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Huggies Little Swimmers

Huggies Little Swimmers

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EvahnaSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 5 reviews

Love them


We love Huggies swim nappies! They are so absorbent and easy to use! We’ve tried a few different brand and by far Huggies were the best, I even dry them out and reuse if they aren’t Soiled!



  • 11 reviews

Hit and Miss


I'm not sure if these nappies are incompatible with my son's shape (12 kg, small waist, chunky legs)
He has a habit of pooping in the pool nearly every time we go swimming. These leak probably 50% of the time.
Today we went to a public pool and the first go was caught, changed him and put a fresh swim nappy on but the second one leaked and I was the mortified parent who caused the pool to shut down!
I think I will look into alternatives.

Purchased in November 2019 at Big W for $14.00.

Ease of Use
Value for Money
Mel M

Mel MFairfield west

  • 9 reviews

Great for the water


I have only used huggies little swimmers 3 times now but they are great to be safe when at the pools or in a friends pool. I was suprised the first time I used them to how well they hold together and don’t fall apart or fall down when they are in the water or get out of the water. Plus they do hold the contents inside very well. I was very please to find these on the shelf at the shop.

Huggies swimmers do indeed leak


Very unhappy customer due to nappy leak and super expensive. Nappy leaked right through in 10 minutes of putting it on. Urine came right through the materials not even a little bit of absorption. I expected more of the Huggies it was very expensive and made our beach trip inconvenient due to this nappy.

No other brands compare


I have tried a cheaper version but nothing compares to the Huggies brand. Definitely a "get what you pay for" Other brands I've noticed come apart, never had issues with Huggies. They are also very colorful and easy to pull on and off. Great work Huggies, happy mum and son here



  • 3 reviews

disposable or reusable


Great swimmer nappies as they not only do the job in the pool but can be reused if your little one hasn't done a poo. You just rinse the nappy, dry and reuse. very handy if you want to use reusable nappies but don't want to deal with washing out poo.



  • 107 reviews

Good for swimming


These are good for swimming and they definitely hold any unwanted items whilst in the water. My daughter used these for swimming lessons and once discovered she had done a poo during the lesson but it was still inside - no leaks! I have used these for anytime we are in public pools, much better than the reusable swimmer nappies. They are very expensive for what they are and I personally wasn't a fan of the pictures on them but otherwise very happy.
Do what they say they'll do!
Very expensive compared with normal nappies

great but pricey!


The huggies little swimmers work great but are very expensive and i find the cheaper aldi brand ones do the job just as well! i have always relied on huggies for my regular nappies but just find in this case with the swim nappies, aldi do a more than adequate job at a cheaper price.
waterproof- doesnt soak up all the pool water as soon as u get them wet.
can't fault them, except on price. if they were cheaper i'd buy them more often.


ozchippyGippsland, VIC

  • 11 reviews



love them,,have never let us down.Why is it no other nappy company has swim nappies?what little kids are supposed to just pee in the pool/water?????
like everything about them


GrumpyBum84Lower Hutt, 5012, NZ

  • 25 reviews

The baby swimming solution


Great product for young children. Got my son into these when traveling and they have been excellent. They are natural to the baby so they are not feeling uncomfortable, they hold all the stuff we dont want floating in the pool and they are easy to change. Great product.
Easy and reliable
Well..... I have not found anything wrong with them yet


caitlinhVIC , 3810

  • 4 reviews

great product and does as promises


I've never had any issues with this product, they do the job they're intended to do. they have cute designs but the nappy pokes out of the bottom of my daughters swimwear. a little on the expensive side your baby swims regularly as mine does.
reliable & cute
expensive & sizes don't come small enough.



  • 15 reviews

They do a job


Well when you have a baby in swimming lessons it is a requirement that they wear a swim nappy. Personally my experience has been fine, but the one time my bub did do a poo, the only reason I knew was there was a bit if fibrous stuff on the nappy itself, so really didn't contain as I expected it would, and lets face it if they do a wee, it just goes straight through into the pool water anyway. I only used these for a bit, preferred using reusable swimming nappies, which worked exactly the same at 1/4 of the cost.
could just throw them in the bin after swimming
expensive, an ordinary nappy would do the same job


Carly77Western Australia, 6169

  • 5 reviews
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Keep in the number twos :)


Fulfill all needs required in a swimming nappy, they fit quite discreetly under toddler bathers, have cute pictures on them which keeps my 1yr old entertained and most importantly keeps all the number twos in so no embarrassing moments during swimming lessons - i have found the cloth ones dont do this.. also i wash them and reuse them so they can be quite economical.
Keep the pooh in, seem comfortable
Can be expensive if you swim a lot but as mentioned i was and reuse if not dirtied



  • 114 reviews



Huggies Little Swimmers are great product whose main function is to contain any poos done while the little one is swimming. Not many people know that they aren't a one use only items, if they haven't been soiled they can be rinsed out and used again and again. This helps to save money and also save so many nappies entering into landfill.
Adjustable fit
Contain poo accidents when in the water
If they haven't been soiled they can be rinsed and reused numerous times, they are not a one use only item
Sizing range is too wide



  • 74 reviews




  • 182 reviews



Have had no trouble with these nappies. Expensive for what they are. I can't see they would be more expensive to make than normal nappies. Makes everyone feel better about a baby being in a pool even if they don't catch all the wee.
Cute designs. I have found they fit well. Less padded then normal nappies.
Not sure if they would really catch the wees? I guess the main thing is that they catch poos. Expensive.



  • 44 reviews



These are great and I wouldn't buy any other brand for our swimming lessons. All the mums in our swimming group use them and they have been tested by all the babies (number ones and number twos!) and they always keep everything in.
Excellent absorbency and very easy to use. Baby seems comfortable in them.
Quite expensive, although you can request free samples from the Huggies web site. I didn't realize at first that you can tear them off your baby - perhaps they should have a dotted line or an instruction to let you know as i was pulling them down over my baby's legs.



  • 37 reviews



I got a trial pack of these from the Huggies website and have only used one pair for 4 swimming lessons! You can just wash them in the washing machine and hang them out to dry with the bathers. I have noticed no difference in looks between the one I have reused and the one that is brand new. One pack should last a while if you reuse them.
Trim fit. Even though they are designed as a disposable, you can in fact reuse them. I just put them in the wash with the swimmers and towels and dry them inside!
Small size is still quite large even for a 6 month old.
Quite expensive to buy.



  • 35 reviews
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We used these for the first time at the beach last week and was not impressed. They filled up with sand and water very quickly. I think for the beach they baby is better to go just with speedos and into the water if he poos. We are starting swimming lessons next year though and will need something to catch the goodies if they come and might try them again then but only because it is a public swimming pool.
No yuckies in the water
Kind of fell apart at the beach, filled up and was just as uncomfortable looking as a normal wet nappy


amanda_01QLD, 4350

  • 112 reviews



I've been using these swim nappies on my daughter as I haven't gotten around to getting a reusable one for her. They're relatively easy to use (though I find that the tear away sides are a bit hard to tear, which kind of defeats the purpose). I can't comment on whether or not they would hold poo as my daughter hasn't pooed in them, though on a small baby with breastfed poo, well, I'm not sure that anything would hold that.
Easy to use
Expensive!! You can only buy a 10 pack, so it quickly adds up if you're going swimming quite a bit.

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