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Great Service

Had waxing service at Northland salon that was clean, painless & quick. Ashley was the staff member who was extremely professional, friendly & genuine. Thankyou Ashley, you are a real asset to that salon.

Amazing results

Really amazing service, really lovely staff made the experience less scary, got it over with in a small time, overall really great experience and one of the best birthday presents!

Excellent work

Kriss does the most fantastic permanent make up, So many have admired how natural my eye liner and eyebrows look that they have requested the Essential Beauty number. Very happy with my results.

Really good!

Love it! Really friendly staff that make the experience less nerve racking! Would definitely come back if I was wanting another piercing. Overall a great experience, love my new piercings!

Always a happy Customer

Been going for years, Carrie is a great person knows what i want wont go anywhere else, have referred my friends and daughter as well Keep up the good work

There is nothing ‘Professional’ about body piercings at essential beauty, just incompetence

I am not the sort of person who leaves bad review & I always give people the benefit of the doubt and multiple chances but I have reached my limit with essential beauty.
I have gotten 6 piercings at essential beauty and the staff at essential beauty have botched the piercing up every single time. I have had my helix and nostril piercings for 2 years and they still haven’t healed correctly and I have had nothing but trouble since I got them.

The piercers at EB botched both my helix and nostril piercings to the point that my body physically can't heal them. I have had lumps, scaring, etc. I have had essential beauty attempt to ‘fix’ there mistake 4 times on each piercing and they still manage to make it worse every time and they actually made me pay a fee for them to try and fix the mistakes they make and even when unsuccessful they wanted payment. I also have had my lobes done and they put a bar that was too short in and a clip on the back was way too tight I had to go the doctor to get my ear looked at and then the piercing removed as the ear swelled over the piercing. I then went back to get them to fix the mistake and once again I was charged for their incompetence. Staff also put the wrong jewellery in and made me pay them to get it switched out to the correct one I asked for.

I went in for a simple nose piercing jewellery change and ended up with having a piercing whole that is unusable. I bought a nose ring to put in from EB and I attempted to put it later that night however I couldn’t get it in so I called and asked to get it put in the next day for $10 and the lady said come back in the morning and said don’t worry about putting the old stud back in because my nose has been pierced for 2 years so I left it and went back in the morning and they tried to get it in and apparently they couldn’t and my 2-year-old piercing had completely healed in 6 hours. They then proceeded to grab a needle and try to re-pierce it without my permission they just grabbed a needle and tried to open the piercing, I DID NOT AGREE TO LET THEM DO THIS they never asked me if they could do it. They then told me the reason this happened is it never healed properly and that it was a bad quality piercing, they are the ones who did it in the first place. After all of this, they were unsuccessful and mow I have a swollen sore nose, no piercing whole and they then made me pay them for trying to change the ring and reopen the piercing even though they were unsuccessful. So I paid $80 total for a piercing that is now closed, a nose ring that I can't use and for horrid customer service.

Quick and professional

Really happy with my visit today. Staff were pleasant and informative. Piercing was done smoothly and quickly, great service. I needed to be and our quickly and they accommodated. Highly recommend and will be back for my next piercing. Fantastic job!

Fantastic friendly staff

Very knowledgeable therapist and great care and always able to fit me in....great pricing too and loads of services available

Reliable, Professional and Affordable

Great service from courteous and professional staff at the Northland store. If you haven't booked ahead and are a walk-in they will accommodate you asap. The cost of services is very reasonable. Everything is spick and span. What more could you ask for?

Clean, efficient almost painless daith piercing.

Staff informed me of procedure, (daith piercing)and after care cleaning. Professional, friendly staff, very clean facility. It was a great piercing, a confident young lady did it, strong hands, no hesitation and almost painless.
I bought the antiseptic sprays too, easy to apply, I highly recommend the staff, products and services at Rockingham.

I love Essentail Beauty

Essential Beauty Churchill Centre, we love you! Would not go anywhere else. Professional, patient, polite and always put customer first

My favourite place

The girls at Riverton are amazing!! I could never imagine going anywhere else, because everytime they do my treatment they do their absolute best!!!

Not happy

I booked in for a hydration facial .. $130 worth for 1 hour.... My appointment was at 1.45pm.. I got sent to the room ready.. the assistant went out to serve a customer.. came back in at 2pm to start.

