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Talon Ant Killer Gel

Talon Ant Killer Gel

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Works very well on household ants in SE Queensland

We put small amounts of the gel along ant trails and within minutes they encircle it and take it away apparently killing the nest. Sometimes ants of the same or a different type are seen exploring along the old trails and with the application of a bit more gel they disappear as well. Great stuff, too expensive, however, when you can't locate the nest for a good spray with liquid ant poison it is the next best option.

Purchased in December 2018 for $8.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Infested Area Kitchen, Living/Dining Room and Outdoors
Pet OwnerYes

The Ants didn't touch it!

Squeezed it out in a few different places. Even into the gap where the ants were coming from. Not one ant went near it. The stuff just dried up and the ants continued on. Another waste of money.

Purchased in April 2019 for $7.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Infested Area Kitchen
Pet OwnerYes

Cost of product.

Yes it seems to have some effect in reducing the infestation but my gripe is the price for such a minute quantity. Please Selleys, market a bigger pack at a more reasonable cost per gram.

Purchased in March 2019 at Woolworths Physical store for $8.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Infested Area Outdoors
Pet OwnerNo

Didn't work for me

We have tiny ants, they ignored Talon ant killer. I tested their preference with a number of different flavours from the kitchen. They weren't attracted to vegemite, honey, worcestershire sauce or Talon ant killer. They were somewhat attracted to BBQ sauce but went ape over peanut butter. I'm currently trying peanut butter and boric acid mixture. I also found that Talon ant killer dried up to a hard lump after a day.

Purchased in March 2019 at Coles for $8.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Infested Area Bathroom, Living/Dining Room and Outdoors
Pet OwnerYes

The only product that works

Living in Queensland, during the summer we get some serious ant problems. They were everywhere, and repeatedly going into our kettle and dying in there. Nothing worse than offering your guests a coffee only to find ants floating in it.

My wife is adverse to unnecessary poisons, so we tried every natural remedy. Vinegar, eucalyptus oil and even boric acid. Nothing worked.

Then I went and bought some Ant Rid in granule and bait form. The granules did nothing but excite the ants. It made the problem worse and did nothing but leave stains everywhere I used it. And the baits? The ants would just go around them and not take the bait.

I was at my witts end, almost ready to concede defeat and let the ants win. Then I found Sellys Ant Gel and having spent close to $100 on other products, thought I had nothing to lose.

I wish I bought this gel sooner. It works instantly. Follow the instructions and put it near nests and paths where ants are. You'll see ants instantly become attracted to the gel, it's incredible to see. They will swarm and go crazy for it (must smell and taste really good).

They take the gel back to the nest and bye bye ants. This is the only thing that works. Don't waste your money on anything else, buy this and you won't regret it.

Purchased in February 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $9.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Infested Area Kitchen, Living/Dining Room and Outdoors
Pet OwnerNo

It really works.

The packing is changed to black unlike the photo above. I applied it indoor and outdoor at about noon. The ants were all gone in the evening. Thanks for the reviews in this website.

Purchased in February 2019 at Woolworths for $8.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Infested Area Kitchen and Outdoors
Pet OwnerYes

The only complaint comes from the ants

We were suffering the worst infestation of ants in our house in thirty years. After a few simple applications of Sellys Talon, there isn’t an ant to be seen in the house. Well done Sellys!

The only thing that’s worked to kill ant infestation

I was at my wits end before trying Talon gel. Like many others I have used Ant Rid in the bottle and bait format only to watch as my army of ants just marched around my traps. No matter where I put the traps or how small I blobbed the fluid, the ants were never enticed. Next I tried the ant powder, again to no effect (and it caused an ugly brown stain on my windowsill). Finally I used a spray that was supposed to be residual for 6 months. As soon as it dried the ants walked over it without any obvious signs of impairment.

As a last resort I checked on Product Review for some pointers and came across Talon gel. I wish this site had been my first stop because it’s worked miracles. I got my little syringe of gel from Coles supermarket, and I’ve since seen it in Woolies too. For just under $9 full price and a little over $6 on special it is a real bargain. I followed the instructions and squeezed out a few small blobs along each ant trail. Immediately the ants were attracted to the gel and off they toddled back to their nest carrying the poison. A week later I’ve not seen any ants return to my bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. After months of battling these critters, I now finally have the upper hand.

Thank you to the other reviewers who convinced me to give this a try, and to the makers of Talon for coming up with a product that actually works!

Outstanding product. Instant results

Overall this is a great product. I'm from Adelaide and we have experienced a huge ant influx during Summer. I used ant-rid baits and the ants had no interest. I used ant-rid liquid and it had some effect but they kept coming.

I used this at 8:00am and instantly all the ants were attracted to it. In the first hour the number of ants greatly increased, however by 2:00pm all the ants were gone.

Genuinely recommend this product.

Works but I need more than a sample pack.

I seem to be living in the ant capital of the world. The gel works pretty quickly but 5g tubes make it a joke when there are hundreds of nests within 5 metres of the house. This is nothing unusual on Queenslands Sunshine coast. A new nest of ants are always on the search.
The gel is not great on porous surfaces like paths and brickwork. It is great for overhead use.

