - cue half head smooth half head frizz, not a good look.

I reached out to Dyson to tell them of the faults and crappy experience, however, 10 days have passed and no reply. When you pay $700 for a hair appliance, you would hope to have some sort of customer support.

Is it worth the money? I do like the results - if you have the patience to add more time to your styling - but I've reverted back to my $50 hot brush styler on several occasions because the Dyson didn't work. I've bought Dyson previously on the premise that they last a long time and have a guarantee, however, having now experienced a faulty Dyson product and not having any response from Dyson, I may consider purchasing any of their products again.

Purchased in February 2019 at Dyson for $699.00.

Sorry to hear you are having trouble keeping your round brush on your machine Sam. We can understand this would be frustrating however this is not to be expected, nor do we expect your machine to routinely cut out. We sincerely apologise for the delay and trust a Dyson Expert has been in touch. If this isn't the case, or if we can assist further, we would kindly ask you to forward your details to auaskdyson@dyson.com, and we will be in touch to get your Airwrap working as it should ASAP.Thanks for your reply, the Customer Service team have now been in touch (20 days later) and are arranging a straight swap of the machine, which is most appreciated.

Dyson Airwrap

Bought this for my girlfriend at Christmas and she has not stopped using it. She loves the attachments. She really likes the results of the styling and uses it in conjunction with her dyson hairdryer.
Would recommend

Questions & Answers

I just bought the Dyson Airwrap Blow dryer 5 days ago. This was the third time using in and as I was about to complete the look with the curling wand the blow dryer shut off and when I tried to turn it off an on a blinking red light went off. It took about 10 minutes to cool down. When I turned it back on it shut off again. I read some reviews and see this is happening to a few people. Is this a common problem with the blow dryer?
3 answers
Contact Dyson - they are responsive and helpful. this has never happened for meThis hasn't happened to me either, but I have read the machine can overheat. Contact Dyson :)We certainly wouldn't expect this Ali. Please forward your details to auaskdyson@dyson.com and our Dyson Experts will be in touch very shortly to help get this sorted.

Help. I spend the time, l curl my hair, but by the time l finish one side, the other side curls have dropped out. I repeat, each time, the other side has dropped out. Eventually all sides looking good, but 15 mins later, curls all dropped out, back to having to use a pony tail to look groomed! What am l doing wrong? I use small amount of hair, curls well on high heat or medium heat, then the cold blast to set, then let curl out, result, a great curl. ...but then it falls out in 15 minutes or less. Help!
5 answers
Hi Jackal, have you checked out some of the videos on YouTube? In the interim, do you use a styling product e.g mousse prior to styling & perhaps as soon hairspray may help set the curls?Thanks kgmgim. I looked at two videos, " Dyson Airwrap TIPS for people who can't hold curls" but the girl admitted it was her 2nd utube as all curls she did fell out during her first utube attempt,this she claimed a success, but the curls were falling flat as she spoke. The second utube called "Dyson AirWrap 3 ways" with Lucy Jessica Carter, great final look but her video skips most of the actual curling, for the using both types of curling attachments ( the curling cones and the round brush), and the final post curling cones view is actually significantly falling out already. l've tried hairspray strong hold after curling, but didn't hold. As for Mousse prior to styling, l didn't use that because it might coat the curling rods, l didn't want any residue on them which would risk my warranty while lm still unsure about keeping the product, it's not doing what it's advertised to do. I love the AirWrap for drying straight, just can't get the curls.I’m not too sure what else to suggest, perhaps it maybe worthwhile contacting Dyson? I generally use the brushes for volume rather than curls & dry my shortish hair straight. My daughter with long wavy/curly hair uses it to dry her hair straight. The other with long fine hair, uses it for soft waves, rather than curls using hairspray to make it stay. I’ll be very interested for if you work out how to make curls last.

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