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Earth Choice Floor and Hard Surface Cleaner

Earth Choice Floor and Hard Surface Cleaner

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Would not buy Wooden Floor and Surface Cleaner again

I have used, and been happy with several Earth Choice products for years as we are off the grid and have a septic tank I prefer to use non petrochemical products. I was very disappointed with the product above. I used it on my wooden kitchen bench tops, one hundred year old messmate sealed with polyurethane. It left a soapy residue which took several goes with hot water to remove and my bench tops, have lost their sheen so much they may have to be refinished. Makes me rethink your other products and the claims made on their packaging,

Purchased in May 2019 at Woolworths Physical store for $4.60.


I switched to Earths choice floor cleaner a year ago, and i'll be sticking with it. Superior cleaning for my hard floors, and it smells great too. I highly recommend it.

Cannot be with out this product

This product is absolutely fantastic. I use to clean mirrors, glass doors. Well there isn't anything you cannot clean with it also the price is great but always checking supermarket shelves for any new earth products.

Does its job, great value & smells great

Absolutely love this no chemical floor cleaner. We have both tiles and hardwood floors and it works great on both. It smells fantastic and is also well priced. I have been using the earth choice range for years now and this is my favorite product of theirs.

Loving it!

The hardwood floor of the house I'm renting was in a very bad shape, dull and full of scratches.
After one year I can see how much it's improved since we moved in: the areas less worn were instantly shinier, the rest is getting there, just slowly. The smell it's hard to describe reminds of oranges and eucalyptus and it's very pleasant. The scratches are still there and didn't improve, well it's a just cleaner afterall!
I use it pure on my wooden furniture as well and it keeps it midly nurished. As long as they keep producing it I'll keep buying it!

Too much lathering agent

Every time I clean with these products I battle never ending foam and streaks. I love what they stand for but I won't be buying anymore unless it's reformulated

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Update: I now clean my tiles with a microfibre mop, a cup of cleaning vinegar and hot hot water, perfect results with no streaks every time

Wrecked my hard wood floor

Very disappointing. Left a sticky residue over the floor which attracts dirt. Have not yet been able to get the residue off, I believe it. Has also stripped the top layer of floor polish, they were once nice shiny hardwood floor and are now dull & also constantly getting dirty from the sticky residue. It's amazing the amount of damage a cheap cleaning product can do, I will now be up for about $1500 to have them re polished :-(

Left a sticky residue on linoleum floor

Earth Choice Floor and Hard Surface Cleaner did a good job at cleaning mild dirt on the floor, but it did not do well at lifting stronger stains. The floor cleaner left a sticky residue on my linoleum floor. After using the floor cleaner for the last time, I had to mop my floor with another product a number of times to remove the sticky residue. I used Earth Choice Floor and Hard Surface Cleaner on the bathroom tiled floor, and it worked well on it.

Just OK

I've tried a number of different floor cleaners but thought I'd give this one a try because of it's environmentally friendly claims and also the natural eucalypt fragrance. I was very disappointed. Eucalyptus is a good product for cleaning but this must only have a smidgen or just be fragrance because its cleaning powers are limited. Also as one other reviewer noted, if you put in more cleaner, the floor will have a sticky feel. It's not an expensive product (average cost) but I won't buy it again. In fact the most efficient floor cleaner I have found is the Woolworth home brand which does a great job at a very low price
Nice eucalyptus smell
Not a particularly efficient cleaner

Beware of Long Term Use

At our previous house we used this product for a number of years on vinyl flooring and was extememly happy, especially with two small children I felt comfortable they were playing on a chemical free floor. But now at our new property we have been in for 3 years we have watched our tiles and grout discolour over time. We assumed with two kids and a large dog dirt was a part of life.

We recently have had a number of tile cleaning people come over and give us a quote to clean our tiles, and all have stated it is the floor cleaner that has turned our off white tiles grey and our vanilla coloured grout basically black.

The eucalyptus oil is leaving a fine sticky (totally unnoticable by eye) residue after each clean, and dirt is basically sticking to it, and this get repeated frequently.

I wouldn't recommend this product for tiles and grout as now its going to cost over $700.00 to get this residue off our tiles and grout.


I have used so many different types of floor cleaners and I have finally found one that I am happy to use. I love it beacuse it is environmentally friendly and we have a septic system so have to be careful of what we wash down the drain. Also with children who love to play all over the floor I know they are not touching any harmful chemical residue.
Price, wonderful fresh and natural smell (eucalypt), natural ingredients. Leaves no streaks either and my tiles show up any marks so this cleaner is perfect.

Give it a go

This product is the cheapest I found in it's range. It does the job. Nice packaging and very budget friendly. A little bit goes a long way. Easy to follow instructions. Only thing the bottle tends to leek. Generally speaking I like Earth Choice products. Only problem is there 'Green Claims' I do not believe how they say there products are good for the environment. Apart from that they are good. They are ALOT cheaper than it's competitors in the market. It's not as good as the best brands out there, but I guess you get you pay for

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I bought this product to try out for my new home. Back in Singapore, NTUC Fairprice is selling it at a price equivalent to other household brands which are not earth-friendly. I was pleasantly surprised by its lingering scent and the fact that it works well with water (doesn't lather too much), giving my tiled flooring a nice clean, quick-drying finish, perhaps even faster than another label which boasts itself to be quick-drying.


I bought this one because I really like all Earth Choice products because they are very lightly scented and are still effective for household cleaning. Plus they are inexpensive too. This one works pretty well and its not as strong smelling as some of the other floor cleaners. Overall, I like this product and use it most often. The only time I change it is if I find that it doesnt clean those really small flying bugs as well as the strong floor cleaner.
It really smells very subtly lemony, so not too strong fragranced at all, which is a big plus. The price is very low compared to the others out there.
I feel that it didnt do the best job, because another one cleans and then we dont have those little black flying bugs. This cleaner doesnt get rid of those bugs.


I alternate between this and ajax powder.
This floor cleaner smells quiet nice. It is smelly enough that you can smell it through the house for a short time but not strong enought o give you a headache or be too overpowering.
Be careful if you have the dish washing liquid near it as they are in very similar bottles and only minor colour differences. Obviously the labels read different.
Enviromentaly friendly.

Questions & Answers

We have just laid hybrid HanWood stone look floor tiles in our kitchen. It says to use ph neutral floor cleaner. Do you have a product you would recommend? Thanks for your help, Shelly Cook
2 answers
Shelly, I suggest you ask the supplier to recommend a cleaner.Would contact supplier / used to be a cleaner and used it on stone bench tops without any problems. You only need a small amount in warm water using a micro fiber damp cloth. Another tip is you can use this solution on glass & mirrors does fantastic job. Esther :)

I used it a couple times for my dishes is there any side effect on the body?
1 answer
Have no problem with this product on body contact as it has no nasty ingredients

Is it dangerous to wash dishes with earth floor cleaning liquid?
1 answer
No it is completely safe to wash dishes I have done if I have run out of Earth Dish Wash liquid hope this helps

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