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Bird Gard Possum Deterrent

Bird Gard Possum Deterrent

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We still have possums around but they don't eat our trees anymore.

We have been using 2 devices for about 2 years. Prior to that we had lost one Golden Robinia and were about to lose a Mop Top. With help from the company, We hard wired and sited two devices. Possums are still around but no longer dining on our trees.
Some visitors (few) can hear the sound wave and one such visitor is disturbed by it.
I think all of our grandkids can hear it but it disturbs none of them.
Good gear!

Purchased in August 2017.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Pet OwnerYes

Effective Device with Quick Results

Great device - very easy to set up.

We had a real possum infestation in our garden - they were eating everything as well as making a huge mess with droppings etc. After installing one unit we noticed results and the possum activity moved as far away from the device as it could. So we then installed a second unit at the opposite end of the yard and this seems to have substantially reduced possum activity at ground level and pushed them higher into the trees.

One issue is that the power adaptor isn't water-proof - not ideal for a device that is advertised as being weather resistant. We've just covered ours in plastic.

Very Effective

We installed a Bird Gard Possum Deterrent several months ago to stop the possums from attacking our Japanese maples and found it very effective. We have ordered 2 more since.

Excellent product.

I had problems that possums being eaten my Rosses buds, new growth and it completely stop after installing the possum deterrent in to the garden and it stop all possums coming to the garden.

Doesn't work on possums.

It didn't work for us either. There were two huge possums still sitting in the tree munching the leaves. I then out it in the tree, still they couldn't care less. I give up, nothing works.

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Hi Rita Sorry to hear the possum deterrent isn’t doing the job for you. We like to help in these situations, and the best way for us to help you is to send us some photos showing what you want to protect and where the device is. Rather than zoom in stand back a bit so we get a good perspective of the overall area, please do take 3 photos from different angles. Regards Bird Gard

Don't waste your money!!

I bought one of these so called possum deterrents and it had zero impact, I mean ZERO, in fact I reckon it attracted them!
I spoke to the company a few times and did what they suggested (relocating it at several different places), but still nothing. It's supposed to deter rats and mice as well, but last week we caught a large rat in a rat trap only a few metres from the Birdgard device.

I reckon anyone who claims to have success with this product must be a relative of the owner!!

Try this.

I haven't bought any possum deterrent devices but was interested in reading the reviews on the Bird Gard one and the company's response. Before retiring from my profession as a retired Real Estate Agent, we often had complaints from tenants regarding mice, rats and possums in ceilings. I used to get on a ladder with my upper torso into the ceiling space, and throw moth balls to all parts of the ceiling as Jonno said he did. For me, this always worked but as per the reply from the Bird Gard spokesperson perhaps sometimes it doesn't. The other thing which will remove all vermin including spiders is cellulose insulation as it has BORAX in it to make it non flammable - the day after ours was installed 2 redback spiders came down from the vent in the bathroom to escape the borax!! (I put mossie proof wire around the vent in the ceiling the next day). We never have possums, spiders, mice or snakes (used to have night adders) in our ceiling anymore.Alternatively catch the possums in a possum trap (carrots are good bait) and relocate (and yes I have been told that they will die if relocated) or find their entry point and jam it with fine netting wire AFTER the possum has gone out feeding usually just after dusk. As the Bird Gard spokesman said, if you try their product, give it a few weeks to work. Best of luck. Glen

Noise disturbing to neighbours

I purchased two products. One is working ,but had a neighbour two doors away come to ask me to turn off the device as he could not sleep
with the noise it makes. Now the possum is back, eating the grape vine over my pergola. Not happy. I agree with the review on April 4 2018.

I am not sure this works for possums but the noise is very disturbing to neighbours.

I had hoped the sound from this variable frequency unit would all be ultrasonic unfortunately the range is very audible and makes it quite unsuitable for a suburban operation. It is a pity this simple fact was not explained in the product specifications or I might have saved the considerable purchase price.

Good Service, Jury Still Out on Product

On the strength of 71 reviews, and most being positive, we purchased a Bird Gard Possum Deterrent.
But so far, no impact on possums. They still treat our courtyard as a Club Med for possums, and I am sure the ultrasonic sound just gives them background music to party by. So not yet a happy shopper.
To be fair, they do say Bird Gard can take up to 3 weeks to work, so we await with interest.
Interestingly, my similar review on Bird Gard's website does not seem to have been published.

Great service and product

Darren from Bird Gard was very prompt and went above and beyond to help us with an operational issue (not a fault) we had with our possum deterrent device, all sorted now. We are pleased with the outcome and the device appears to be protecting the area we needed it to. We are glad we went down this track.

Effective possum deterent

Works well to deter possums from our garden and our neighbors garden. It keeps them off the roof as well.
We now have beautiful roses and veggies that remain untouched.

