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Essence Of Argan

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Hard work

I received a free Argan oil. Well it cost I was so angry. I contact my bank and cancel my card and pulled everything out of my account. The bank arranged a new card. Then I arrange a bank dispute so my bank can investigate the transaction. I also email them 3x then I went to Facebook which they are on and message them. Then with in a hour they were on the phone. You need to stand your ground. Tell them you have started a dispute.

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We been offered a return fund we wait and see

Essence of Argan Scam

I ordered a FREE SAMPLE plus postage and handling from Essence of Argan and then found that they charge $US 200 ($A 295) 15 / 16 days later. The cost of postage was about $A 70 which is also excessive. I sent an email to them to advise that I did not want the products and they tried to get me accept the products at a 50% discount. I said no. Then they offered me the products at a 70% discount. I said no. The products are in cheap containers and it is questionable about the product within. THIS IS A SCAM. I have disputed the charges with my bank account because they are unauthorised transactions.

Argan and Idrotherapy

I got caught big time to the tune of nearly $800.00 my stupid mistake.
Consumers beware this is what happened to me, I saw the add free sample and applied thinking it would be nice for my wife to try, so I put her email address.
It all started from there we went to Thailand for a months holiday knowing that when we returned the sample would be there.
However because I was on holiday I didn’t check my bank account like I would if I am at home.
On the third week I checked my account to see all these payments have gone out to the time of nearly $800
I tried for two days in Thailand to get through to a NZ number and could not get through in the end I had to ask my office manager to help me and try to get through and cancel the the order.
Big mistake I did not know by accepting the sample product would be shipped every month.
Lesson in life I did not receive the product I have paid for, you can send it back for a refund but it’s high risk.
I stopped my credit card and never deal with this company again.
How many people being caught I have no idea

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

I can defitionitely live without it!

SCAM This is a complete rip off charged 140 dollars for a small bottle of this, and when you contact them your speaking to someone in America. Did you read the terms and condition there is a difference between a free sample and a free trial. You didn't cancel within the 14 days. Of no benefit and gave no better results than cheap face cream.
Not satisfied with the product nor the customer service. No one else you can complain too.

Total scam - Stay away

Scam alert - Hit our credit card for $350 in 7 days plus international transaction fees. Supposedly free trial. Trying to contact the bank now - will update if not successful. Scam alert

Return Claim MadeNo


Took advantage of ‘free trial’ offer & a charge of aud $140 was about to go through but tks to my bank I was alerted & credit CD cancelled & new one being issued


I fell for the 'free trial' advertising and now have been attempting to stop the automatic monthly payments which I did not ask for. The product has done NOTHING and I have sun damaged skin unlike the models used in advertising. Used around my eyes and on cheeks, forehead, chin etc with ZERO results. Do not buy this product as it is a waste of money. False deceptive advertising at its best.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Take great care if signing up for "free" sample

Be very careful. I opted for one free sample, declined the option of a free sample of a second product. Received two email confirmations for two products. Shipping costs were $8.23 and $7.68, not the $5 indicated in the offer. Rang the contact number in the email and became aware that I had supposedly signed up for monthly deliveries. I requested cancellation and refund which they assured me would happen in 3-5 days. Felt very suspicious of the whole process so rang my bank and cancelled my credit card. Guess I won't get my shipping refund but that is minor compared to losing larger sums of money. The bank was very familiar with this shady practice.

Return Claim MadeNo


This is a scam! Do not click on ad or give your credit card details! It is NOT a free trial! They use celebrity names unauthorised!! $$$ monthly from credit card & hard to cancel order even if you talk to them! You will have to stop auto payments by cancelling your credit card! Turns into major hassle getting any money back from bank or company! Think yourself lucky if you read this first before buying!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

this is a scam of major proportion i hope you get yours.

Starting from 6/1/2019 they removed $390.49 from my account for the supposedly FREE SAMPLES and refuse to answer my emails.cancelled cc and returned the fabulous products. Could ill afford this money to just disappear into there pockets. thanks

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Its a scam and will cost you 140 dollars.

Get the free sample and pay postage and they will send you 30ml argan oil and charge you 140 dollars for it


This is the biggest scam ever. As far as I’m concerned they are thieves and steal your money and the product isn’t even worth the postage. No free trial they charge you for it and then that’s your fault that you didn’t ready the terms and conditions even though these apparent “terms and conditions” were no where to be seen.

I was unawares that ordering the free sample locked me into a monthly subscription!

