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Ethical Nutrients Immune Defence Cough Cold Relief

Ethical Nutrients Immune Defence Cough Cold Relief

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I saw this product on the shelf of our local pharmacy many years ago. I’m not into alternative medicines and/or vitamin supplements etc but I really liked the name ‘Immune Defence’ so I bought a bottle and I’ve never looked back. I haven’t had a sick day in many many years. I also haven’t had the flu injection since taking this product and no flu has hit me yet. I even called a doctor who appears weekly on a local radio station and asked his opinion and he agreed it is a great product. It is unfortunate that some claim they have had some type of reaction to the product but for those of us who don’t experience any negative effects, I swear by it. Although it is recommended to be taken daily, I only take them every second day. On the down side, the tablets are a bit expensive although they are constantly discounted at Chemist Warehouse Stores. The larger bottle of 60 tablets is far more economical than the bottle of 30 tablets. The tablets are also quite bitter. I emailed the company advising that the tablets would be much easier to take in capsule form which would eliminate the bitter taste. The responded naming the ingredient that causes the bitter taste but no response regarding producing the product in a capsule form. All in all I wouldn’t be without my Immune Defence.

Worked wonders until......

I have taken Immune Defence during winter for a few years now and they have been awesome, until the last 2 times i have had a terrible skin reaction, starting with extremely itchy palms and soles of feet the first time and then the second time itchy feet and hands and a red hot itchy rash all over my body. I didnt think it was these that caused the reaction because i have taken them for a couple of years now. I have never been allergic to anything before, so was at logger heads to know what had caused it until i looked up to see if anyone had experieced this. Very scary to think what reaction i might have had when taking the next one if i hadnt found these reviews. I thought it was something i had eaten. People should be warned when buying to know of the side effects that can happen, i recommend them to everyone which is a bit of a worry.

Careful allergic reaction

About an hour after taking my torso and back became red, hot and itchy!!! I am allergic to some ingredient. Had to take an antihistamine to calm down. just be careful.

Warning! Severe Allergic reaction

About 15 mins after taking the tablet my temperature rose significantly, and I began sweating profusely. Both my palms became extremely itchy. I then started throwing up and diarrhoea followed, both happening simultaneously. I started to have severe cramping and felt like I was going to pass out. I honestly have never felt so awful in my life. There is little to no information about the possible side effects of this product and the potential anaphylaxis it can cause. Be very aware of the side effects!


Bought this after being led to believe these sorts of things are good for you. 2 shots of Adrenalin later and a day in hospital changed my mind. Im not saying its terrible stuff but be aware these types of drugs can potentially kill.
Im 37 years old. Healthy and lucky to be alive after taking the prescribed dosage. Just because its natural does not mean its safe for everyone. The doctors in the hospital told me they believe these types of products shouldn't be sold.

Highly Recommend

I struggled with colds on and off quite frequently and since taking my immune defence tablets about 6 months ago (1 a day if I remember) I haven't suffered with a cold since! If I ever feel a cold coming on, I'll start taking 2 a day until symptoms go away - it never eventuates into an actual cold though. On the downside, they taste disgusting! So once you get past the taste, texture and size of these things, they'll do wonders. Highly recommend :)

Amazing stuff!!!

After 1 year of persistent and non stop mouth ulcers, I took this product to try to boost my immune system. It had the completely unexpected result of clearing up my painful mouth ulcers. It's been 2 months now (2 tabs of this a day with food) with no ulcers. Words can't express how thankful I am to this product and the makers of this product for taking away my painful mouth problems

Im a skeptic so no placebo

My mum first gave this to me and she's into all sorts of weird remedies so i was rather skeptical at best. Some recommendations for taking is after food in my opinion just because vitamin B can churn my stomach when empty otherwise no side affect. When taking this product don't wait until you are already I take when I first get any symptom like sore throat. Stops it in its tracks everytime.


Unfortunately, I was allergic to something in it, didnt help me as I ended up sicker than I already was, but who would have guessed eh, but have heard others swear by it.

slow to make a difference

Recently had the flu shot and have had since a cold this product was recommended by chemist and close friend well 4 day of taking 2 tablets per day sore throat gone, runny nose and cough still there it has stopped it getting worse but my cold has only improved slightly I am really disappointed as i have used a number of products from ethical nutrients and always been really happy until now

This is good stuff

I first started using this product because I fell sick from the flu quite often. I thought my immune system needed some supplements to cope. I started taking one every day (usually in the mornings) and my flu got better. After one month, I was feeling good and during last winter, I did not fall sick at all. I was quite happy with it.

Usual Skeptic

I am on day 3 of a cold, I feel it has made a huge difference. I started taking it at the first signs, yesterday I couldn't get out of bed and was miserable. Today much better. I am up and still have symptoms but not as severe at all. I usually don't believe in these things but gave it a try as my high blood pressure means in cannot take cold relief medications. I have changed my mind now, I feel it really works.

Most effective remedy I have come across

Just recovering from a typical 7-10 day cold. It's been 5 days and I'm nearly back to healthy, definately reduced sinus blockage, and general feeling of malaise! Couldn't recommend this more. The dose of andrographis is 6g which is far far more than in any other andrographis preparation I've come across.

Questions & Answers

I’ve had a strong cough since taking this medication. Have there been any other reports?
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Best to check with a pharmacist, it always helped with my cold and flu symptoms up until i had an alergic itch and rash reaction to it. I swore by it up until then. I just wanted people to be aware of reactions that can happen. I took it for many years before i had this reaction. Sorry i cant help.We would recommend to stop the product until the cough disappears and then to re-trial Immune Defence at a half dose. If the cough or alternatively a sensation occurs in the throat we would recommend to cease the product and return to the place of purchase to discuss the symptoms with the pharmacist or pharmacy assistant. I can confirm that the ingredients within Ethical Nutrients Immune Defence are regularly tested for purity and potency and are confirmed as safe. In addition, all ingredients have shown benefit in both research and clinical settings. However, at times people can respond in a different way to herbal ingredients, due to individual body responses.

Will this product cure oral thrush?
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Hi! I do not think so. You are better off looking for something more specific than Immune Defence.

I have used their pro biotics inner health plus and found it affective after seen it advertisement on television / is this one as good?
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I found it worked well for me.Ok thanks / I might try it as for some reason unknown to me the common cold produces a sharp pain in my chest though the flu causes more sneezes and coughs not to mention a sore throatA sharp pain in your chest... I would get that checked out.. well immune defence worked extremely well for me... I stopped falling sick to the flu.. Ive never had inner health plus though..


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