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Ego QV Naked Deodorant

Ego QV Naked Deodorant

2.5 from 15 reviews

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Like other reviews said, this deodorant made me smell worse than no deodorant! I don’t usually smell but this made me. Sad I have to throw it out but it’s useless.

Purchased in May 2019.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

I had a bad allergic reaction to this product

I bought QV deodorant because I thought it was the safer alternative to other deodorants, unfortunately l had a bad reaction as soon as l sprayed it on, it really stung and left me with a rash for a week.
In full honesty, l had not shaved under my arms for a couple of weeks being winter so it wasn’t because of the fact that l had just shaved.
I hate posting negative reviews but l felt that the company should be aware of side affects

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Although l had an allergic reaction, we all have different skin types, l have no idea why it stung so much followed by a bad rash and No it wasn’t sprayed on after l shaved. I say try it and if you’re not happy, Toss it out but let the manufacturer know so they can improve it. Generally l have been using QV on all my children and myself and have never been unhappy with the product until now

It stinks!

Totally agree with another user. Never really smelled but this deodorant made me stinkyy!!! It reminded me of the smell of cut lantana weeds only 10 times stronger. I’ve ordered a ditterent aluminum free deodorant online. This one is going in the bin. Yuck!!

Didn't Work For Me

I tried this product for 2 weeks and my BO, which is never really bad, was gag worthy. I was washing and using it twice a day because I was rank!. I started thinking I had some medical problem then read some of these reviews. I went back to my Nivea deodorant for sensitive skin and everything is back to normal. QV may have something in it that doesn't agree with me, but now I am stuck with three bottles of the stuff. Might dole it out to family and see if they have better luck with it.

The best aluminium free deodorant I have ever used

I perspire quite heavily and have had no success with aluminium free deodorants over the years in eliminating odour. This deodorant works perfectly for me, so far, and is therefore worth the extra cost to me. Highly recommend trying it if you want to eliminate aluminium.


I smell better without deodorant!
This is the worst deodorant I have EVER used! I used it for the first time at a wedding and was sooo so sooo embarrassed!

Disappointed with product

I find the product has unpleasant chemical-type smell and it actually stings when initially applied to clean skin. Could product be reviewed please as QV products are my preference as a rule but not with this item sadly disappointed with item.

Worst deodorant ever

I love other QV products (the gentle wash and bath oils are great) but this product lets their brand name down. I was thrilled to see QV had an aluminium free deodorant so I was bitterly disappointed when it made my body odour (which is not normally that noticeable) more prominent than when I wear NO deodorant. I tried it for over a week with the same woeful result every day. It is a waste of money and should not even be able to be marketed as a deodorant. Never will I purchase this product again or try any other product in the QV deodorant range. So disappointed!

Completely ineffective

I've been looking for an aluminium-free deodorant for some time and was happy to find this product. Bought it nearly a year ago, was very disappointed after trying it 2 or 3 days in a row. Just came across it in my cabinet and thought I'd give it another go before I chucked it. It's in the bin. I perspire very little so use deodorant more as a safeguard-this stuff actually creates underarm moistness if that's possible! Worse than using nothing. Totally ineffectual. Giant rip-off. Actually makes me angry that it's on the market.

works well....but

I really wanted this deodorant to work for me. I purchased the fragrance and aluminum free roll on and spray.
Love the fact it doesn't get up your nose as I can't tolerate many fragranced products and I know not to use deodorants after shaving. So I didn't use this until the following day, and it burnt my armpits like blazers!!! I washed it off immediately. There was no redness, just irritation like stinging nettles. Pity as unless I don't shave for a while.....ewww, it really does perform well as a deodorant.

Shame, as I like QV products........

Does not work!

I was initially excited to try an aluminium-free deodorant but was left bitterly disappointed with this one. I do not sweat excessively but found that during the day under non-strenuous activities, that I was smelling of BO!!! I was mortified and embarrassed. I tried it again the following day with the same results. It had been sitting on my shelf for months when I decided to give it one more try, but still had the same smelly problem.
I would never use this or recommend it to anyone. I'm baffled at the previous reviews this has received.

It actually works!

I have not found an aluminium free deodorant that actually works until now. Decided to try this one after trying most of the brands out there and was pleasantly surprised to find this brand actually does work, and I have found it works even better than some aluminium deodorants I have tried.
It works

Actually works

As other reviewer stated its hard to find a neutral aluminum free deodorant that actually works. Both my husband and I use this product everyday. On very hot days I need to reapply as doesnt stop you sweating as such (because it doesnt block the pores! but does stop smells). As a bonus it doesn't stain his work shirts, as the Al. deodorants do. Shake before applying for best results.
Alimunium free, doesnt mark my husbands shirts, fragrance free,
expensive, harder to find


Having suffered from severe allergies to both perfumes and aluminum for most of my life this deodorant is fantastic and was well worth the hours taken in finding this after researching various products. I can wear it every day without any side effects at all. Please, please, please never take it off the market. Thank you Ego.
No perfume and no aluminum therefore no nasty reactions

Finally an "Aluminum Free" Deodorant that works. ALL DAY!

Many years ago I went to my Doctor about a lump under both of my arm pits. It felt like I was walking around with a tennis ball under both Arms. My Doctor said I was allergic to the Aluminum which is in Deodorants. I stopped using Deodorants and the lumps disappeared. There are a small number of Aluminum Free deodorants available but apart from 1 or 2 the majority are a complete waste of money. This product on the other hand, is 100% better than ANY of its competitors. It's brilliant! Even if you aren't allergic to Aluminum, try it. You'll be blown away.
You don't smell. One application lasts the entire day and evening. Neutral fragance, so your aftershave, perfume is not effected. Australian made product. Australian invented product. Australian owned company.
Only available in Chemists.

Questions & Answers

Did anyone else have a negative reaction to QV deodorant?
2 answers
After my reaction I bought No Pong deodorant online and it’s great. Only bought one but will be stocking up next order. Hope this helps ;)Thanks, I’ll try it

is QV Naked this deodorant paraben free?
1 answer
Aqua (Water), Cyclopentasiloxane (And) Cyclohexasiloxane, Sodium Bicarbonate, Polyglyceryl-4 Isostearate (And) Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone (And) Hexyl Laurate, Magnesium Sulfate, , Butylene Glycol, Disodium EDTA, , , Biosorb™ Crystals, Mica, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol, BHT.


Ego QV Naked Deodorant
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Release dateOct 2011

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