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Bird Gard Possum Deterrent

Latest review: We have been using 2 devices for about 2 years. Prior to that we had lost one Golden Robinia and were about to lose a Mop Top. With help from the company, We hard wired and sited two devices.

Pestrol Rodent Free

Latest review: In the past always we have used traps and poisons to try and control the rodents in our house and garage but could not get them under control. Now a year later we have been rodent free for over 12

Nooski Mouse Trap

Latest review: Caught first rat after 2nd night, once i changed food in bait trap. However there may have been 2 rodents as i found the one with the rubber ring had its kneck/ head chewed, app trying to save its

Envirosafe Fly Trap

Latest review: Very easy to set up. The liquid can smell a little if indoors. Concept works very well attracting the flies into the container. BUT after the 2nd day, I noticed a lot of baby maggots crawling on the

Talon Ant Killer Gel

Latest review: We put small amounts of the gel along ant trails and within minutes they encircle it and take it away apparently killing the nest. Sometimes ants of the same or a different type are seen exploring

Talon Cockroach Killer Gel

Latest review: My previous review was based on the result after 2 days with one tube. After buying the second tube 2 days ago I now seem to have no cockroaches. I started with Mortein Cockroach gel and it did

Ambush Mosquito Trap

Latest review: I thought my trap had a fault and Michelle immediately sent a spare part, no issue. Once checked, I had made a mistake and the Ambush Mosquito Trap was still indeed working fine, doing its job

Roach Kill Cockroach Gel Bait

Latest review: Saw some cockroaches scurrying out of the kitchen and used this bait. Have found dead cockroaches all over the place, the problem must have been worse that I originally thought. 7 days later, problem

EnviroSafe Pantry Moth Trap

Latest review: These are simply amazing. Have always kept a stash in case of an invasion of moths. Need to get more as I have run out but I have looked in my local Woolworths, Coles and Bunnings stores and they

Combat Ant-Rid Liquid

Latest review: Okay, here is the thing. The ant kill liquid appears to attract the little black ants in the kitchen. There are probably a few million ants in a nest. It is a slow poison that will take a few days to

Safe N Sure Mouse Trap

Latest review: Easy set up, but some are really sensitive that you have to adjust spring. One mouse that was caught did not die and the trap got just above the nose. Very bad, cheap

The Big Cheese Traditional Mouse and Rat Trap Station

Latest review: What a waste of money. The trap is so poorly manufactured that it can never be triggered no matter what weight is applied to the trigger pad. No instructions

Hovex Pantry Moth Traps

Latest review: The lure seal foil just opened . A moth came around before I assembled the trap . Previously only noticed a couple of moths each day. Two Hours later, seven in one trap, three in the other. The

Gecko Triple Lure Insect Trapper

Latest review: This device is meant to create C02 to attract the Mosquito's, I call crap. This unit captures less mosquitos compared to a yard guard bug vac which uses UV light alone as an attractant. I've been

Hovex Permethrin Ant Killer

Latest review: First time I've tried this !!!! After clearing back of work top, of foods , utensils etc (using gloves) I sprinkled some on trail , left a while and all dead. We are going to use in roof as prob

Mortein Control Bombs

Latest review: I have a small two bedroom square shaped unit with combined living/dining/kitchen. Very small. We had copious amounts of cockroaches. Huge huge ones that fly. It was terrifying. Once I read that

Ratsak Double Strength Bait Station

Latest review: It has rat resistance problems... it has the advantage of being a little safer for off target native owls etc. Best option is to use traps regularly before population builds up (eg, during harvest

Mortein Naturgard Automatic Indoor Insect Control System

Latest review: It seems I’m sensitive to the spray. The spray definitely takes out all the bugs. It’s like taking a sledgehammer to put a nail in a wall for hanging a picture. Why does it spray so often? Why is the

The Big Cheese Multi-Catch Mouse Trap

Latest review: Owned for 6 years. Used wrongly at beginning and no luck (like many below). BUT when used right it word well. 1 mouse the first smart setup night (only mouse we had). Then the following night it

Raid Automatic Insect Control System

Latest review: The dispenser was accidentaly pointed towards the wall, the resulting mess has been impossible to fix. I have stripped the paint right back to bare wall board but it still seems to stain whatever new

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