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EnviroSafe Pantry Moth Trap

EnviroSafe Pantry Moth Trap

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Excellent product but where can I buy it now?

These are simply amazing. Have always kept a stash in case of an invasion of moths. Need to get more as I have run out but I have looked in my local Woolworths, Coles and Bunnings stores and they dont have them. Desperate to get them. The 'other' brand they stock has not attracted a single moth in over a week and were very messy to set up. In comparison the Envirosafe traps are easy to use and are absolutely covered in dead moths. Need to get some for my son who has an infestation also. Would recommend Envirosafe pantry moth traps to everybody as they terrific.

Purchased in January 2019 for $10.96.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Infested Area Kitchen and Living/Dining Room

Must have for all households!

These are the best! It's a shame most large shops like Coles and Woolies have stopped stocking these in place of the Hovex brand. I find these much more efficient which is especially important for me as I have two birds who's food attracts moths. Works well with food moths and cloth moths I find.

Can't believe how well these work.

I have tried the Envirosafe Pantry moth trap and also another leading brand. The Envirosafe trap gets about 10 - 20 moths to every 1 on the other trap. Trouble is I can't find any stock in town (Bunbury WA).
To those of you who say you still see moths flying around remember the trap only attracts the males!
Ridding my pantry of moths is now my life's work!

Hey pantry moths - "Time to die!"

Pantry moths live in your kitchen and find a way into your flour, pasta, gravy mix, nuts, and other similar items and breed. Once this happens you'll notice little moths flying around or on your kitchen ceiling and walls. You might see little cocoons up there too. That's the grubs turning into more moths! First thing to do is go through your stuff and find where they are breeding. Look for small maggot-like grubs, cobwebby things, and adult moths in your packets. Throw out the infested stuff and then use this product. The pheromone attracts the male moths (but not the females) and they get stuck in the trap and die. If there are no males they cannot breed! Mop up any females by swatting.

The packet has two traps and our caught dozens of moths. God knows where they came from! Anyway we no longer have an infestation as we did before. Great product and worth the cost of $10 or so to make your life pleasant again!

Very positive experience

I cook a lot and have struggled with moths in the pantry.
Tried all the 'freebie' type of cures i.e. placing items in freezer, putting bay leaves around etc. They worked a little but I finally conceded I needed to do something else. Someone told me about moth traps so I gave them a go.

I tried the other brand first for a few months with no issues, then I saw EnviroSafe and as it was much the same price decided to try it also.

+ + + Well it must have draw the moths out of the crevices, cause the traps were full in only a few days (and I thought I was already on top of the issue). So yes I am very happy with this product.

+ I like the aesthetics of the outside of the tent. not that would sway me either way.

- The only 'issue' is maybe it could have written on the rectangle box, "place bait with circle facing outwards", because yes I always forget and have to reread the instructions every time :)

- I have only seen them at Coles.
Neither Bunnings nor Woolies stocks them where I shop.

Easy to set up, worked immediately, extremely pleased

I decided to purchase the EnviroSafe Pantry Moth Trap after researching all available moth removal solutions on the internet. I bought it from Coles as Woolworths don't stock it, and in preference to the Hovex brand even though at the time Coles had a 20% special discount on Hovex, EnviroSafe was only $1 more, but without the Hovex discount it is normally cheaper. The trap was easy to assemble and moments after placing it in the pantry 4 moths were lured and trapped. The next day over a dozen were trapped in there. I highly recommend this product as it has exceeded my expectations and I am optimistic that my horrific moth infestation will be under control soon with aid of this trap after an extensive full pantry clean-out.


Have been using moth traps for a very long time and decided to give this brand a go and was disappointed with the results, it only caught one moth! I could clearly see the moths flying around. Definitely will be switching back to the Hovex brand.


My Mum has showed me hers and I'm amazed. There are moths trapped in hers in the lounge and also in the pantry. She said Bunnings is selling them. I need some!

