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Aged Oak Wide Floors

Aged Oak Wide Floors

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Thanks to the staff in your Melbourne showroom - the process from beginning to end was brilliant.. you guys made what was a daunting task - effortless! Thank you so much! Mark

THE WORST - run while you can!

Truly disastrous experience - made my life a living hell for 5 months and counting - avoid at all costs. The product falls apart, the 'tradesmen' are completely unqualified, rude and rarely turn up and the owner......I dont have words for just how shonky, manipulative and deceitful he is. Excuse after excuse for why the floor isnt finished, why the product does not match what we chose, why the boards are cupping (my fault apparently despite the fact I haven't even lived in the house yet!). He will lie to your face and keep smiling time and again while robbing you blind. I will update further down the track....

Shocked and Suprised

I was somewhat amused but disturbed to stumble on the reviews of this company (ex Timber Floors International) who had laid the timber floors of our new house some 14 years ago.
Quite frankly I can't believe this mob is still operating. The clown that runs this company is a shonky cowboy - simple as that. Not only is he unprofessional, he sent workers stoned, not prepared nor properly trained, but also delivered and laid the WRONG wood - (thinking that hopefully nobody would notice !! ), took forever to complete the job (affecting other trades to follow) and after 6 months the floor buckled and lifted - sending his father to try and fix the problem.
Stay away from this jerk J. and DO NOT engage with him. He might seem somewhat charming at first but he is dillusional!
Wish I had the benefit of a Product Review page back 14 years ago.... you do ..... so you have been warned!

Seek alternative options

I got caught by these guys – you have been warned!

Be VERY careful before engaging European Timber Floors (formerly known as Timber Floors International Pty Ltd before it was closed down) and also trading under the name of Aged Oak Floors.

Unfortunately, the Building Industry has a disproportion of shonky operators and this is one company / group / individual to avoid at all costs.

The guy who runs this group is unreliable and dishonest and that’s about as neutral as one can be able this bloke.

It does not matter how good your building contract is with these people, they will fail (by some margin): timely delivery (unsubstantiated excuses role on for weeks / months) and an acceptable installation standard (extremely poor workmanship like drummy boards, poor cutting, large gaps, warped and uneven boards, residual glue spread over the top of the finished boards etc). The damage they will cause to your house and implications for your broader building project do not warrant any sensible consideration of their seemingly ‘nice timber floors’. AVOID.

Floors are now lifting and buckling

After a dreadful customer device and product experience with Timber Floors International (who changed their name to European Timber Floors because they were avoiding so much negative feedback, our floors are now buckling and lifting. Regardless of the fact that they should fix them, I never want these people in our near my house again. Now paying a different company to fix them. It's the lesser of two evils.

love the high end quality product

Recently my builder got a 120m2 supply of their most popular colour 'Paris' which is soon to be installed in my house in Darling Point. the process was quick and easy because they always have shipments coming in of their product. Personally I think their wide boards are a good quality product and my builder had no trouble with them. Guess it depends on personal experience but id recommend this company to my friends

Great company who are experts in their field

I just had my floor completed by European Timber Floors and they did an amazing job. I saw this website prior to installing my floor and didn't believe the hearsay, sure enough that's what it was. All these malicious posts have no specific examples of what went wrong just constant complaining. I got Bruno installed in 3 levels of my house in Hunters Hill. The guys on site couldn't be more friendly and the owner constantly dropped in to make sure my job was going the way I wanted it too. My floors don't creek and were finished off beautifully- didn't need them to even come back to do touch ups.

A company that gets the job done and well

European timber floors did a great job installing aged grey French oak floors into my house at Bellevue Hill, just in time for Christmas like me and my wife wanted. my floor was professionally finished and I have been getting compliments on it ever since. the guys also cleaned and disposed of all the rubbish on site which is what made me write this review because a lot of tradespeople leave a big mess behind. I was referred to this company by a friend who got their floors done a couple of years back so I'm glad they didn't let me down.

We love our floorboards!

Recently my husband and I got beautiful French oak floors installed through out our property. we chose the driftwood from the designer collection and it really gives our house that authentic French countryside house feel. we did do a lot of swapping and changing of our dates but the team at European timber floors were happy to accommodate which made them stand out to me as a great company. the owner is lovely and came on site personally many times just to make sure the job was done to plan.

The One Stop Shop for guaranteed disappointment

The only thing well oiled and honed about this company is its owner's shady approach to business. It seems European Timber Floors understands their flaws by not having the owner present in the showroom or at the initial measure and quote. Instead, his staff and father will lull you into a false sense of security and say all the right things that a customer wants to hear. Its only when you hand over your cash do you get the "pleasure" of meeting [name removed]/ Owner - as he is what I'd loosley describe as the "project/installation manager".

The reason for this orchestrated approach is because upon your first encounter with [name removed] (owner) his behaviour sets off your alarm bells. His demeanour is one of a cross between the worst used car salesman you can imagine and a half baked PR/spin doctor. His first time onsite consisted of him big noting himself and answering numerous phone calls - all of which were to sort out the obvious problems he creates and promises he breaks. If you met this guy in the beginning - you wouldn't walk out the door, you'd run or jump out the window. A broken arm or leg would be preferable. And less painful.

After his first time onsite he then leaves you stranded. Days pass before an installer shows up, his phone calls go unanswered. His staff will tell you he's in a meeting and "will call you". And when he eventually calls you back, he is rude and evasive.