Is there a source of larger sizes?

Black ant problem in the bedroom in Cairns.

We have a bad black ant problem in our house here in Cairns. We found where they were coming and going from our air conditioner and sealed up the hole in the block wall but now they are in the built-in wardrobe. My husband bought some Talon Ant Killer Gel so I thought I would use it this morning were they are tracking but at this stage they seem to walk around and over but no interest shown. The product is easy to use and I will give it time to see if the ants go. Stay tuned I will let you know if I have success but at this stage I have to wonder.
Note before this I used Boric Acid but no success.

Works amazing!

Iv spent hundreds of dollars on different types of ant killer and this is the only thing that works for me and it’s so cheap! Definitely recommend to anyone with an ant problem

In some areas it just doesn’t work

I have used Talon Ant Killer in Brisbane with some success. The ants in Brisbane were also attracted to Borax mixture but Talon worked better. Ok.
In North Queensland the ants just walk around Talon as they walk around Borax mixtures. I am desperate. So Talon seems to work in some areas on some ants but also is completely useless in other areas. Expensive and useless - sometimes.

Unbelievable, does the job.

I had tiny ants coming in to the walls from outside the house, I follow the instructions and it took a day to see results, less ants for a couple of weeks, about the third week all gone! Amazing product. Too easy to apply!!!

Seems to be working!

Working good so far! Thick four or five deep lines of ants working their way into our house at each end. After 2 tubes, seemed to have disappeared. I know it's working as I've got piles of dead ants coming out of cracks from the bathroom. Looks like an ant graveyard in there. Seems to come in waves of death every few days. However! Still have ant activity. It would have been a massive nest based on what I've observed, so still baiting. We also have ants in the outdoor furniture, bins, both cars, up and down the neighbours fence, all over our sandstone retaining walls! So I've bought another 3 tubes and am still working on it. But based on the initial ones. Seems to be working. But just slowly. I regret letting it get this bad! I'm a bit of a nature person and prefer not to kill insects that are outdoors, but they're at plague levels and I'm concerned they're going to screw the electronics in my car and outdoor air conditioning units. Just wish Talon would sell in bulk.

Avoided by Queensland ants

Tried to get rid of small (~4mm) dark brown ants in a suburb of Brisbane, but after laying 5mm portions of the gel:
The trail of ants gathered around the gel and became frenzied,
then within an hour covered the gel in small bits of dried vegetation,
and then continued their trails as before, ignoring the Talon gel.
- so for me the Talon Ant Killer Gel did not work.
Other 'Nest/Queen killing' solutions using white discs also did not work.

So far, so good!

Had a constant stream of black ants running up an outside wall into the roof space.
Spent quite a bit on various sprays and ant treatments none of which provided very satisfactory results.
Tried Talon Ant Killer Gel several days ago and haven't seen an ant in the problem area since.
The gel IS expensive, but in my case seems to have worked well.

Early days but seems to be turning the tide!

When we moved into our house the soil was very dry and bare and had lots of meat and green ant nests. Watering, adding organic material and use of standard granulated insecticide eventually got rid of them over the years, but left with those very tiny black ants that track up the exterior walls and into holes under the eaves or into weep holes. They seem to be have getting worse in recent years, as didn't notice them as much before. Mostly no ants inside (annual pest spraying), so we suspect nesting in roof-space (and so difficult to get to).

Have used this twice over the last fortnight or so and numbers and activity down. It certainly attracts ants to feed when laid on trails. However, it does seem to dry fairly quickly and/or be consumed so little and often in places out of direct sunlight and heat seems to be the trick. Still on first syringe but will buy some more and dab it on whenever I see a trail.

It works!

As previously used Ant-Rid and it didn't work, did some research and try this Talon Gel.
Put a few drops near the ant trial, they eat it and disappear only hours after. Never come back
Seems like it works so far and I am happy with the result

Annoying ants begone!

I used this product on numerous occasions and I have to say this works! Where I live there is multiple colonies of tiny black ants when I use a few small dabs in a few hours there are only few ants left! I recommend to any person who is having issues inside and out

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Questions & Answers

Is it toxic to pets? My kitten ate some.
1 answer
Sorry, I wouldn't know anything about that.

Is it available at IGA?
2 answers
I have found different IGA stores stock different items. I would suggest perhaps ringing the stores in your area.In the IGA where I live it is avaliable

Is this gel safe if ingested? We stayed in accomodation last night and whilst preparing our dinner realised the kitchen bench top had this gel spread across the preparation area. We disposed of the food that had been in contact, and were told by apartment manager it was harmless but should have been used by cleaners, in cupboards rather than on top of food prep areas. Management have cleaned up kitchen benches this morning. Is it safe for this type of application? what is the active constituent? Jim
2 answers
Yikes!!!. It is very expensive I would be surprised if the spread it around very far. How are you feeling today????.If it kills ant nests I wouldn't consider it harmless!! The packaging says "Don't use in areas accessable to kids & pets & do not allow to contact food pet food or their water. If you have any doubt contact poison info centre 131126. active contstiuent 0.1m/kg Thiamethoxam

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