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VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler 1000 VS2735GA

VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler 1000 VS2735GA

3.8 from 52 reviews

Not for everyone

This hair dryer and styler combo doesn’t work with me because a) you need to hold onto the button to keep the blower going and hair brush spinning. B) once you have it on it just twist your hair into knots. C) you try and untangle it by pushing the reverse button but then realise that same button also pushed out hot air making your hair into a bigger mess. Not for me. I spent more time trying to work it out and chopping a small piece of my hair out because it got so messed up. I’d rather stick to my hair dryer and big round ceramic Brush. Which I have now.

Purchased in December 2018 for $55.00.

Big hair

I purchased the VS big hair Styler 3 weeks ago from Big W and I love it. I have shoulder length hair which is very fine and tends to frizz a little when just washed. But not anymore I use the brush on wet hair to dry and style and no more frizz it's great. The only negative is that I would prefer a smaller brush on it, but I'm getting used to it. I would certainly recommend this product. My hair looks a lot better since using this hair Styler.

Wouldn't recommend.

I loved the product initially. It comes with two brush attachments and in less than 12 months the bristles on both brushes had worn and I do not get the same results with styling. I wrote a letter to Conair sending a copy of my receipt as the warranty was for 2 years. I was told that because it was considered normal wear and tear it was not covered by warranty. I was given the option to purchase new brushes. I don't find this acceptable, 2 brushes should not wear out in less then 12 months. I am now looking at the Baybliss Nano Titanium as the the bristles look better quality. I paid over $100 for the VS Sassoon product and certainly wouldn't recommend it.

Absolutely Love It!

The Big Hair appliance is excellent for semi-long to short hair, if your hair is very very long you may have difficulty as it might tangle as it rotates. For very thick hair its totally amazing...but you must section hair as you dry. Pin hair up and dry using smallish sections working from neck area first and top of scalp last. It rotates easily and you can do top and underneath of each section, therefore each section is smoothed and dried really nicely. I've been using it for 2 years with no damage to my hair at all. It gives a natural, soft look to the hair, you can use it to curl hair inwards or if you pull the brush outwards while drying , you can get a straighter look. I find the drying takes about the same amount of time as drying with a brush and hairdryer, but the finish is much nicer. I used the smaller brush on Mums hair that is quite short and very fine. It was easy to use on her hair and dried it very quickly. Watch pricing, as I found a big discrepancy in prices, and found one at half price to anywhere else. My tips would be :- sectioning hair is very important, start at base of hair and work up, but do the whole of the base of hair, then whole next layer, etc, till you reach the top and front. Also a leave-in conditioner is good for the hair as the brush gets hot. It has a really nice straightening ability without hair being flat straight and I don't think its as harsh on hair as if you blowed it dry with a hairdryer then used a normal straightener. I personally think its brilliant and I wouldn't be without it ...I no longer have a normal hairdryer.

New favourite hair styling tool

I cut my long hair to mid length with layers and decided I needed something to help me with styling my new ‘do as my arms ached at the thought of attempting a blow wave with a round brush and hairdryer. This product obviously seemed perfect.

Since purchasing this styler, I have not used my hairdryer or hair straightener.

It does take a little bit of getting use to the controls initially, but once you do it is easy to use. Do take caution that your hair doesn’t wrap all the way around the brush or it will catch and pull at your hair from your scalp if you don’t release the rotate button in time.

I like that it comes with two different sized brush attachments and that each has a protective sleeve.

overall, I’m really happy with this product.

Great Product highly recommend

for years I've been using this styler just recently purchased a new one, it gently dries & styles my fine wavy hair with volume & bounce. Cheap ALDI one no good.

Does the job..

I bought this thinking it would change my hair game. First few times trying it, it worked like magic. After a while, my hair kept getting tangled in the styler and my hair is getting damaged..

It hurts.

Recommended by a friend. I did a bit of research before purchasing one. The reality is it is definitely not as easy as shown on Youtube. You have to be very good and controlling the motion of the curler otherwise it'll pull on your scalp and can potentially cause burn! As much as it says it can dry your hair while styling it, it definitely is not as effective as a blow dryer, as it takes a long time to just dry a damp hair. The brush were very soft and they collapse after a few uses. I was still working out how much hair to curl each time but the brush did not last long enough for me to acquire the skill. I think it takes a lot of practice and patience, of which I do not have. So maybe it may suit you but not me.

