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Urine Free

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Coming up Roses.

Urine Free worked wonders. We had an incontinent cat in our cat run and concrete & pavers were very smelly. Very happy with this product. A little expensive as we are aged pensioners but well worth the money. Cat run now smell devine.

Purchased in April 2019.


We used baking powder to soak up wet patch then applied Urine free. Your product quickly cleaned Persian carpet from cat urine, even if we did not soak as suggested. Leaves a fresh smell and does not damage the colours.

Purchased in March 2019.

Very happy

We had cat urine in my daughter's room, to the point we had the carpets cleaned, and when that did not work, we removed the carpet. That did not deter our rescue cat for some reason just targeting her room. After using urine free i can safely say he has not gone back into her room (although I'm not ready to lay new carpet yet, just in case). I decided to also use urine free in our toilet as having a 9yo boy with "aiming issues" i was sick of the smell. That too, is gone. No more smelly toilet. I will most definitely be keeping urine free in the cupboard as its the only thing that has truly worked.

Purchased in March 2019 at The CPAP Clinic Physical store for $89.00.

Does what it says 100%

I originally purchased this to get rid of the smell in our dog run. The urine smell was very strong after a year of our male dog marking the same spots repeatedly. When it gets warm or it rains the smell was truly disgusting and embarrassing when we had guests over. We used urine free with the backyard fresh and love the fresh smelling results. The battery operated sprayer made it quick and easy to get into the worst areas.
I have also used in our timber covered Kitty litter box. Previously I've used bleach to remove the cat urine smell, which itself leaves a very strong odour in it's place, but the urine free is much more pleasant on the senses and the cat doesnt seem to get as upset about her clean litter box now.
Since I bought the big bottle I thought I would give it a try on some old urine stains on our stairwell carpet. The previous owners of our house had an old dog they use to lock I the stairwell at night. This resulted in two bad urine stains in the corners of the stairwell landing. We moved in 4 years ago and I've tried soo many products. Even the professional cleaning before we moved in didn't remove the built up stains. But a single application of Urine free had dulled the stain dramatically, I suspect with an additional application the stains will be gone.
I have also used this in my boys toilet, my kids dont have the best aim and I find even with weekly cleaning the smell can become unbearable because of the urine in the the tile grout on the floor. After cleaning I now wipe the floor over with urine free and my house now smells clean and fresh and I don't have to warn and apologize to guests for the boy wee smell in the toilet!
So overall and amazing product that does what it claims to do!
Will be a regular customer.

Purchased in March 2019 for $100.00.

It really works

My dog always peeing on the rug to show his frastrution when we are not home. The smell really drive me nuts. I have tried many things trying to get rid off, but nothing really works until found Urine free. Love it

Purchased in February 2019 for $83.00.

Great product!

My synthetic lawn had a strong urine smell from my dog. One treatment with UrineFREE had it smelling fresh again and now I can keep it that way with ongoing use!!

Purchased in March 2019.

Only product that works!

With artificial grass we needed something that removed (not just masked) dog's urine smell. Other products we bought didn't work at all. This is only one that did - thanks Urine Free!

Purchased in February 2019.

With old dogs really need a good product

From time to time I have needed to use Urine free & find it easy & successful to use it was recommended to me & I too now have recommended it to others

Purchased in March 2019 at Online.

Awesome product

Used Urine Free for the first time after one of our cats started peeing on a new leather lounge!! Don't think they liked the smell of the new leather!
Works a treat!!! smell almost gone after just one application, will give it another go as it was soaked right into the lounge through a button hole!!
And also great around other parts of the house where the cats have sprayed, Completely eliminating the smells!!

Purchased in March 2019 at online.

It works perfectly! It's better than any product I bought before.

I tried everything I can do to remove the urine stain but it turned to yellow. I just gave a try to the urine free and it removed the stain perfectly.

Purchased in February 2019 for $27.00.

This stuff is magic juice!

I'm not usually one to write product reviews but I've made an exception for this product. We've been using this for many years as we always have multiple dogs running around our house. Our dogs have included older, incontinent dogs and one with a stomach tumour which resulted in frequent vomiting. Urine Free has removed every stain we've thrown at (including older stains) without affecting the colour of any carpet or rug we've used it on (wool or synthetic). I can't recommend it highly enough.

