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Earth Choice Dishwashing Liquid

Earth Choice Dishwashing Liquid

3.5 from 44 reviews

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Best liquid ever

Have used this dishwashing liquid for years now, wouldn't use any other at all, it always smells so fresh and really does clean the dishes well and even the floor, amazing product

Purchased in March 2016 at Coles Supermarkets for $2.00.

Endless Torture with this garbage

Doing dishes with this washing liquid is literally washing the dishes with FREAKING WATER. A waste of time. Doesn't get the grime and oil off unless you wash it like 10 times? nope. Still won't cleaaan. Squeeze like half of the bottle out? nopppee. still won't cleaaan. I have never been so stressed out doing dishes in my whole entire life, up to a level where I would rant at a review page. This product should just burn itself! Augh i'm so mad.

Purchased in February 2019 for $5.00.

This is toxic

it leaves a toxic smell on all the dishes which does not rinse off. When a pot is on the stove it stinks of this dish soap so. Have to rinse everything three times. Absolute garbage. This is polluting our waterways!


I always chose this dishwashing liquid thinking I was doing something better for the environment...till I picked up another product and realised that I was using three times the amount using the Earth Choice product. That's not good. The suds don't last long and I often have to refill the sink to do multiple lots of dishes. Really disappointing

Hate it

This is a terrible washing liquid. It doesn't clean effectivly. Leaves grease on pots and pans. Suds don't last and makes glasses look cloudy. Doesn't leave the clean shine I am use to. Back to using fairy my old washing liquid and much happier. The clean shine is back.

Cleans grease

I love the Lemon Grass & Ginger dishwashing liquid. Very kind to my sensative hands and washes grease of pots & pans. I also recommended the floor cleaner and laundry liquid. Great Australian products that are also safe for the environment.

Great dishwashing liquid

I have been using this dishwashing liquid for a decade. It works really well. I don't agree with the recent Choice review that says it is no better than water and elbow grease. The liquid lasts a long time and is cheap to buy. The palm oil products that it contains are from a sustainable source and the supply chain is monitored.


This product is amazing I have been using this for 7 years. I used the same brand EARTH dishwashing , EARTH floor cleaner, EARTH toilet cleaner, and EARTH for washing the clothes.

Great product

Earth dishwashing liquid is a fantastic product. I Have been using earth for about 5 years. Earth cleans without leaving any strong smells of perfume like other brands do.. gentle on your hands too.

Great product

I love this product I've been using it for years, great for the environment and gets dishes clean, I would highly recommend this product, we all really need to be using products that are good for the environment, saving the planet starts at home!!

Love this Dish Liquid

This dish liquid is fantastic. It is a great price and doesnt dry out my skin. It soaps up well and i am more than happy to use this product on all our dishes for the whole family.

Value for money

Smell - mild
Action - Decently cleans the dishes
Probably gets used a little more than some other dishwashing liquids for the same amount of cleaning
Price - Good for the product. (Hence the title)
Haven't used it by hand, only through the scrub.

excelent value

This works great , nice aroma , and cleans perfectly well , good value , aussie made and good for the environment , couldn't ask for more ,perfect for us

Awesome product!!

This dish washing liquid is absolutely amazing!!!
I have used this product for 15+ years, and it has stayed at a VERY low price at about $2.20 per 1 litre now.
It is super sudsy (concentrated), and cleans/cuts grease etc.. in pots and pans exceptionally well
I also love the Earth Choice fabric softener and wool wash.
Great products at an amazing price!!

Terrible for people with allergies

Since using the dishwashing liquid I've had a terrible eczema outbreak. After I changed brands my eczema cleared up. I do use the washing liquid which doesn't cause the same reaction.

Love the smell and cleaning action

I use the concentrate and love it..except the lid keeps clogging up..reason why only 4 star..I found a flip lid that fitted and made it into a 5 star product..I love wiping down my sink with this stuff as well

This product is awesome

I have used all the dish washing products and there all just amazing products my favorite is the non concentrate... A healthy natural way to wash dishes...With no added chemicals.

I only use Earth Products exclusively now for dishes & laundry.

I have been using the Earth Dish-washing liquid in lemon (1 litre bottle - not the concentrate) for over 6 months now and have found it to be the best. I am the dish-washer in our household and use Earth's choice for general dish-washing duties and in conjunction with bi-card soda for really badly burnt on disasters in the kitchen.
I also swear by the Earth laundry liquid. And I think its pretty good value to get a 1litre bottle of each for under $2 in my once-a-week grocery shop. The 1 litre bottle of each usually sees me out the month.
*Also i usually wear gloves when washing the dishes so i haven't noticed any dry skin or sensitivity when using the Dish-washing liquid when I haven't used dish washing gloves.

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I also want to add that buying the Earths Choice brand is at least 40 cents cheaper at Chemist Warehouse rather than Coles/Woolies. I usually pay $1.49 per litre for dishwashing liquid/laundry liquid at Chemist Warehouse.


Absolutely horrified that I was using this product at a sustainable child care centre, hands have gone into hives. asthma attack followed due to using this as a cleaning product!

Very bad for hands

I bought this product with the belief that it would be environmentally friendly. But I'm not here to comment on whether that is true or not. The product worked well at cleaning dishes however it absolutely destroyed my hands. I have very cracked and very dry fingers and hands as a result of it. I have used two different prescription hand ointments to bring my skin back to normal but this has done nothing to fix it. I am now planning to go to the doctor to see a skin specialist. I really think it's removed a few layers of my skin.
Can't believe how a product like this is so bad on hands.

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Best least toxic dishwashing detergent to buy? Some change their formulas - I have used Morning Fresh - at least my hubby does! - and I can't stand the smell of this latest batch - gives me a headache and smells just like bleach!
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Where can i buy this product in Singapore?
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Sorry, as I am in Australia, I ony shop locally, and I am unaware if this product is available in your country. Try your domestic outlets for similar products.You can buy them from Cold Storage :)

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