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EzyTrail Camper Trailers WA, South Perth (PMX Campers)

EzyTrail Camper Trailers WA, South Perth (PMX Campers)

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So happy with our Parkes 13

We purchased our Parkes 13 from PMX Canningvale WA and absolutely love it. We had a couple of minor issues which were resolved quickly and nothing was too much trouble for Carlin and team. The service has been exceptional and we're now excited to be heading off into the great outdoors. Doug and Kerri.

Written off in 12 months

We bought the Tarwin fully off road soft floor model 12 months ago. Similar to many other reviews, on the drive home the straps holding the cover down both broke. We also presumed the storage doors would be dust proof - they are not. Once we got it home and set up there was holes in the clear plastic on the wall. Our first trip we ending up with no water - thought the pump was faulty - they were great and sent us a replacement pump. But we next trip we had no water again! Finally discovered the water tank had not been welded correctly. We had to take it off and have it rewelded. The 240v power outlet never works and our inverter once started smoking! They sent a replacement. The main cover zip is horrendous to zip back up each trip as some of the teeth have come out. Plus the clip on the zip pull snapped straight away. Multiple snapped clips and bent poles. When packing up from a trip in November (5 months ago) we lifted the side up to put stuff under the bed space, and the braket snapped and gas struts bent leaving the whole top of the trailer hanging off to one side, barely holding on by the other bracket. Thankfully we had 2 other families with us so all lifted, realigned it and used several ropes to hold in place. We drove home (300kms) at a snail pace and with every bump watched the top almost slide off on the road! They sent us new trailer brackets which we fixed ourselves and are still waiting on the gas struts...Our last trip we ended up with a flat tyre and to get the spare off you need to take out some electrical wiring that goes to the number plate! We planned to drive it 15 hours back to Canningvale last month to have everything fixed. On the way the wheel came flying off!! All of the wheel studs had completely sheered off the drum so the wheel went flying across the road! As ALL the studs were sheered off we could not plut the spare on. We had to call a tow truck and have it towed to the nearest town (300km) The trailer was empty and we were travelling on bitumen. I then phoned PMX/EZY Trail and explained the incident, to have the manager Les try to tell me he doesn't think it is a manufacturing issue as he "doesn't know where we have been" he also would not tell me what the warrantee covers and that it was "different which each sale". I told him I was sold an OFF ROAD CAMPER and the wheel just cant snap off by itself while travelling on straight bitumen.
Its been less than a year and it nearly caught on fire, almost fell off on the road, faulty water tank, broken clips, poles, straps and zip, and now the wheel!

Just been informed by our insurance company that the trailer is written off! There is too much damage done when the wheel come off. Cheap chinese materials!

Expected more for $15k.

Trailer was booked in at CV to have some warranty issues done while they were down in Perth for a wedding. Jay spoke to me that week saying that was not possible as the trailer had lost a wheel on a trip either to or coming back from Exmouth to their home town of Tom Price. After a lengthy discussion on why the wheel might have come off I said to her it was too hard to determine as the trailer was far away. I explained to her we very rarely have issues with wheels and tyres so again it was difficult to determine the cause of problem. I advised them to get a quote to tow trailer Exmouth to have trailer repaired and get back to Tom Price. My explanation to Jay re warranty was that different trailers have different warranty times depending on the trailer. To this point I have had not had any further correspondence with the Creevys other than leaving a message on what was happening with the trailer. The only other correspondence was from there insurance company wanting information on the trailer and asking why the wheel might have come off. I also explained to him it would be hard to determine the cause as we have not had the opportunity to inspect the trailer since the incident as per our warranty policy. He also asked what the value of the trailer was and that was end of conversation. Any past issues from the Creevys have been rectified by PMX and as previously stated they were bring trailer to Perth to have some other issues seen to and a new travel cover replaced which we had ordered for them. Bit unsure of 4 things 1) The towing of the vehicle if they were 300ks from nearest town would they not have towed back to Tom Price as the were supposed to be bring trailer to Perth. 2) We have had no opportunity to determine the cause of the wheel coming off so why bag us. 3) How was it accessed to determine there was $15K worth of damage to the trailer. 4) I also saw in there review that they had previously changed a wheel? Since all of this our branch manger in Wangara had a call from a customer a few weeks ago chasing a travel cover for the same type of trailer. After further correspondence it was established it was the CREEVY trailer that she had bought. the customer advised Greg she bought cheap so how could it have been written off. Kind Regards Les Sharpe PMX Campers , Canning Vale, WAHello Les you clearly do not recall our conversation very well as I am a SHE not a HE. Regarding your questions 1) We had a wedding in Geraldton, our plan was to tow the trailer (completely empty FYI) to Geraldton and continue to Perth to drop it off on the Monday. If you look at a map you will see from Tom Price we need to travel to Nanuturra (294kms from TP), towards the North West Coastal HWY and follow that down to Geraldton. The trailer broke 5kms past Nanuturra. I phoned SGIO (our insurance) who organised a tow truck to the nearest repairer which was Exmouth (276kms from Nanuturra). There is no one in Tom Price who could do this repair plus at this stage we were closer to Exmouth than TP. 2) You told me on the phone you would not cover the cost to get it to Perth. After lengthy heated discussion you agreed to get a quote to put it on a truck or to have Exmouth repair it. I was not confident you would actually cover anything and at this point I had already involved SGIO and with our excess only $200 I felt safer dealing with them. 3)You are welcome to phone SGIO and ask them who the assessor was. It was towed to Exmouth Caravans and an SGIO independent assessor did the rest. We had a phone call to say the wheel coming off had also done major damage to the suspension and wheel drum - I guess that happens when the wheel drum smashes down and drags along a bitumen road at 100kms/hr. 4) Yes a few months earlier we had a flat tyre and put on the spare (and discovered your awful wiring placement) we had Tom Price Tyres and Mechanical replace and fit a new tyre and we put the original spare back on the back. Since the trailer was towed to Exmouth we have not seen it. SGIO paid out the loan amount so I believe it becomes their property. How could we possibly have sold that trailer? It was either left with Exmouth Caravans or SGIO. On another note we did have to have the water tank re welded (huge split in it when we first got the trailer) as per the request from Jarrod Maclean. We sent through the invoice for reimbursement but never received anything.

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EzyTrail Camper Trailers WA, South Perth (PMX Campers)
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