Went through the various processes of the facial in a hurried way... the "massage" she was giving me felt like she was on a race track, the mask went on... she left the room for 15 minutes, then came back. She finished the treatment so I got dressed... i paid... as soon as i walked out the door, I looked at my watch.. I was getting my treatment, including getting dressed, paying and walking out the door for a grand total of 35 minutes. I have sent Essential Beauty 3 emails.... no response. I feel that for that sort of money that $130 is disgusting and more so that they wont even respond to my emails. I have a $100 voucher still that a friend gave me and quiet honestly, I want a refund so i cna go elsewhere to get the service i pay for.

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Hi Janeb, We are so sorry to hear that your experience was not what you expected. Please call our salon manager so that we can address this directly.

Always happy

love getting my lash extensions at west Lakes, lovely friendly staff offering gentle professional service. I highly recommend you all visit essential beauty west lakes. You will walk away smiling

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Hi Smiley, We are so happy to hear that you are satisfied with Essential Beauty for your treatments here. Thank you very much and we hope to see you on your next appointment.

My Boyfriend loves it!!

Excellent bikini wax EVERY time. Tayla has been my beautician for about 2 years. I'm not going anywhere else unless she does. Professional, on time, friendly, communicative of one's needs, attention to detail and puts your mind at ease.

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Hi Sonia, Thank you so much for the awesome rating and review. We are happy that you have a good experience every time you visit Essential Beauty and we greatly appreciate your recommendation.


Sharon is fantastic!!!!!
Both my daughters and I have had piercings done and are very happy!!!! Each time Sharon has put us at ease. Would definitely recommend Essential Beauty!!!!

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Hi Leanne, We are so happy to hear that you are satisfied with Essential Beauty for you and your daughters piercing treatments here. Thank you very much and we hope to see you on your next appointments.

Great value for money

Had my brows microbladed at Bunbury by Brooke and was blown away with how fabulous they turned out! She is a huge asset with her skills and experience. Thoroughly recommend

Hi Myriam, We are so happy to hear that you are consistently satisfied in Essential Beauty Bunbury's brows micro blade. Thank you very much. We hope to see you soon on your next appointments.Absolutely! I always go to Essential Beauty Bunbury for all my beauty treatments and needs and have always been extremely satisfied with the service and services that are provided.Thank you so much Myriam :)

Great experience

I finally decided to get a second piercing in both my ear lobes (I had this many years ago but had let them close over) & walked past castle plaza Essential Beauty. I inquired on a Friday & had a chat with a few of the staff and got a price list but I was still unsure. The next afternoon I came back to have it done (with no appointment). I was really picky about placement as that's why I let my original holes close over. The lady who pierced my ears was patient, talked everything through, answered every question and ensured I was 100% happy with the placement. Excellent work - & to be honest it didn't really hurt.

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Hi Annie, Thank you so much for the great rating and review. We are so happy that you had a good experience with Essential Beauty and we greatly appreciate for recommending us. Again, thank you and we look forward to your next appointments.


Have been into the Carousel Essential Beauty twice within the fortnight, on both occasions my appointments have been cancelled as there has been miscommunications between management, staff and simply not collecting the correct details from customers. This morning it took the two girls working in a quiet store 20 minutes to acknowledge me standing at the desk, then tell me my appointment was cancelled as they had another person with the same name as myself cancel her appointment. The next available appointment for the extremely quiet store was over two hours later. Extremely poor customer service, communication and professionalism.

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Hi Brooke, We are so sorry to hear that your experience was not what you expected. Please call our salon manager so that we can address this directly.

Carousel - Sarah

First time I have been to Essential Beauty. Would highly recommend. I was a walk in and was able to book appointment within the hour. Fast, efficient and one of the least painful eyebrow and lip waxing I have had. Sarah was great at her job. A credit to Essential Beauty

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Hi Bec, We are so happy to hear that you are consistently satisfied in Essential Beauty. Thank you very much. We hope to see you soon on your next appointments.

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Questions & Answers

How long do I use the spray on ear? Could I spin the ear ring now?
No answers

Im concerned withy microbladed eyebrows.After 6 days one brow shape is all distorted in shape to the other.One eyebrow is lighter brown,the other darker with more noticeable hair strokes than the other.I'm feeling unhappy and hope the touch up in 3 weeks goes well and I can be myself again. Any suggestions?
1 answer
That sucks. I'm a bit late to see your question, but I would've gone back to the salon before the touchup to see what they think. Unfortunately lots of people I've known to have their eyebrows done, had issues until the touch up. I hope they look great now!

I want to get my medusa pierced but worried about the pain. Anyone had it done with numbing cream/spray? Does it help?
1 answer
I cannot comment as I have never done any piercings before.

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