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The Brazilian Hut

The Brazilian Hut

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How hair removal should be done

Had over 20 years waxing continuously, at many many salons. There are mostly only two types of reviews on here if you notice: 5 star and 1 star. The poor reviews seem to find issue with the pragmatic and speedy approach to removing pubic hair. This is not a beauty treatment folks. It is what it is. Faster the better. I like the "no sh*t Sherlock" protocol they use. And I have found the girls very good at small talk, with good attitude. This has been my experience for dozens of visits. Highly recommend. Brisbane based.

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Store LocationCity

Excellent Service

My visit this morning with therapist Zara, at Brisbane City, was excellent. She was super happy, positive and very efficient. The BH waxing system is one of the best I've tried (though I have only tried a couple of providers and that is many years apart!). Zara is a stand out from one of her colleagues at another location that I had used before. There, when I left I felt my dress sticking to my legs and I had to shower as soon as I got home. Today I was wearing jeans and on leaving BH and Zara... no sticky legs, totally comfortable, thanks Zara!!

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Store LocationBrisbane City

Therapist was fast but also missed areas

I have been having waxing done for over 30 years. This particular therapist asked me not to watch her. Told me just to trust. She was very quick and a little rough. After, i was not give the opportunity to check - just told to get up and out. Unfortunately she was not as good as she claimed to be as she missed areas. Overall experience, Unpleasant. Would suggest look for somewhere else.

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Store LocationThe Brazilian Hut

Unprofessional/lack of passion

Positive: fitted me in as a walk in.
MASSIVE negative: despite explaining I need to be sat pretty much upright to have my lashes tinted due to sensitive eyes that water (which no therapist has ever had a problem with) she rolled her eyes and moved me up about 10cm staying it doesn’t make a difference. The extremely loud heart racing music made it near impossible to relax so my eyes started twitching and I began to panic and inevitably the tint went into my eyes and burnt so had to have it removed quickly. Continued to do my eyebrows and didn’t even consult me with the colour or shape, wasn’t happy but just wanted to get out. Still charged for a 30 second eyelash tint.
I hate leaving bad reviews but I feel sorry for anyone who books here I don’t want anyone else to waste their money. Left feeling quite upset and in pain. I’ve had my beauty treatments done around the world for years and this checks in as worst.

Nice but not great

I don’t want to write a bad review or taint a company’s reputation. I do however want to share two facts that I wished I knew before going to my appointment.

1. They double dip! Apparently bacteria doesn’t grow in the temperature they have the wax at however considering the wax wasn’t even melted...well, I just wish I knew.

2. I still have a significant amount of hair where I was waxed. Not just the odd hair I mentioned at the time. After I showered when I got home I really did not get a good, close, efficient wax.

I have 2 kids under 3, I don’t have time to go back but did want to share with others and you can choose what to do with the information.

Amazing waxing services in Noosa

Best waxing in Noosa will defiantly be back! Love the girls! Been getting waxed for many years and these girls are by far the best!

The worst first time anyone could experience

Brazilian Hut Caloundra. Salon is disgracefully filthy from the dusty front counter to the pubic hairs (belonging to however many ladies/gents serviced on it before me). The technician was blunt non explanatory and lacked people skills. I would describe my first Brazilian wax as brutal and of a very low standard. I went home sore and remained that way for four days not to mention the fact I still had a significant amount of hair in most areas mainly around my backside. I had grown my pubic hair for 5 weeks so sufficient length to have been waxed to a higher standard than what I received. A slap of what I think was powder sloth of wax and then the brutal removal failing to hold my skin taught. What an excuse for professionalism. I've since been to another salon who tidied the mess I had already paid $58 for. I didn't go back to get Brazilian Hut Caloundra to fix as my hygiene expectations prevented me from laying on a dirty towel again. ( I shouldn't have in the first place but I think my first time nerves were part of me not saying anything on the day )

Best tanning in Noosa

Can not recommend Brazilian hut Noosa enough.
I have been going to them for years and always very professional and will always go out of their way to meet my needs.
Thank you for always looking after me ladies!!

Squeezed me in without an appt

So lucky I walked waiting a little but worth it. Salon is super nice and staff are amazing. Pretty obvious most people going WELL out of there way with a complaint and never to add positive feedback. love it will be back.


Had the best laugh with the owner seriously love going in once a month, the centre is so good at the pavilion so happy that has opened up.


I actually dont like leaving a bad review on any business as I am a business owner myself but after leaving the Brazilian Hut Noosa today I am absolutely gobsmacked. The owner who is also the therapist is the most rudest and aggressive therapist I have ever come across. She was running over 20 mins late so as I had another appointment to get to I asked her to only do my underarms and not the Brazilian. Her response was in 12 years she has never run late and I need to get over it. I told her I was not upset but I had another appointment to get to so I am happy to just do my underarms. I will not repeat her words back to me as I dont think it is appropriate to put on social media. Even though she did not charge me for her 2 mins of waxing, as she basically kicked me out I will never return to this salon again. The owner seems to have severe anger management issues in which she should not take out on her clients. What a disrespectful unprofessional therapist who obviously does not value her clients.

