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Everdure CBGS62

Everdure CBGS62

5.0 from 2 reviews

Easy to use, clean and looks good

We recently replaced electric cooktop with gas. This cooktop is amazing. It looks nice, easy to clean and have strong 2 hard wearing cast iron trivets.

It has wok burner, flame failure cut off, electric ignition and stainless steel body. It comes with of natural and LPG gas fittings.

Our gas fitter had no difficulty installing it and flame is even and adjustable.

We recommend this product.

Value for money.

Purchased this product 2 years ago, has never had an issue in performance. Only negative i could say, would be the writing to inform you which burner is for which switch, disappeared after 3 months. Only a concern when new people come over and use the stove.Will not be disappointed with this purchase.

writing on the switch disappeared after 3 months.

Questions & Answers

We had this cooktop for 5 years and have always had trouble starting the wok burner. It's ok when it's hot. Any suggestions?
2 answers
No, as we don't have trouble at all. Sometimes if the igniter is out of place after my wife cleans the top. Then it might take longer to start. Use matches when starting the wok top. Only advise i could provide.Good morning Herman, Please contact our service desk on 1300 739 033 and one of our friendly team will direct you to your nearest service centre. Thank you for your enquiry.

does it need a regulator on gas botle?
1 answer
Its a natural gas connection not LPG. I don't have a bottle. However there is a regulator on the connection.

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