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EcoStore Normal Range

EcoStore Normal Range

Conditioner and Shampoo
3.5 from 20 reviews

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Awful shampoo

Have only used this twice since buying the shampoo, poured the rest down the sink, made my hair brittle and crunchy. Had to soak my hair in argon oil so I could comb it while wet. Will never buy again.

Purchased in June 2019 at Woolworths for $15.00.

Value for Money
Hair Type Coloured
Causes Irritation No

I have been up all night scratching my head - its so itchy!!!

I used the Ecostore conditioner twice this week and i am so itchy its out of this world. I developed a rash at the back of my neck. Have been up all night trying to reduce the itch with putting a cold pack on my head and neck.

Purchased in March 2019.

Value for Money
Hair Type Coloured
Causes Irritation Yes
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I wrote a review in March about the disastrous consequences of using the Ecostore Conditioner. Weeks later my skin is still red and itchy, and is now peeling off the palm of my hands. After using the Conditioner, my neck, ears, head, arms and hands were so itchy, red and swollen I had to get medical help. I was also unable to turn my head due to the swelling and pain at the back of my neck. I purchased the Ecostore conditioner in good faith, trusting that it was what the writing on the packaging claims it to be, SAFER FOR YOU, FOR YOUR FAMILY AND OUR WORLD. I have emailed the Ecostore company in NZ weeks ago to let them know the problem their product has caused me. I have also requested for reimbursement of the product plus medical expenses amounting to $146.37. No reply has been received to date. I hope that Ecostore do take care and acknowledge their customers, and what customers have to say about their products, good or bad.

Pleasant surprise

Used this by chance and found my hair to be under control even without drying. I have fine weak hair so styling is near impossible. Bought it at woolies and used both shampoo n conditioner for the second time n i couldnt believe how nice my hair was all day and it was naturally styled in a way i haven't seen it do for years. It was so weird. Hope this lasts with repeated use! I'm used to aveda kerastase myorganics but this product is much more impressive.

Healthy products

As a chemical sensitive person who has had allot of exposure in work environments am really glad finally came across a brand that prides itself on natural and plant based products. There are so many toxic everyday products out day this one does not cause me any eye irritation and is good value. Not such a fan of anything with the fragrance so will try the ultra sensitive next time.

Dry and crunchy

also used the normal range for about a month, my hair has also become very dry and crunchy. I have switched to the Dry and Damaged Ecostore range, it has been very good so far :)

Loved It...!!!

I bought ecostore conditioner in woolworths without much expectations but mainly there was a good discount on it but to my surprise I found the product very excellent; It gives a softness and wonderful shine to my hair and I am planning to stick to this conditioner for sometime now :)

Very happy so far

I've used the shampoo for 2 weeks and so far I am very happy with the results. A little goes a long way and my hair feels really clean after each wash. I no longer get an itchy scalp either which was a common occurrence on hot days or after exercise. At first I was a bit disappointed with the barely-noticeable scent, but that is a non-issue now as the lack of synthetic perfumes has really calmed my scalp.

Made my hair dry and crunchy

I used the shampoo and conditioner for about a month and it made my hair feel very brittle and straw like. Smells nice and I like that they are environmentally conscious but they were the only positives.

Hands down the best shampoo I've ever tried

The EcoStore shampoos are hands-down the best I've ever had. It cleans very thoroughly, and lathers up nicely. You don't need to use much of it, and it rinses out without issue.

And, my scalp is finally happy! Dandruff and straw like hair was my life before getting away from numerous irritants ( eg SLS, DEAs, and isothiazolinones ). Now there's no dandruff, and my hair is silky smooth, to the point where I find myself playing with it during the day.

The only minor comment I would have for EcoStore, is that I'd much prefer a different fragrance than orange bergamot, so I buy the un-scented version.

Dried out my hair completely

It dried out my hair so mu h it became brittle. I can only use this product if i soak my hair in coconut oil before i wash. Am currently tryng arjun oil shampoo barn

Great stuff

I have been using this for over 12 months now and my hair is longer and healthier than it has been in years.
Initially I used too little an amount. It says to "use a little and rinse". My interpretation of "a little" may have been too literal. Initially my hair was dry and frizzy but I found a good amount of the conditioner is required with the odd mask supplement to keep it hydrated and healthy.

I am over 50 with coloured hair and intend to use the shampoo/conditioner products as long as I can source them.

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I have been using this product now for almost 3 years. I have found the normal hair volumizing conditioner leaves my hair less dry than the range for coloured and damaged hair but either product is good. My hair dresser is amazed at how soft and healthy my hair is. The secret is to leave the conditioner on for a good few minutes - between 3 to 5 minutes seems to be ideal.

Better than expected!

I have about 10 half used shampoo and conditioners lying around as they just don't deliver on their hype. I even have a half used $49 premium shampoo! I bought the Ecostore shampoo and conditioner while in holiday and wow. I have dry coloured hair and nothing has made it feel as good as these products. As another review said, not all gunked up. Smooth and clean. No tangles and no frizz. Highly recommended!

Best silicone free shampoo on the market!

My hair is finally free of product build up and my blonde tones free from discolouration. This shampoo leaves my hair clean, soft and heathier than it's ever been. I'm a hairdresser and I couldn't be happier with this range, I recommend it to all my clients.

Really love this product

I have sensitive skin and easily break out and my hair is super damaged. This product line has done amazing things for me. I really recommend it and am puzzled by the negative reviews - it has not made my thin, colour treated hair dry at all, it has not made my skin or scalp itchy, it has stopped my back from breaking out, my hair was softer than with most shampoos I've tried to far. If you are having problems finding a shampoo/conditioner combo that doesn't break you out, this brand is 100% worth a shot. Also noting that I have colour treated hair - dyed white blonde from dark brown, and this product has NOT altered the colour.

Itchy itchy itchy

I bought Ecostore volumising shampoo and conditioner for dry and damaged hair and after a few washes my scalp is so itchy I had to stop using them. I don't know which one is causing this but I am so disappointed.


This product dried out my hair, removed all of the natural oils and made my hair feel wiry and uncomfortable. Compared to far cheaper and common shampoos, this EcoStore Normal Shampoo is a pretentious and poorly-manufactured alternative that does nothing beneficial for hair. Stay away from this product!

So far so good!

I have just recently started using Eco store shampoo and the conditioner. So far so good! I love the smell, the shampoo really does make me feel clean after it too. I have noticed from going from the last shampoo to Eco store my scalp is not itchy anymore either, and less oily.

Really good for me...my hair back to normal and grow up again...

After using Pantene for more than 15 years, I finally found out why i lost my hair. From the rumour, I realised that Pantene is hair killer...I didn't believe that, coz I thought I am too old to hold my hair...

After using Eco product---Normal Shampoo and conditioner for two week, my barber told me that my hair is back...
No nasty chemicals

Ecostore shame on you!

I bought Ecostore’s shampoo and conditioner and after a few washes it stained my blonde hair pink! They were quick to dissmiss my claims and promised me a gift pack for my trouble, of which never arrived. Ecostore is one company I will never buy from again. Imagine what must be in their shampoo to have done that??

This product stained my hair pink and cost me $600 worth of visits to my hairdresser to fix. Bad customer service.


I really like this shampoo. I have very fine hair and an oily sensitive scalp.
This shampoo is clear and no noticeable fragrance which I love as fragrances make my scalp itch.
It lathers up nicely and you only need a very small amount.
My hair is left light and fluffy. Great stuff.
Economical clear doesn't weigh hair down no fragrance

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Why can’t I buy Eco shampoo and conditioner from Woolies, it’s no longer on their shelves, very disappointed !
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