Is this a scam? It feels like it to me, and I will not be buying online any more! Tempted by the Oil of Argan 'free trail offer, pay postage only' advert on facebook, I authorized credit card postage payment for the two free samples, Essence of Argan Oil and Idrotherapy eye gel, and received them with pleasure. BUT some weeks later a further consignment arrived, which I queried with the company (the seller), and was told I had been charged full price ($222Aus) this time, non refundable, as I had not 'opted out' of the monthly subscription! Apparently this 'opt out' clause was in the small print of 'terms and conditions'. After 10 mins arguing the unfairness of this, I settled for a 70% refund, as I was told returning them would incur postage costs PLUS $AUS22 'processing fee'! After checking my visa account online I found they had withdrawn at total of $616! This time I could only get a 40% refund on the first lot (the 'free sample')! Am left with a very sour taste and reduced opinion of all who promote this line. Customer Protection in Australia say if it is not an Australian registered company, there is not much I can do.

When a 'free' sample is not 'free'

It was too easy to navigate their website. They said that a TV personality was promoting her beauty line, but this is not the case. Only after I gave my credit card details for payment for postage of the sample, did website state that I had agreed to a monthly charge for future product. My suspicions were aroused but I waited until the 'free' sample arrived. Meantime, I was charged for the agreed postage of $7.99. I expected this to be in AUD as it was coming from PO Box 230 Narellan NSW. However charge was $USD 7.99 = $ AUD 12.05. How can that be justified? The 'free' sample arrived today with one sheet of paper giving no details about the product or the payment plan. I rang the number 1800 058 430 provided to cancel my inadvertent 'subscription' and to arrange return of the product. They asked me if I was interested in paying a 50% cost for the product, but I said no, it was supposed to be 'free' and I haven't used it. After a 16 minute wait, the line went dead. They have my email and phone number. They did not call or email me back. After searching and finding your website - I am so thankful to previous reviewers as I immediately cancelled my credit card! Definitely a scam!

Usually wary but scammed too - those ‘celebrities’ know nothing about it

Can only repeat what others here have already said ‘do not commit to trial anything from this company or Idrotherapy’ once they have your cc details you might as well cancel the card.

Total Scam

Only realized what was happening when Coles Financial/ MasterCard alerted to a US transaction over $100. Rang and they cancelled card on the spot ( Sunday night). Said it was a scam and their were other transactions we had missed. New card issued, all charges reversed. There have now been 14 charges that have bounced. Your CC company will know about scam and should help get refund.

Unauthorized deduction and SCAM

Yes this is a scam. I fall for it to with a $11.40 product I end with an unauthorized deduction of $185 of product I don't have. Plus I have only want the trial on the skin care, I was charged with argan ol product I did not order again I have been charged with the product I did not authorized or buy.

It's a scam

Scammed in the same fashion. I got a crappy bottle of oil three weeks after I bought it and this week I was charged 148$. I cancelled my card with the bank as I don't trust them. I phoned them and they said the best they can do it give me 50% back. Feeling pretty annoyed as it was unclear that there would be future charges.


Scammed in very similar fashion to all the others.
Crap product, similar to baby oil. Still trying to get over 400 dollars back. Don’t think I’ll see it again.

Huge scam!

I have not used the Essence yet, so can't comment on it's effectiveness, but I have been charged $430.28 for only having received the original "supposed " "free trial for which I paid $11.49!!!" and only today received a second one, which I did not order. I rang the 1800 number and the foreign speaking woman tried to convince me that the money has been refunded, but there is not one amount on my bank statement up to today 21 January. There have been five debits, the latest today!! I have spoken to another person and have been given a number to use to return today's parcel. I am told the refund will be received within 12 - 14 days so I will wait that time but after that I am on the warpath!! Absolutely disgraceful that these people can do this and people like Lisa Wiklinson promote it.

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I have been charged $155.57 what for??? I have no product I checked my bank acct again & have been charged an initial $ 147 for two free samples How do I get my money back? I didn’t authorise these payments Sonia
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Hi Sonia I rang the Aussie number they listed on my invoice (1800 058 430) and complained and as long as it's within the 30 days, you have to return the product at your postage expense. Apparently they refund the money once they receive the unused portion back. I only sent mine back last Wednesday so I haven't to date received my refund. I will be on them again if not. Good luck. JoI opted for the 50% refund there and then. To return you have to pay $20 USD even though it’s in Sydney. They keep referring to terms and conditions. If product doesn’t turn up u get nothing. I would love to see how many complaints have reached Lisa fir promoting this.Make sure you cancel or they will continue to re order for you.

How do you contact them by phone??? I have been scammed, trialled it in November have had 2 fraudulent deductions USD $150 and $143 - SCAM!
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1800 641 995 Try this number it is idrotherapy where I got it I looked up website on email it gives you a wrong no . Hope this helps .I found the contact nimber on the advertisement right at the bottom and so I rang. Yep the familiar automated american robot hello and then disonnected. You are best to contact bank for refund. Good luck.Hi Vick. I called 1800 058 430 and got through. They said I would be charged $10USD processing before I get the refund. I've been charged the processing fee so now I'm waiting (hoping) for my refund. Good luck.

Im so closed to fill up the card deatails.. good thing i researched 1st the reviews and it sucks. Really bad...
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