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Nooski Mouse Trap

Nooski Mouse Trap

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Great rat trap, effective with no mess

Very pleased with this. Had a rat scurrying around under the house for a week I had tried it with uncooked nice no takers but within 2 hours of putting peanut butter as bait we nailed it.
I love how there was no blood or gore which made it easier for me to dispose of rat without heaving, and its more humane than glue or snap traps. Also cleverly it sort of fires the rat or mouse out of the trap, mine was almost a metre away. Apparently that means other rats don't associate the death with the trap so its reusable. They also get done before they even reach the bait so just need to load up another rubber ring not new bait.
$20 from bunnings well spent. I was going to throw poison under house but nervous about smell of dead rat in walls etc.

Purchased in May 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $20.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Pet OwnerYes

Absolutely useless

I bought this rat trap from Bunnings hoping it would catch a rat in my house. After a week I still hadn't caught a thing. I ended up buying a steel cage rat trap and caught 2 at once on the first night of use. I caught another 3 nights later in the steel trap. The Nooski caught absolutely nothing.

Purchased in April 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $20.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Infested Area Kitchen and Living/Dining Room
Pet OwnerNo

Best mousetrap

I’ve been trying to catch a mouse in my house using 4 different standard wooden traps with peanut butter and every time the mouse would lick the bait clean and get away. I saw the nooski trap at Bunnings and looked like it would work, caught it first night.
So easy to use and setup, and best part it’s reusable with plenty of rings.

Purchased in May 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $10.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Infested Area Kitchen, Living/Dining Room and Outdoors
Pet OwnerNo

Really good result

Brought the Nooski based on a few reviews online and didn't want to use poison. Had many mouse droppings in cabinet below sink and knew we had a few, so put 2 Nooskis in and within 30mins had 2 deceased mice. Really happy with outcome so far and looks as though they died relatively quickly.

Purchased in April 2019 for $10.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Infested Area Kitchen
Pet OwnerNo

Trap works - but sometimes not nice to see.

Caught first rat after 2nd night, once i changed food in bait trap. However there may have been 2 rodents as i found the one with the rubber ring had its kneck/ head chewed, app trying to save its buddy. Not the nicest thing to see.

Purchased in March 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Infested Area Outdoors
Pet OwnerYes

Nooski Mouse Trap

I have used this trap for years. It does well, with some caveats. I have caught over 2 dozen mice over the years, when cold weather brings them inside- this is my go-to trap. Will not hurt humans, which is why we got this trap in the first place when our baby got old enough to get into things. It has a design flaw... plastic where the rubber ring sits in tension becomes weak and cracks. I have gotten free replacements. But the most concerning thing has to do with cruelty. Recently I have seen that if there is more than one mouse, the one that doesn't "get it" will chew the head off of the one that does, seemingly to "free" his buddy from the rubber band around its neck! Very ghastly! Bad end for mouse family for sure...but it sure does work, almost every time.

Purchased in January 2012.

Value for Money
Ease of Use

So far so good

Had a rat/mouse problem in chicken coop for a while, been using bait stations, rat sak etc.. whilst they are eating all the bait doesnt seem like they are going away. Bought the nooski from bunnings yesterday 2/3/19 put a bit of banana and peanut butter in it and bang. This morning 3/3 first rat caught. Reusing same bait now and new rubber see if i can catch another!

Purchased in March 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $20.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Infested Area Outdoors
Pet OwnerYes

Great trap. Works as advertised.

Just caught first rat after 4 weeks of trying. We have had rats around here, in the Newcastle area, for years & they were always very difficult to trap or poison. We now have a dog so can no longer use poison baits so this product looked interesting. Rats are very smart animals & it was enlightening to read the instructions which give the well-known tips such as always handle everything you touch only when WEARING GLOVES, & leave the trap in the same position, don't keep moving it. The rats had chewed into a large bag of dry dog food pellets, so that was the obvious bait to use. I set a couple of dog pellets behind an outside downstairs cupboard which had rat droppings behind it & replaced them each day for a few days then set the trap with one dog pellet as bait. Each day I set a couple pf pellets closer & closer to the trap & they kept being eaten. I then set a couple of pellets just inside the main body of the trap & yesterday, after 4 weeks found our first victim, a large dark grey rat, a Rattus Rattus otherwise known as the Ship Rat, (with a very long tail longer than its body). The people who have not had success must realise these are very intelligent & clever animals & you have to act accordingly with whatever eradication method you use. If you are too lazy & do not wear gloves when preparing any trap, the rats will win almost all the time. Don't blame the product, This trap is a winner!

Saturday, 2nd Feb. Caught second rat last night. Here is a photo with the bright green rubber ring around the neck just before I put him into the bin. The rat was a big one & not far from the trap so died very quickly. Nooski Rat Trap really works well.

I was hoping the photo could be attached to verify my claim.My original review was Tagged as a "Verified Purchase".I have now also supplied a photo of a rat caught recently & submitted it but my review no longer has the "Verified Purchase" tag. That seems a little odd.

