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SAS Hair Straightener
Latest review: I have ordered my straightener since 8th feb and there is no delivery update i do not know where to contact as live chat or contact does not reply

Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Styling Iron
Latest review: I purchased my Karmin straightener several years ago and it is still going strong. It heats up very quickly, stays hot and allows me to straighten my hair quickly without having to go over each piece

VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler 1000 VS2735GA
Latest review: This hair dryer and styler combo doesn’t work with me because a) you need to hold onto the button to keep the blower going and hair brush spinning. B) once you have it on it just twist your hair into

Rusk Miracurl Styler
Latest review: Simple to use and creates beautiful curls. It’s quick and easy. Wouldn’t curl my hair every day, although it’s quick enough to, but great for a special occasion. I have longer hair so I just curl from

VS Sassoon Curl Secret VSP2667A
Latest review: I spent over an hour trying to get my hair out of this curler, ended up having to smash it open with a

Hairstyla HSS200
Latest review: Recently went on a trip and purchased the small Hairstyla from BIG W it is very small and compact produces amazing results, takes about ten seconds to heat and you achieve straight locks in one go!!

Tangle Teezer
Latest review: Omg I looked at it and thought this will not work but then I tried it just in case and my hair didn’t have any nots in it I was like omg............. You should by it n

Hair Wavz
Latest review: I think maybe they were to small for her hair. They rolled hair up perfect. But had a Bad time getting them out her hair. Hair was not even

InStyler Ceramic Styling Shells
Latest review: You need to practise before that big night out - DO NOT try the curlers half an hour before your date arrives - it will not end well. It takes a bit of practise and time to be able to get your

VS Sassoon Instant Heat Ceramic Curler
Latest review: I used it only once since I bought this and took it out to use after a few years but it never worked again. I had placed it in a bag out of reach of everybody for a few years but it just didn't work

VS Sassoon Total Curl VS2021BA
Latest review: I purchased this product specifically for the larger barrel. Somewhere between the 15 and 20 minute mark the device decided it was hot enough for use. It felt warm to the touch and certainly not

ghd Curve
Latest review: I love my GHD straighteners and hair brushes and keep going back to them. I purchased their soft curl tong and it has been a massive let down. I have naturally curly hair and my hair has no issue

Airo Spin Styler
Latest review: my hair are very thin and frizzy. I could never grow them to mid length because normal styling with hairdryer would only make them more frizzy and out of control. This spinning big brush is excellent

Philips Airstyler HP8656/00
Latest review: I use it to blow dry my hair and it works well. Bought from Harvey Norman.wish it had more accessories but overall it’s great value for the price and is more powerful than the hair dryers I have had i

Karmin G3 Salon Pro Clipless Curling Wand
Latest review: I bought the wand due to a friends recommendation and was not disappointed. The curl is very long lasting and the product itself maintains accurate temperatures for a long period of time. The only

VS Sassoon Hot Air Brush 'n Style VS8080A
Latest review: I have a VS808A but only because VS6777/2A has been discontinued. In comparison - the old VS6777/2A has smaller brushes and lower heat settings - perfect for fine and short hair. I can't find any

VS Sassoon Ultimate Salon Setter VSP3029A
Latest review: I just bought this roller set and I have the same problem as a couple of others. The clips just DON'T hold the rollers on at all. They just flop all over the place. VERY

Remington CI53W1AU
Latest review: The heat up time is just 30 seconds which is pretty fast and it is easy to learn how to curl and style your hair, great value and does the job well There’s keratin and argan oil infused in it which m

VS Sassoon Curl Secret Multi Curl VSP1300A
Latest review: The curler is a good product but you have to know how to use it well. It looks great on long hair but with short hair you could still work with the ends. The best thing about using the curler instead

Remington Pro Curls CI1019AU
Latest review: Tried the curl and it's good for the money - easy to use and works as per instructions. No issues while used it few times. Portable and easy to pack

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