Amazing service

Thanks very much Brazilian hut your service is impeccable, I've been a customer for 10 years starting in Noosa, now in Brisbane I go to the city salon and receive the famous speed waxing at its finest, thanks girls ill be back.

Consumer not human!

The logic of their service they offer is a good idea, get in and get the job done.
Though we are still human beings on the other end of that pull strip. We make a choice to be a simple consumer, and not spend the time at a day spa where they take more care of you personally, and I thought that idea was great, as I too am a busy business woman.
My experience:
I was constantly drilled with being I'm just a consumer, we have studied consumers, we are professionals at the waxing, and offer the best product to people without all the extra garbage.

My first visit, the lady grazed my clitoris in her haste to strip back. Was like a paper cut as she slid her hand up to make sure the wax strip was firmly laid. Got over that after a couple of days with stinging wee.
2nd visit, I walked in the door and was rudely reminded that I should bring my own bottle of water if I want a drink.
Proceed to waxing, and a little too much skin came off my eyebrow, and have had another couple of days with a burning feeling to part of my body.
Again we are human beings behind the consumer. Think I'll go back to my day spa now.

The rudest therapist I have ever met

I dont normally write reviews but I feel that the treatment I just received was not acceptable to anyone and deserves to be shared.
I went in for a tan at Noosa Junction and explained how I have been here twice and that both times I received different tan and asked to have the first one again.
The woman told me that I was wrong and that I had had the same product on both occasions.
I said that to me it looked completely different and she then proceeded to inform me that I am not a professional so how would I know what I am talking about.
I said that I know my body and her response was that I needed to respect the company and that they are the best and I dont know what I am talking about.
I felt by this time I was being disrespected and she had a major superiority complex. She said I should have come back straight away if I had an issue.
I explained that it wasnt an issue, it was just a different tan colour. She then lashed out again saying that that was impossible and that I was being an idiot (her words)
I then decided that I was not going to give my money to this company and I walked out of the room.
She looked up on the computer and said "Oh you did have 2 different tans" and I said "yes, I know and you made me feel like an idiot" where she then told me to get out of her salon and not come back.
Trust me, I would never go back again and my husband will not go back to get his waxes either.

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Thanks for your reply. I am not going to get into a 'she said, she said' but just to clarify, it was not the product or the technique that was the problem. Your product is fine and so is your technique, that is why this was the my third visit. Its the fact that you did not listen to me from the start, you were dismissive and told me I did not know what I was talking about and then you called me an idiot. If that is part of the customer service you pride yourself on then it is not the service I want. No need to respond, I get you want to defend yourself and you have every right to but at least be truthful.

I perhaps would have preferred to not feel defiled in the process

I sent the following via the contact page on the website and messenger, the only mediums of contact I could find. I never received a response:

Let me tell you about my experience this morning voluntarily having another woman brutally rip hair from every surface of my body. A privilege I pay for. A ritual I choose to go through on a regular basis for the entirety of my life. The women that do wax me are intimately close to me. I am usually mostly naked while they pull, push, slather and rip. They will readjust the flaps of my genital and pry apart my back cheeks. They freely contort my body to the position they need in order to get the best access. And then their hands touch most parts of my skin checking their handy work as their faces simultaneously peer slightly closer than personal space allows to inspect every inch for rogue hairs. I’m sure you would prefer to describe the process using less crude language, however given this is essentially what so many women subject themselves to. I think it’s ok to call it what it is. We’re ok with it.

I feel that it’s not inappropriate to be greeted by and told the name of the woman who’s about to get to third base with me. I also feel that there is a level of polite chit chat that, whilst may appear personal; how long have you been doing this, why did you decide to be a beauty therapist, is actually, in context, a normal part of social etiquette.

My body is a beautiful and personal thing. Whilst respect and professionalism are essential, and an overly friendly approach may deter some customers, the cold clinical detached experience I just had made me feel like a was a slab of meat laying on the table being prepped with salt and rosemary to be spit and roasted.

The question that started it all:

Have you ever had to do the whole murkin, pubic styling craze that happened?

The what?

A murkin, you know, pubic wigs.

She laughed and told me that I didn’t know what I was talking about and that nothing like that existed in Australia and that if it did, it was one salon. She’s lived everywhere and been doing this for 30years and knows better. Brazilian hut is a speed waxing facility. If I want that kind of thing I need to go to a salon.

No I replied. I don’t want that. I was making conversation.

You don’t need to know where I’ve come from or what I’ve done. You just need to know that at Brazilian hut we are a researched chain and we have systems....

Excuse me? Your hands are presently holding my leg up, while the other one flails in what resembles a tree pose so that not only is my genital visible, it’s open and exposed enough that if you sneezed I could be a risk of an STI, while you prop my back cheek to the side and slather wax on my butt hole, crack, cheek and whatever else you may find down there and I have no right to know that you are a human being with compassion, thoughts, ideas and a life beyond these four walls!?