I love this!!

I was given this for Christmas to replace the old one which gave up after 10 years. I love it!! I've always had trouble blow drying my hair but this makes it so easy and the results are brilliant. No frizz, smooth and shiny. Only my hairdresser can do it better!

Good, but then not so good.

Loved styler at first, however, it has slowly over time has broken. Dryer is about 2 1/2 years old bits have broken off & small pieces have even been flicked out through the front of the dryer when being used, which could be extremely dangerous. Last time I went to use the dryer, the end where the electrical cord attaches just fell apart in my hand. I haven't dropped the dryer, I'm the only one who has used it, and it was always stored away when not being used. VS (Conair) aren't interested, so would never buy another one..

Love it but....

I'm on my 2nd big hair styler, the older one goes in the caravan. The biggest down side is the roller brushes wear down quickly but you can call conair for replacement brushes. I never use the little brush as it's a real hair puller, the big one is fine once you get the hang of it but done let your guard down or it will try & scalp you lol. I dry my hair off a bit with the hair dryer then set to work with the big hair styler...much quicker.

Love it.

Didn't like it at first... but wow. I've always stayed away from blowdrying my hair because I was hopeless at it but this makes styling and drying hair so easy. No frizz. No bumpy bits. Adds shine, things I dislike about is that my hair gets stuck in the turn process but it's toleratable. I have curly hair so this is a win. Would purchase the head parts by themselves to replace mine if I knew where to get them from!

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Hi Angel For spare brushes please call Conair Customer service on 1800 650 263

Can't live without it

When I first got this product I had to get use to the button control, but now I love it and because I have arthritis in my hand, it makes my life so much better for drying my hair and styling it no matter where I go with it, to Bali Indonesia and back!

So easy to use.

Love this hair dryer. With long hair it can take ages to get it dried but this hair dryer makes short work of it & straightens it in the process. Too easy!

OK. Product needs more thought on quality, construction, & functionality

Idea is great.
Leaves hair silky smooth.

Hot & Cool slider is faulty (Cool setting if far too warm).
Burns my scalp on warm setting (Have to slide on and off several times to correct the heat setting).

1. Would be great if it had a shot of cool press button (very awkward to slide to cool setting while styling)
2. Bit bulk for lady's hand size

Hopefully the next release will be better.

Good when it works

I am on my second styler in a short period of time because the clips on the main part that the brush fits into break very easy. The styler itself is good until it doesn't work. It isn't covered under warranty. They aren't cheap so don't think I will buying another one. Very disappointing.


This hair styler is expensive and useless. Like most stylers these days it leaves the hair frizzy and doesn't have different airflow speeds. It blows either hot or cool at the same speed.

Like the product!

Like it much more after using it a few months later! It is very light weight too when compares to the hair dryer, which is what I like the most.

Pleasantly surprised and happy with my purchase

I've heard mixed reviews about these rotating hair dryers but after a recent dismal attempt at blowdrying my hair n in an attempt to save it from the flat iron i decided to bite the bullet and buy it (helped that it Was on sale too to persuade). It is so much easier than doing your own blowdry i am all thumbs usually but i managed to use this to give a really good blow out! Takes a bit of practice took me 45 mins to do shoulder length hair but i can see me getting quicker with practice. If my hair was any longer though as in past my shoulders and nearing bust lengths i would forsee issues with tangles. If the hair rotates on itself the barrel will stop rolling so it will never end up continually pulling and rolling on itself which is a good plus though. I guess longer hair would just need smaller sectioning to get past this. Overall im impressed and happy and can see this being used regularly.

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can’t get the brush to rotate
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i can’t get the brush to rotate
1 answer
Take the brush off then click it back into place should work now, as this has happened to me good luck.

Will my styler (NZ model rated 240v) work successfully on 110v, Princess Cruise Ship?
1 answer
No i don't believe it will work on 110v. Standard hair style straighteners with just a heat plate will work on 110v, from experience they just take a lot longer to heat up.


Big Hair Styler 1000 VS2735GA
Price (RRP)$109.95
Barrel Size Options2
Heat Settings2
Speed Settings2
Power (W)1000

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