Caught the little f****r in 5mins

Was tricky to set the rubber ring but became easier once I got the hang of it , Amazing contraption. AAA+++

Doesn't work as advertised

I was hopeful this would be an effective, humane way to dispatch rodents, as I hated finding caught but living critters with the old school traps. We have had over half-a-dozen triggers with zero catches and some bait taken but no trigger. Different positions, different bait, and the rodents are definitely not worried about the trap. At the time of writing it's rodents 10 Nooski 0. I'm really disappointed - we've had better luck hunting the critters as a team with our foxy! Will be seeking a refund under the NZ Consumer Guarantees Act.

Poor quality product

I purchased one of these and within 3 months the clear plastic housing started to crack. Never successfully caught a rat either. Its a gimmick and total waste of money. Rather stick with the tried and tested traditional rat trap that works well and is a fraction of the cost.

Don't bother

I purchased a small Nooski trap to deal with a rodent issue in my hen house. I was pretty excited about using such an innovative approach rather than traditional traps.

After a fortnight without success, I returned to buy a large one too, in case the vermin were too big for the small trap. One month on, and still no luck. I've tried a variety of different bait in both traps, including peanut butter, cheese, melted cheese, and layer mash (seeing as that was what lured them to the hen house in the first place). I've also tried a variety of different locations, including those recommended in the manual.

I would test the traps and refresh the bands weekly. On occasion I'd return to find that they had been set off, and the bands lying a few centimeters away; sadly, not around a rats neck.

I then purchased some traditional traps and an electric trap. Within a week I had 6 kills (3 via traditional, and 3 via electric). I also set up a water bucket trap, but this yielded the same results as the Nooskis.

I contacted Nooski to advise them of the above and ask for a refund, and was told it was no fault of the traps, and to just keep trying. Why would I do that?

Incredibly cruel

This trap works by strangling the animal. It is not quick, and it is not humane. The mouse struggles to breath until it eventually dies from asphyxiation, which takes a while, and will seem even longer to the mouse, because small animals perceive time differently. Humane lethal traps exist, but this is not one of them. It has been banned in the Republic of Ireland because of its cruel manner of dispatching the mouse.

The only mouse trap I'll buy from now on

Works every time. I have a few around the place and at my work. I recommend them for a sure way to catch them dirty little rats, I did so yesterday to a man trying to work out which trap was best to buy, I told him to try Nooski.

Waste of money

I purchased the rat and mouse trap neither has worked!!
The rat has chewed through the the trap!!
I will be send the company photos of the damage as it’s unbelievable.


A quick, humane, and effective way to dispatch a mouse. I just wish there was a way to avoid touching it.

Having pets, and with lots of wildlife around, the lack of poisons is a plus.

10 minutes. Literally 10 minutes for the first mouse

Summary: Effective, caught it but band went around the body not the head so it's been 20 minutes and it's still squirming the top half of the body. bottom half is dead I assume.

Whole story: So I heard them in the roof and bought the Rat Sized one for outside. Although I used the organic peanut butter - no takers.

Then during the day I saw a mouse go under my dishwasher. During the Day! THE NERVE. So I set up the rat sized one as that's all I had and set up my night vision motion cameras. I also then added the normal non-organic peanut butter.

As expected, it went it grabbed what it wanted and then explored my floor for the whole night.

The next day I got the mouse sized one, put in normal peanut butter and in 10 minutes as I'm eating and watching TV I hear a CLICK and then I see the mouse writhing around. It was quite small so it got it around the body and not it's neck so it's still alive as I type this review to procrastinate clearing it's body.

Let's hope it's the only one...

Works every time!!!

Works every time!!! I love the Nooski!
Just pop a little peanut butter in, click it together, roll on the rubber ring and leave it next to a wall. The mice always seem to follow the walls to get around.
I set it at night, go to bed, then wake up to find my little mousey friend "sleeping soundly" next to the Nooskie with a new green necklace on.
I love it because, unlike the usual mouse traps, it never catches their arms or legs by mistake. It's a horrible thing to find and that always really upset me.
It's also great if you have pets. You don't have to worry about them licking the trap and being injured as they can't get into it!
It's a fantastic NZ invention. Unlike the pavlova, which we (Australian's) invented ;-)

Didn't work for us

When we discovered a mouse in our living room we went on line to find the best mouse trap,this included checking reviews on this website. The Nooski seemed to score way ahead of the others, so we purchased one and set up a video camera to watch the nights activities.We couldn't believe it when the mouse ate the peanut butter we had left on the edge of the trap and went so far in that only his tail was out and the trap didn't spring! We checked the trap and left it again the next night, same thing.Then we went out and bought an el cheapo old fashioned type and the mouse was caught within an hour. Based on this experience it was a total (expensive) failure.

Excellent device

Was sick of sneaky mice not setting off normal wooden spring traps. Brought the nooski and set it outside where i had notice 6 or so little mice running around. Sat outside and watched the action with the trap set and, tada!!! Next thing i knew i had trapped 6 mice in an hour or so with regular resetting. Amazing device, highly recommended

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