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Urine Free
Latest review: Our artificial lawn was starting to smell quite bad after 2 years, but this stuff has made it smell like it's been sprayed with fabric softener (a really nice one, of course). It's very expensive but

Bissell Crosswave Professional Multi-Surface 1713F
Latest review: I thought this product would be the answer to constant vacuuming and mopping in my home with two dogs. This means dog fur and as the item is advertised as a "pet" cleaner I had high expectations.

Hoover Gladiator Powerscrub Deluxe Carpet Shampooer
Latest review: Hi ! Global Grandad Max here again from NZ! Bought the Hoover Gladiator machine ! Best thing I ever did after the Hoover vac I bought !!! ( see vac review). Well the carpet shampoo machine comes

Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover
Latest review: We had a dark stain on grey wool carpet and this product instantly removed it. I'm usually quite dubious about these kind of products but this one is definitely worth

Rufus & Coco Wee Away
Latest review: I brought a friends cat home as they were going on a holiday. The cat peed on my bed and got on my curtains and wall which left a really strong smell. I sprayed vinegar and water on my mattress and

Long Life Grout Cleaner
Latest review: After 20years of heavy traffic on off white tiles and cream grout. Most of the grout was black with dirt. I sprayed this stuff on, left it for 5-10 minutes and then used a little round scrubbing

Cavalier Bremworth Dry Stain Remover
Latest review: This product states clearly on the labelling that it is "for dry stains" and an "Advanced treatment for dry stubborn stains on carpets and rugs" including/in particular ( thanks for the handy

Long Life Self Shining Floor Polish
Latest review: Not only have I wasted my money I have ruined my floor! Steak marks everywhere:( I Followed the instructions and washed with cloudy amonia by longlife also and have terrible results. Not happy at

Shark Portable Steam Pocket SC630
Latest review: I borrowed my mums to clean out my new house grout. The difference was amazing, the grout was black when i moved in now it's almost the original colour. One thing i will bring up is that the

Karcher FC5
Latest review: I like to vac mop, it’s quite time effective & easy to use, we use it when I handover homes that I build for hard floors, I did have issues with it the rollers getting stuck, but to my surprise B

OzKleen Carpet Power
Latest review: Like all their other products, it is completely useless. Made a bigger mess on the carpet. They said to try washing the mess afterwards, now I have an even bigger

Earth Choice Floor and Hard Surface Cleaner
Latest review: I switched to Earths choice floor cleaner a year ago, and i'll be sticking with it. Superior cleaning for my hard floors, and it smells great too. I highly recommend

Long Life Carpet Cleaner
Latest review: Finding it hard to find now in Supermarkets. I have found this to be the best carpet cleaner I have used over the years. Where can I obtain it? Who stocks it? Tried IGA which did stock it, but can't

Vanish Preen for Carpets Large Area
Latest review: I just used this on my carpet and I can’t believe how much better it looks. I’ve saved money on hiring a carpet cleaner, which has certainly made me hap

Hoover Dual Power Carpet Extractor
Latest review: I bought the Hoover Dual Power cleaner approx 2 yrs ago and am now replacing the 3rd belt. Found the brushes were siezed up which is obviously due to water ingress. This should not be able to happen

Freedom Carpet Foam
Latest review: Please read the reviews (I wish I did)...this would have to be the worst cleaning product I have ever used! As with other reviews it sprayed out like silly string & left "string" marks everywhere so

Karpet Stain Remover Powder
Latest review: Bought a small unit whose carpets needed a bit of TLC. However, an un-opened container of Karpet was left in the cupboard which I ignored as I assumed it was no good. After trying 2 other brands, 12

Clean N Easy Brick Tile & Paver Cleaner
Latest review: Had a lot of grout that wouldn't wash off newly laid tiles. Tried scrubbing and failed. Then tried this product. Worked perfectly to remove all residue. Easy to use, just followed the

Wetheim SE2000
Latest review: It cost me $100 to get a professional carpet cleaner in to clean my carpet. So I paid for this Werthelm carpet cleaner on special for $100. It did the same job just as well and I can do my carpet

Glitz Carpet Spot and Stain Remover
Latest review: Wow... this product is SO good!!! I had several carpet stains that I haven't been able to shift plus white areas left from other carpet cleaners. Glitz delt with all of them so easily. I sprayed on

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