My response was to instantly want to close my legs and cover up. I felt vulnerable and exposed in what is usually a fairly routined appointment. I have been doing this for 10 years, I’d hate to think how an 18 year old first timer would feel attending your huts.

I don’t even think it’s this poor woman’s fault for being so disconnected. I made several attempts to reframe or explain or start over conversations. I needed to feel safe and so I gave every opportunity, thinking perhaps I just hit a sore point. The replies, much like the waxing, were mechanical and automated. I know that you have existed for 12 years. I know that your staff are trained to greet with the same dialogue checking what and how much is being waxed. I know that conversation is not encouraged and this is based on the research. You have systems and processes. You are a highly researched company who thinks women value expediency and not being engaged in conversation. And that may be true, however I engaged the conversation, which means I wanted it. There’s clearly no room in the handbook to accommodate customers or waxing professionals to be independent, free thinking individuals. How do I know this? I asked her. I was told the above speech again for the fourth time. This time I was made aware that you also must do surprise mystery shops on your staff. I suspect she thought I was one because she was quite proud that she could detect and avoid this line of questioning and stick to delivering a super speedy wax to the highest standard. And so I don’t think it’s this woman’s fault. I think that as a business, in an effort to deliver a consistent service that aligns with your research, you have intimidated your staff to such a degree that you’ve created a tribe of detached, impersonal, paranoid robots.

A little bit of sensitivity to what is actually going on in the room goes a long way and I have experienced this from your staff. That’s why I signed up for a membership. Because when I expressed that I was anxious about having my eyebrows done on a previous visit, she assured me she’d approach it slowly and less is more. She explained how professional the team were and a little about where she’d personally come from to validate that she was in fact a reputable authority on these matters. She said that the eyebrow makeover would be such a great experience and I needed to trust them. It’s taken me 6 months to get the guts to book and I then cancelled today’s eyebrow makeover because I didn’t trust her. Despite expressing my anxiety and asking the process of what was going to happen, she gave me an automated sales pitch. Not a reassuring, honest and genuine conversation that adults should on occasion engage in. I continued to probe for more info. Not only was I made to feel like my questions were stupid (no question is ever stupid, EVER!), I was told to google the ingredients.

Again, excuse me!? You’re a trained professional putting chemicals on my face and you don’t know what the active ingredient is and think I’m being ridiculous for asking the question. That’s how people’s faces get burnt off!

I wasn’t allowed to hold, touch or read the package of the dye and for the second time in a 30min booking, I was advised to go elsewhere. Clearly I’m not a wanted customer because I don’t meet the psychographic profile found in your research.

And so I’m writing to you. Because as a local business, I’d like to see you be successful and given you’re one that is so concerned with research, you perhaps would appreciate my feedback; your staff training needs updating, your research needs questioning, or if in fact, I’m not he right kind of customer, your positioning strategy is not targeting the right customer. And above all, you need to give your stuff so much more love.

This woman, while brutal, abrupt and disconnected, was indeed very good at her job of removing hair. However I perhaps would have preferred to not feel defiled in he process.

I’ve taken the time to write to you, I’d appreciate the time to acknowledge you’ve received it.

Thank you that was amazing

My first wax ever .I was very nervous about evan entering the salon .it was explained to me they were experts and professionals and speed Waters so it will be fast. The girl made me feel very comfortable from the start .Lots of talking . I was shaving every other day so wanted to try waxing . Being a cyclist it makes it better hair free . Thank you Brazilian hut first my fist Brazilian and full body

Lack of care

Had a Brazilian wax and it was a horrible experience. Super painful and just the lack of care the therapist had was the worst thing about it. She was rough and it's was like she didn't want to be there. Slapped what I think was powder on my genitals before and after waxing. I asked for a moment after I was I pain and she kept going. It would have lasted a whole 7 minutes which cost $58. I felt assaulted and ripped off.

"Specialists" in their dreams!!!

They pride themselves on being specialists (so I had read) uhh I don't think so... All the "specialist" did was talk about her depressive life and all of her problems whilst it felt like she was taking not just my hair but the skin off on me down there...! It was evident the staff did not want to be there and as a customer that was a horrible experience for me!
The staff are rude, they don't look like beauty therapists, no make up white jeans or tights or something and white jogger looking shoes.?!. the salon was so untidy looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a week! The towel on the bed had holes and what looked to be stained there was wax everywhere on everything and I just felt dirty being there!
Using the same strip on me the whole time with that white hot wax stuff and the pink stuff used on top absolutely killed me felt like she was ripping layers of my skin off absolutely the most brutal way of waxing I have ever had done in my life...?!
Word of advice to anyone out there.... do not be fooled of the word specialist as they most definitely are not.... do not go there unless you are wanting the most brutal wax of your life!

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