These are excellent but I can't find them at Bunnings or Woolies anymore

These traps work really well on these tenacious little pantry moths. We had moths in about a year ago. I cleaned everything and put all dry goods in air-tight containers and set traps along the top shelf of the cupboards. The traps are full and we need more but I haven't been able to find them. I was just going to order them online and found this review site and thought I'd let you all know they have worked well for us.

Unclear instructions

I agree that the instruction to place the lure is very bad and confusing compared with the Hovex brand. I stop buying this brand because I can't use.

Unclear instructions

I had previously bought Hovex traps for my pantry moths and they worked really well. I managed to totally eliminate my problem. I just bought the Envirosafe traps which were much more expensive and firstly have found the instructions difficult to understand (i.e how to place the lure and whether to peel off the brown tape at the back) and secondly have not yet caught a single moth… Can't recommend them so far.

Envirosafe works, hovex does not

I bought hovex envirosafe traps to catch small grey moths that were eating my clothes. The envirosafe traps were always full and the hovex near empty. I swapped locations, same result.
About a year later, I accidentally bought hovex again - same result.
After buying around 30+ traps (I have a big house), I can confidently say "only envirosafe works" ... Well, that and mozzie zappers.
To be clear: hovex usually got 1 or 2. Envirosafe was full (50 to 100)
It works really well

Works well to keep the moths at bay

When we moved into our house 8 years ago, the pantry (even empty) was infested with pantry moths. I thoroughly cleaned every shelf, wall, doors, inside & out. But the moths knew where to go, and soon we had moths invading our dry goods. I cleaned everything again, put all dry goods in plastic containers, and got some EnviroSafe pantry moth traps.
The moths came back, but the traps nabbed them, and within a few months, dozens & dozens were trapped, and our problem was gone.
A year or so ago, the grocery stores in our area (NSW) stopped stocking the Envirosafe ones, and I got Hovex. They didn't perform nearly as well. No idea if it's the shape of the tent (Hovex's are taller, larger openings, shorter in length; whereas EnviroSafe's is longer in length, shorter in height, smaller opening) or the chemicals, or the sticky subtance, or what, but there does seem to be a big difference.
With the Hovex ones in place, we still saw moths every evening around 7pm fluttering out of the pantry and into our living room.
Last week, Coles had the EnviroSafe back in stock, and I got three boxes. Yes, they're expensive for what they are, but they work really well (at least for my pantry conditions).
In terms of rating, I've given it a five, because I honestly think they're an absolute must for our household, and I've tried a competitive brand and was left wanting.
Having said that, I did have to go a year or so without them, because they weren't stocked. So I'm not sure if that was a product issue, a negotiation with the retailers issue, or what.
They work and capture tons of moths
Needs to be in more stockists

Works very well.

After having used these and the Hovex brand ones, I can confidently say that these traps well outperform the Hovex ones. They include a much thicker sticky pad which moths can't escape from once they've landed on it -- not so with the Hovex traps. You have to be careful to read and stick by the package directions in that you only use one trap at a time, otherwise the male moths that it is designed to trap will get confused and not land on any traps! If this trap isn't attracting all your moths, it's possible you have a mix of female and male moths as the lure will only attract male moths.
Working lure, excellent sticky surface, large surface area (compared to other brands)

envirosafe pantry moth traps

Had the traps out for a couple of months and caught 2 moths in each
All the rest of the moths were flying around the house!
Hovex ones I had previously caught heaps!
That is all I need to say about the traps and I am disappointed that i spent $10 on them and they didn't work.

Didn't catch the moths

Questions & Answers

Do you need to keep the lures in the refrigerator? Alex@interdyn.com.au
3 answers
You didn't buy it from a fridge and the instructions don't tell you to do so, so why would you ask this question? There should not be moths in your fridge! If so you need to clean it or get a new fridge!Look at the unclear instructions on the lure packageJust store the traps in a cool dry place (such as a cupboard or under your sink) until you are ready to use them. Do not piece or open the BioLure®.


EnviroSafe Pantry Moth Trap
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