Trust me people, if you want the experience of having your home and your lives held to ransom by this shonky company and the ongoing bitter taste in the mouth every time you look at you floorboards - then you have found the right company to deliver this.

Unlike the floorboards they peddle - there is no substance beneath this company's thin veneer.
terminating their contract and having professionals finish the job
That the proprietor is still allowed to run a company after his previous company went bankrupt earlier this year -see Timber Floors International

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Said but not surprised to hear that RENO123. It seems the best predictor of this companies future behaviour is their past behaviour.

Atrocious 'European Timber Floors'

I've noticed that the owners of this company,run by [names removed], are trying to massage right the diabolical reputation of Euro Floors here with fake positive reviews. Buyer beware! Horribile shonks that steal your money & NEVER come back to do your floors. If you hire 'European Timber Floors' in Rushcuters Bay in Sydney, NSW you will be in for a living nightmare. Thank god we had the ability to get rid of them sooner rather than later so that we could get actual professonial flooring people to lay the product properly. I'd hate to be your regular sitting duck person living in hope for weeks that they [Euro floors team] will return to finish their poor job.European Flooring do not know how to lay your flooring to standard, but the product [which they simply bring in from overseas] is ok. Great to see the website of the manufacturer on the side of the packaging-we could have ordered it independantly, saved money & not had to endure this bunch of morons in the process. We are seeking seeking legal action for damages.

Happy with my floor boards

just wanted to say what a great job this company did installing my wide floor boards and very detailed stairs with shadow lines- which mine you is very hard to do. once we moved into our finished house in randwick my wife and I Constantly kept getting comments on how amazing the floors looked. I'd be happy to refer this company on.

One happy customer!

When Timber Floors was in business they did an amazing job on my house in Dover Heights. They supplied and installed my timber floors without even a scratch. Can't say that about most companies. I chose the ages grey colour from their designer collection and still till this day I am happy with the choice I made. My floors still look amazing. thanks timber floors!

Amazing, unique product.

Recently my husband and I got beautiful French oak floors installed and supplied by this company. Within days of the quote everything was ready to go. There were so many beautiful colours to choose from in the showroom, their range is excellent, so it was hard to choose but they had an expert on hand to assist the process. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who wants a job done fast and well.

Great company

Timber floors international installed beautiful timber floors into my house in Bondi and i didn't have any problem with the staff or the owner. I rang for a quote and within the next couple of days the workmen showed up on time and even cleaned up their own mess which from past experiences most don't so that's what for me set this company apart from the rest. I will definitely recommend them to my friends.


Buyer beware! We wish we had checked reviews and references prior to engaging this company. A simple job for a lounge room floor turned into an absolute nightmare. The owner not only falsely quoted but never delivered on original promise. He then disappeared leaving us with an unfinished floor!
This was the shadiest and unreliable company. We later discovered that we not the only ones to have had such an awful experience.


Avoid at all costs!

Much to our horror, This company used one of our bedrooms as a workshop to cut and prepare the timber then install via smashing holes and scraping all available (newly painted) walls. Their shoddy workmanship, inability to keep promises and belligerent attitude was appalling. The excitement of moving into our first home was tarnished by this hopeless company. Avoid!

Disastrous company, I would not recommend them.

My husband and I made a fateful error of judgement in engaging this company. We were previously warned that they were not reliable but we fell for their spiel. We were promised - and guaranteed - that we would have a floor installed within 2-4 working days max after supplying our renovation schedule. Six weeks later, our floor was not complete, all other works held up as a result, and now, almost a year later, it is still not finished to satisfaction and the workmanship just plain shoddy. They were never contactable and literally pulled a disappearing act! Please do your due diligence and choose a reputable company without a history of insolvency and bad press.


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Beware! This company now trades under a new name: Aged Oak Floors! They have changed names of their business more than three times due to overwhelming negative reviews and litigation.


[name removed] said all the right things but didn't manage to get close to delivering. Very poor installation and work still hasn't been fixed. Do your research before you engage this company. This company is in administration but we were caught under the new name of European Timber Floors.Wish I had done my research better.
Sounded great prior to installation.
Poor board quality, poor installation, squeaks, cracks, uneven joins. Never completed.


These guys completed a smoked limed french Oak floor for me in Dover Heights. My husband and I found this company to be pleasant to deal with and the installation was completed in our tight time frame.
We have already referred them to our friends and even our builder is using them on another job
Efficiency. Pleasant to deal with

Questions & Answers

Because I like their product, is there any way I can get them to 'come to the party' to guarantee delivery and efficient installation? Like, withholding payment?
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Mary i just had my floor installed recently in Valcluse over 150m2 with 20 steps and these guys did a great job! I was happy to pay a 30% deposit to secure my french oak that i chose with my husband and paid for the materials just before delivery. I paid the final balance when the job was completed. To be honest, I didn't come across any issues with the company they even cleaned the site daily and took away all their rubbish which they were the only trade that did that over my 2 year build. Sarah- Wentworth Road Valcluserun - dont even consider it. The are a nightmare to deal with.Absolutely shocking. A dead giveaway is when you ask the about licensed tradesman their instant response is "Flooring contractors don't need to be licensed..." Also note that the owner/ringmaster sells restored classic cars from the showroom - can you imagine how these have been restored when you see the comments on here about how he installs floorboards?!?!


Aged Oak Wide Floors
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