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EASEaCOLD Cold & Flu

EASEaCOLD Cold & Flu

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Its not a magic pill but will help you


Got a cold the other week, hit it with ease a cold and 3 days in started feeling better with less harsh symptoms. Its no magic cure but it shortens the duration and for a type one diabetic like me, thats massive. A good wise investment if you ask me

Purchased in November 2019 at Woolworths for $14.50.

Value for Money
Side Effects Mild side effects
Symptom ReliefModerate Improvement
Preventative MeasureYes
Used for ChildrenNo
Symptoms RelievedCongestion and Headaches
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  • 4 reviews

Best cold relief available


At the first sign of a cold I start taking these capsules. The echinacea is great for easing the congestion and the zinc is an essential mineral which aids the immune system. The valerian in the night capsules helps to with sleeping. If I also have a headache, it’s safe to take Panadol in conjunction with these capsules. The benefits are generally felt soon after taking them.

Purchased in January 2019.

Value for Money
Side Effects None
Symptom ReliefSignificant Improvement
Preventative MeasureNo
Used for ChildrenYes
Symptoms RelievedCongestion
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DazSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • Verified purchase

Infact made things worse


SueSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 3 reviews

Works every time and safe with other meds!


I find these the only cold and flu tablets that are perfectly safe with other meds and if taken as soon as you get cold symptoms will shorten it to only one worse day of symptoms instead of up to seven! Highly recommend and keep them with me on holidays to stave off colds from flights and cruises etc.

To actually get rid of your cold - not to treat symptoms


1. these are herbal, they do not claim to be anything else
2. they do not claim to decongest or relieve symptoms that have already taken a stronghold
3. they DO claim to shorten the duration and severity of cold symptoms
4. If taken as instructed (they clearly state 'it is important to begin at the first sight of a cold') they do this

Literally is just garlic


Read the ingredients. Was surprised to see all these vitamin and garlic oil. Opened one of them up. Brown strongly scented garlic liquid came out. Take vitamin C. You’re better off.



These did absolutely nothing. My cold only got worse. Save your money and don't get ripped off by these con artists. Get some real medication from your doctor not the supermarket



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Completely ineffective,


Got a cold, had no relief taking this. The moment I took proper cold and flu tablets (e.g codral) symptoms started to improve immediately.
Ingredients are all ineffective and this is essentially homeopathy/herbal. Better to just sleep than use this



I’ve been sick with runny nose, nasal congestion, sore throat and the worst of all is the bloody cough for almost 2 weeks. Took the usual cold n flu tablets & benedryl for chesty cough didn’t work for me. For the first time I took some effort to look through a range of products on the shelves and seen a few I’ve never seen nor taken before including this product, bought it and took the night capsule lastnight and boom, THE BEST SLEEP IVE EVER HAD IN A LONG TIME SINCE I HAD THE COLD. Woken up feeling so relieved not having to buy too many boxes of tissue lol
Whoever brought this medicine into existence, THANK YOU & YOU ARE THE BEST!! Now I can finally rest from all these symptoms and coughing nonstop!!
Very very happy customer

Utter junk


Should really be sold as herbal medicine, Its just herbs people. The good reviews must be paid reviewers. How is ginger, zinc, Vit C, etc... meant ti decongest a cold or flue? am ashamed that local chemists are selling this rubbish.

The sickness never took hold!


I began taking the day time capsules the minute I started to feel unwell. Along with resting and drinking extra fluids, I also started in on the throat lozenges. My sore throat and heavy chest never developed into anything. It remained very mild and within 4 to 5 days had completey dissipated.

Allergic reaction


I tried this product years ago when it had different packaging. I was into taking it for a cold which was in its second week. By the end of week 2 I started with hives which I thought unrelated, I then blew up like the Goodyear blimp. My body covered in reddish purple blotches. Trip to hospital for adrenaline which sorted the swelling in a couple of days. I’ve never used them again and have never had another allergic episode lIke it again. Ps the reason I looked up this review is because I have discovered I have an intolerance to garlic (severe if raw) and I’m trying to connect some dots...

Severe allergic reaction


Had the same reaction, I had six paramedics keeping me breathing. Swollen tongue, full body rash. I won't be taking them again. Very scary! No other allergies at the time, be careful.

Work Really Well


Started feeling better about an hour later after taking these after being sick for three days.Was surprized when i read what the ingredients where, just natural stuff,Must have been something in that my body was lacking but! Amazing!

didn't do anything


took 2 over 4 hrs, didn't do anything, used Neurophene cold and flu capsules (I think thats what it was called) last night kicked in after 30mins, my fault didn't do my home before buying these.

This is a fake cold/flu relief product

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No side effects and sleep like a dream


Eases the symptoms of my colds, and at night time I sleep so well, as well as one can possibly sleep which is important to me when trying to recover.

Helpful Jones

Helpful Jones

  • 7 reviews

Take at FIRST SIGN of a cold


I always take these at the 1st sign of a cold! Reduces the symptoms a huge amount!! Often only lasts 2-3days! I would highly recommend! I'm hoping they work their magic for this weekend as I'm running a half marathon!!



  • 2 reviews

Don't waste your money


Didn't work for me at all. Supermarket pills...
Not even a small improvement for me. Won't buy, won't suggest to anybody. I felt the same after finishing the box. :(

Trish Pullen

Trish PullenADELAIDE

  • 3 reviews
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This really works. Wont use anything else.


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Questions & Answers

Mick Herman M.

Mick Herman M.asked

Does this show up on a drug test

2 answers

I wouldn't think so as is all natural. See ingredients - https://www.pharmacare.com.au/product/cough-cold-flu/


Capsules contain Echinacea, Zinc and the night one, Valerian so I would agree with Sue.

Aleen K.

Aleen K.asked

To be taken at first sign of a cold not few days later! Zinc is excellent for colds however any codral medication or any cold meds with codeine or sleeping ingredients, check with your doctors first! Because pharmacists will say anything to sell! Especially if you have blood pressure and diabetes be careful guys xx

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Is it safe to drive daytime, does it show on drug / alcohol testing by police?

No answers

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