Purchased in February 2019.

Urine Free really works (thank goodness!).

Our artificial lawn was starting to smell quite bad after 2 years, but this stuff has made it smell like it's been sprayed with fabric softener (a really nice one, of course). It's very expensive but worth it. I would definitely recommend it and won't hesitate to buy more when I run out. PS .. the fabric softener smell wears off after a while, but the urine smell hasn't returned and the lawn now smells normal.

Purchased in January 2019.

Love it!

Love the product! It is really effective removing stains and the smell is fabulous, been using it on the floors and even on carpets and I can totally recommended, really amazing

Purchased in February 2019.

Doesn’t just cover the underlying...

Doesn’t just cover the underlying problem but gets rid of it!!! Defiantly would buy again. I have used many products before but by far this is the best. Thank you.

Purchased in January 2019 for $150.00.

Best product that lives up to its promise

I rented my house for 12 months and just prior to leaving had new carpet layed. I specified no animals, my neighbours advise the tenants had 4 or 5 small dogs which they must have locked in my dining room during the day. When I returned my dining room absolutely stunk of urine and ammonia. I had 4 different carpet cleaners all promising they could remove the smell, none worked. I found urine free online and decided to give it a try. While it does require a bit of elbow grease and in my case a number of applications, the smell is gone! I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has pet smells in their carpeting. Very happy customer

Purchased in February 2019 at Online for $97.00.

works well

very effective and worked as stated, some areas did need a second go, i am very pleased with this product

Very Impressed

I have multiple dogs in my backyard and the urine smell can be very unpleasant at times but since using Urine Free I have been amazed at how quickly and efficiently it neutralises the smell and how long it lasts.

Not a bad product

After returning from a vacation we found our daughter had not been good about putting the dog out. She had put another product on the stains but had not done a good job. Since we used your product the stains have not gone completely but they have definitely lightened.

great product

I was really happy with the way you posted out my product. I have tried it on my artificial lawn in my dog kennels and it is amazing thank you for making a great product.

Amazing... third purchase!

Smells beautiful and removes stains so well that I use it as my go-to for all my carpet stains and spills, oh and did I say it smells amazing!

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Questions & Answers

Wondering the coverage area? I have a very large area pathway and tiles out door area. It is not sealed tiles and grouting. What should I buy through square footage? Cost as well.
1 answer
Hi Macgabe, Thank you for your enquiry. The amount of urineFREE needed will depend on the amount and age of urine and we are therefore not able to give an exact coverage amount per square foot. For urineFREE to work it needs to get in contact with the urine deposits and if your tiles are untreated and has exposed grout you may need a second treatment due to the porosity of the surface causing the uric acid to be in the pores of the tile/grout. If its a large area it may be most economical to get our 10 litre urineFREE to start with. All our pricing is available on www.urinefree.com.au We hope this information has been of assistance and thank you for considering urineFREE

Seems a silly one but if I treat the small artificial grass area at a friends house and the little dog does not use the grass anymore, will it stay fresh? Or will the smell return on hot days? Have used this product before but on concrete. It was excellent. We have been staying here for two months and she uses it maybe three times a day. Just wanted to make sure I leave the garden in the good state it was when we moved in.
5 answers
Hi, Not a silly question at all. urineFREE will remove the uric acid buildups that are causing unpleasant smells from the synthetic grass. Normally if the dog continues to use the area there will constantly be uric acid deposited in to the surface and you would need to reapply urineFREE to get rid of the new urine deposits. If the dog is no longer using the area and urineFREE has removed all the uric acid then there should be no more odour as the uric acid has been removed.When I still had my old dog I found Urine Free excellent for removing the urine smell in my artificial grass. Since losing him, I only needed to use Urine Free once on the grass to remove any recent urine, and the smell has not returned despite many hot and humid days since it was treated. This product does what is promised.Thanks for the quick response. Will report back after treatment, Confidant it will do the trick!!!

Where can I buy this?
1 answer
Hi DanCz, To find your closest retailer go to https://www.urinefree.com.au/find-a-retailer


Urine Free
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