Great help in making possums' life difficult

I moved to a new house 3 months ago. It is a large house. From the first night, we had possums disturbing our sleep at night: in the garden, fighting and hissing but mostly on the roof, landing loudly and running around. After investigating at night with a torch, it appeared that the main point of entry onto the roof was the power supply line. I should add these are mainly ringtail possums.
I purchased a Possum Deterrent which I positioned at the point the power line reaches our roof… and waited for about 3 weeks, as recommended, before drawing any conclusion. The settings I use: night activation and constant mode.
The effect was not 100% but was very significant indeed: possums still come on our roof but not every night and they do not linger. We can’t hear them calling or fighting, just landing on the roof and passing rather quickly. We also noticed a huge reduction in the amount of droppings left around the house, on the decks and paths.
Because my house is large and because I suspect they are other entry points (tree branches overhanging), I have decided to buy a second Possum Deterrent unit which I will position directly at the branches overhanging the roof. And of course, I have also pruned these branches but possums can jump quite far. I saw one jump about two meters from the roof onto a nearby tree.
In fact, I had the opportunity to witness and interesting behaviour: one evening, I saw a female followed by her joey approaching the house on the power line. The device was already working as it was dark and I could see the red light on. She made her way to the house and stopped about 10 m from the roof, clearly not comfortable in progressing any further.
What happened next amazed me. One of the features of the Possum Deterrent is to stop emitting ultrasounds, from time to time, for a short period. I understand this is done so that animals do not get used to it being on all the time. The moment the device turned off, the female ran and jumped on my roof. Her baby was a bit slow and when it realised its mum had gone, the device was on again. It clearly wanted to follow its mother but after a few steps, it backed up, clearly not comfortable to approach the roof closer. It eventually left.
This, to me, is clear indication that the device works, even on a determined possum which wants to be reunited with its mother. It also shows that these animals are more clever and adaptable than I suspected as I think this mother has learnt that the device stops from time to time and took advantage of it! I observed this behaviour about 6 weeks after I had installed the device.
After discussing with Darren Stutchbury at Bird Gard, we thought one way to get around this may be to switch the device onto motion sensor mode, which l have not done yet.
So, do not underestimate possums: despite their looks, they are intelligent, they are adaptable and they can jump long distances.
All I can do is not make it easy for them. And I believe the Possum Deterrent has helped me done just that. This is why I have purchased a second one and can’t wait to see what effect it will have.

Really brilliantly effective product

This really works! Super effective at deterring possums and other similar critters. Even our neighbours are grateful!

The guys at Bird Gard are also super helpful and friendly in advising what is needed and helping ensure the setup is just right.

I did have a problem that after about 2 years the power adaptor died, but that's not really their fault, and easily replaced.

Would definitely recommend.

Doesn't deter ringtail possums

Placed this device on a fence to deter possums from walking across it. All settings are correct. Used for 2 months and it didn't stop them. They simply walked up to the device when it was on, climbed over it and continued across the fence. Contacted company - no solution provided.

Hello Jillian The last time we spoke you told me that you didn’t know what direction your possums came from because you hadn’t actually seen them walk along your fence and climb over the device. When I look at your photos, I see you have installed the device well, but behind the device your pool fence continues on and meets your side fence. The fences in-between houses are known possum highways, side and back fences are one of the main ways possums get around the suburbs. So it occurred to me that the possums might be coming down your side fence and then from behind the device where there is no defence. My advice to you was to reposition the device and turn it around and point it the other way. So it would be pointing down the fence and at where the possums might be coming from Did you get a chance to do that ? How you have installed does meet the " point it at what you want to protect " method that we explain in the operators manual. But sometimes the other method " pointing the device at where the possums come " is what works best. I would never recommend using Vaseline on top of a glass fence to make it too slippery for possums to walk along it. But a food grade, biodegradable, eco-friendly slippery substance that wont stain your glass fence might solve your immediate possum problem fairly quickly. Regards, Darren Stutchbury General ManagerHi Darren That is incorrect. My email to you said I had seen them walk on the fence when the device was on. I never received a response from you nor any of the advice you have put in you comment.

Ineffective device - does not work

I purchased a possum deterrent in late November 2016. The purpose was to deter the possums from eating my weeping rose, which is being decimated my some very hungry possums.
I followed the instruction to the letter, but to no avail. The deterrent has been set on for possums and on maximun sensor sensitivity and is set on constant.
After using the possum deterrent for 3 months, I have come to the comclusion that it is totally ineffective.
It should also be noted that I emailed the company on 16/3/2016 and attached photos of the devise and it location or proximity to the weeping rose but I'm yet to receive a response from them.
I have received some comments from the neighbour's teenage children who say they can hear it when it is activated...they must have exceptional hearing as I can't!
Overall, not happy at all.

