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Bird Gard Possum Deterrent
Latest review: Great device - very easy to set up. We had a real possum infestation in our garden - they were eating everything as well as making a huge mess with droppings etc. After installing one unit we

Pestrol Rodent Free
Latest review: My mate convinced me to try this product last year. I contacted Pestrol via their website and was helped by someone who seemed very educated on the product as I asked a number of what I would pertain

Talon Ant Killer Gel
Latest review: Living in Queensland, during the summer we get some serious ant problems. They were everywhere, and repeatedly going into our kettle and dying in there. Nothing worse than offering your guests a

Nooski Mouse Trap
Latest review: Just caught first rat after 4 weeks of trying. We have had rats around here, in the Newcastle area, for years & they were always very difficult to trap or poison. We now have a dog so can no longer

Envirosafe Fly Trap
Latest review: Very easy to set up. The liquid can smell a little if indoors. Concept works very well attracting the flies into the container. BUT after the 2nd day, I noticed a lot of baby maggots crawling on the

Talon Cockroach Killer Gel
Latest review: Used this product 4 days ago, i have more roaches than ever very much alive and well..i think ill stick with a proffesional pest

Ambush Mosquito Trap
Latest review: We bought this unit last season and only used it for about 3 days then put it into storage until the 2018/19 season. The power adapter failed and after reporting this to AMT there was a friendly

Roach Kill Cockroach Gel Bait
Latest review: So we had german roaches in our kitchen and it was getting bad. On a night they would scutle out and cover the surfaces, eating crumbs and leaving poo everywhere. I tried bug bombs and bug spray and

Combat Ant-Rid Liquid
Latest review: Not sure yet. The ants didn't seem interested at first, but I had noticed that when I left a used coffee cup around they swarmed to it. So I tried the trick of putting a few drops of sugar based,

EnviroSafe Pantry Moth Trap
Latest review: These are the best! It's a shame most large shops like Coles and Woolies have stopped stocking these in place of the Hovex brand. I find these much more efficient which is especially important for me

The Big Cheese Traditional Mouse and Rat Trap Station
Latest review: I bought this product this afternoon as I had a baby male rat move in a few weeks ago! I purchased the attractant aswell also put shredded

Safe N Sure Mouse Trap
Latest review: Easy set up, but some are really sensitive that you have to adjust spring. One mouse that was caught did not die and the trap got just above the nose. Very bad, cheap

Hovex Pantry Moth Traps
Latest review: They are so easy to set up. Put it in the pantry and I caught literally hundreds. Expensive but worth

Hovex Permethrin Ant Killer
Latest review: First time I've tried this !!!! After clearing back of work top, of foods , utensils etc (using gloves) I sprinkled some on trail , left a while and all dead. We are going to use in roof as prob

Mortein Control Bombs
Latest review: I have purchased numerous three packs of this product in the last three months, as after each treatment, fleas still remain. I've let off a 4th three pack again tonight and await the morning to see

Ratsak Double Strength Bait Station
Latest review: After 3 months of trying all types of traps I finally resorted to Ratsak, 3 days later the little guy is belly up on the kitchen floor, it could be my wifes cooking but I'm happy to give Ratsak the

Mortein Naturgard Automatic Indoor Insect Control System
Latest review: It seems I’m sensitive to the spray. The spray definitely takes out all the bugs. It’s like taking a sledgehammer to put a nail in a wall for hanging a picture. Why does it spray so often? Why is the

Raid Automatic Insect Control System
Latest review: Love the original unit still gave 2 working units but can’t buy the refills. Purchased the new unit not as effective and I can’t choose settings other than 12 or 24 hour cycles Bring back the ori

Combat Ant Bait
Latest review: Ant baits are totally ineffective. I have put it on several places and the ants go everywhere but near the

OFF Family Care Insect Repellent
Latest review: I bought the plastic bottle Found for the most part that we didn’t get eaten alive.. so that was good but trying to use the bottle to spray onto yourself or even my husband was quite an effort. The s

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