Great product and great service

We purchased one Possum deterrent and it worked so well after just a few months we bought another one. Unfortunately after 8 months the first one stopped working, we could tell because our Magnolia tree was decimated pretty quickly. We emailed Darren at Bird Gard and within 30 minutes he called us and advised how to work out the problem. It was the adaptor, and he immediately organized for another to be sent to us. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product. The fact that the tree was eaten so quickly when the adaptor failed show how great this product is. Thanks for your great service Darren and Bird Gard.

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Hello Rene Good to hear from you again, it is personally pleasing to protect magnolias. It was magnolias featured in our first possum deterrent review. And thanks for your informative review. I'll will take this opportunity to urge all possum deterrent customers to call us straight away (just like you did) in the event their possum deterrent seems to of suddenly stop working. We dont get many break downs, but when we do the odds are it is the adapter. The best way to check this, is to put some batteries into the device, and if that works you know its the adapter thats the faulty. You can use the C type batteries in the interim to keep the device going while we send you a new adpter. Rene, could you lets us know what sort possums did you have was it ringtails or the bigger brush tails. Thanks again for your review, and do let us know if we can help you with anything. Regards Darren, Bird Gard

The veggies are mine again!

As much as I love them I was sooo over the possums. They had been totally destroying my veggie patch. I didn’t mind sharing some of the garden with them but things were getting out of hand. I found the Ultrasonic Possum Deterrent online and have been using it now for 3 months. It is doing a great job keeping the little critters off my newly planted seedlings, my awesome herb garden and the veggie garden is starting to look happy again. It did take a couple of weeks before they went away but Bird Gard did mention this to me. Thank you for your great service and assistance when I needed it, and thank you so much for helping me save my veggies.

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Hello Thankyou for doing a review, it is pleasing to hear back from people. I hope the possums are still staying away from from your veggie garden. I wonder if you could tell us what sort of possums did you have, was it the little ring tail. possums or the big brush tail possums. Best Regards Bird Gard

highly regarded

Had nothing but good results....worth every cent.. the money is long forgotten .. After sales service is personal and prompt...efficacious. Darren and the team get the job done. Many thanks.

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Hello Les Thanks for your review, if we can help you in any other way, dont hesitate to let me know Thanks again Regards Darren

What a croc.

This is not worth buying we bought the most expensive unit it made a terrible irritating sound we were desperate to send the beautiful little critters elsewhere very disappointing to have spent this amount of money on a yet another myth that is marketed?
Regards annoyed

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Questions & Answers

Hello, I was wondering if the possum repeller would annoy small children at all. I have an 18 month old and so want to ensure this would not affect her or any future newborn children. Thanks.
3 answers
It will depend on the individual. The device emits a very high frequency sound and I find that I can hear it and it does irritate me after a while, however the rest of my family can't hear it. We only have the device come on at once it's dark (when the possums are out) so it isn't an issue.I understand that most young children are able to hear it. Our grandchildren can and it doesn't drive them away....... unfortunately (smile). I now wear hearing aids and can hear it. Doesn't annoy me either. I guess if the children, or me for that matter stayed in the zone of the noise, it could be troublesome but you do have to take care on targetting the device for it to be effective. Further, you could hook it up to a timing device to only operate after twilight. I when littlies should be in bed and possums go looking for food. Good luck.Hi Shauna Both Mathew and Happierjack have shared their own experiences. The Possum Deterrent emits high frequency sound. The average person will hear something if they are close, but they don't hear the high frequency sound that repels possums. However some people who have good high frequency hearing can hear it and don't always like. Like Mathew says it depends on the individual. The younger you are the more likely you'll have good high frequency hearing. Happierjack explains his grand children can hear but aren't that bothered by it. In other cases children don't like it so best to keep it turned off to after they are asleep. The possum deterrent comes with a 90 day money back guarantee. Regards Bird Gard

My problem is possums in my tiled roof. If I place the possum deterrent outside, facing back at the roof. In constant mode. Do the ultrasonic waves pass through the tiles or do I need to install it into the roof. Thanks.
2 answers
The waves don't pass through the tiles, so by having it outside it would actually encourage the possums to move away from the device and probably back to a save haven (ie inside the roof). So to flush them out of the roof you'd need the device inside itHello Chris Mathew is correct, to repel possums from inside a roof space, the device also needs to be inside the roof space. The question is where do you put the device ?. Most people will target where they think the possums are getting in OR where they hear them the most OR where they think the possums sleep during the day. One device has a max range of 10 metres when used inside a roof space. This means one device cant cover an entire roof space, but one device is often successful Regards Bird Gard

Could this be used to deter a very annoying Tom cat?
2 answers
Mate, I don''t think this product will deter anything. In my opinion a waste of money. There is a product called Dter which I have found works well. Come back to me if you can't find it.Hi mj the possum deterrent has an adjustable dial that allows you to change the frequencies. To repel possums we use low frequencies, but they don't work against cats. To repel cats, rats etc we use the higher frequencies. Regards Bird Gard


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