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Happy camping

Ready to look at 1 campertrailer that we saw at the caravan & camping show. After a bit of discussion of +ve & -ve we chose the stirling z. Black checker plate looks great, hand over was thorough with some great tips. Price comparison to other brands is worth it. Setup is under 10 minutes.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Date PurchasedJuly 2019
Store LocationPenrith

Could not ask for more

It all started at the Ballarat outdoors show with Victoria no pressure all our questions answered, Change of Colour white with Black Chequer plate looks amazing , because of all the excitement I overlooked a few questions, so I headed over to Campbellfield and spoke to Travis who gave his undivided attention for nearly an hour and filled in every blank there was, we had the option to pick up our Sterling Gt form Geelong or Campbellfield and chose campbellfield (close to home) and dealt with Jeremy the Geelong Manager also our purchase office, and did our handover as well all the staff at Ezytrail have been more than helpful from start to delivery and delivered early, since our pick up I have had a couple of calls to Jeremy with a question or 2 that he been more than happy to help. I could go on and on but and the end of the day we are very happy with the service and our new camper trailer from Ezytrail campers and will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Cheers and Thanks

Peter & Emma

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Date PurchasedJuly 2019
Store LocationBallarat Outdoors Expo

Great Start to our next stage of life.

We first saw the Stirling GTMk2 camper at the Caravan show Rosehill 2019. The sales staff were excellent, no pressure allowed us to look. Then answered all the questions we had . The show special and extras were mind blowing . We tried a comparison to similar models ,size,qualities and total cost . The others didn't come close , so we put a deposit down on the day . We were given a delivery date , much to our surprise 6 weeks early . Rick from Penrith was such a professional on our handover, we spent hours with him .
He assisted us with a complete run down of all the ins and outs . With his assistance we fully erected and disassembled the camper with tips all the way . His explanation of the hitch up was very compressive , his safety run down was 100%.
Two very satisfied customers , keep up the great work and quality Ezy Trail

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Date PurchasedApril 2019
Store LocationCaravan and Camping Show Rosehill 2019

Don’t waste your money!

• the store was easy to find with google maps
• didn’t see the range I went to pick up a caravan
• not at all satisfied. Would like to give 0 stars but it won’t let me. Bought a Parkes 15 late January 2019. Worst thing I have ever bought. This is exactly why Australia needs lemon laws. customer service rep from head office is the rudest person I have ever spoken too. Ezytrail will not stand by the warranty and just blame everything on user maintenance. Have met 7 other Parkes owners on our round Australia trip. 1 of them was happy but hadn’t been off road. The other 6 all had issues and they were all trying to get warranty work sorted with no avail.
Don’t waste your money unless you want responses like “what do you expect when you buy a cheap van” or “how would you know your not a caravan expert” from the only customer service rep the company has.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeYes
Date PurchasedJanuary 2019
Store LocationLandsvale NSW

Great service, pleasure to deal with

Store was really easy to find, we looked at many different camp trailers at the Rosehill caravan and camping expo and the ezytrail was the best that was in our budget. Rick was great to deal with and nothing was an issue even after many phone calls, when we picked it up Rick gave us a full run down on the setup of the camper and all the extra little tips and tricks to look after the camper and associated parts, thanks again easytrail. Will let you know how our first trip out goes

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Date PurchasedMay 2019
Store LocationPenrith

Great customer service from penrith ezy trailer

Purchased a Stirling gt camper and have never looked back. Whenever I go camping it’s so easy to assemble and then all I have to do is relax. I always find that Rick and Damien at the Penrith store are always so very helpful and are always at hand to order any parts or accessories that I need

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Date PurchasedMarch 2017

Very happy purchase Parkes 15

I ordered my Parkes 15 from Luke, asked a million questions and got a million answers... Paid a deposit over the phone. Throughout the whole process I directly spoke to Luke. I feel this was the key to such a simple process of purchasing the van.

We did a lot of research using the Parkes owners group on Facebook, only with one concerning post from the CEO however the rest of the group is very informative. (CEO's can be replaced)

I got to view the Parkes range at the Penrith store thanks to Damien (very helpful) thanks mate!

Camper was delivered to my local transport yard in the NT so I didn't get a hand over of the van. But the van is very simple to use!

We are very impressed with the overall quality for the price of the van and we are packed ready to head to Lake Argyle for the weekend.

Thanks Luke and Damien!

Product Quality
Customer Service
Date PurchasedJanuary 2019
Store LocationPenrith NSW / Kilsyth VIC

Great service from Penrith ezytrail

Picked up my Sterling Z camper, the boys at Penrith Ezytrail were great to deal with, no question was to hard and offered professional advice. Went through a step by step set up and offered practical advice along the way. Didn't go the hard sell which was appreciated (otherwise i would have walked out).

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Date PurchasedFebruary 2019
Store LocationPenrith

Ticked most of the boxes

We have had our Portland MKII for 14 months now, we have been to the Cape, trekked around northern NSW, gone west into the desert and run up around the north coast QLD. We were never going to get a soft floor trailer, having had on before. After looking through the show room at Coopers Plains we had changed our mine. My wife and I can set up for an over nighter in about 15 minutes, the walk through design is terrific giving easy access to the bed. No climbing up ladders and the enormous amount of room you gain when folded out, plenty of room to through a stretcher down for extras. The water storage capacity was a game changer for us as we like to go bush for a few days at a time and only coming to a town to top up. We have set up for a couple of times from a week to a fortnight and its a home away from home with all the comforts.

Sure we have had a few small issues, which have been dealt with swiftly by the agent and supplier. Thanks Adrian and Luke. A couple of things for potential buyers, do your research on towing capacity for your vehicle, make sure you have enough solar to replace what you use, especially what your fridge will demand. Look at the Eazytrail face book sites, see what others are doing with their trailers. Then make a choice to what will suit your needs the best.

Best Experience and Fantastic Service

After seeing the Stirling GTX Mk2 on The Offroad Adventure Show as a prize in a competition we went surfing the net and found that we had a dealer just down the road in Penrith. We went down to have a look at the camper trailer and could not believe the inclusions. After looking around the showroom we found that the Lincoln-LX Mk2 was more to our liking due to the size of our family. Damien was extremely helpful and answered any questions that we had on the day. The following weekend we returned with our son and our English relatives to have another look and this is when we met Rick.
I cannot express how fantastic and helpful Damien and Rick are with anyone who walks into their showroom whether it be their first visit or like us the 3rd or 4th visit. They are very knowledgeable about each camper trailer or caravan in the Ezy Trail range and just really amazing to deal with, they make the purchasing one of their products a very easy process. The handover went smoothly and these 2 gentlemen were patient with us whilst showing us what we needed to get through before taking our beauty home.
Rick was also very instrumental in getting all the necessary electrical work done to our Ranger for us to be able to take it home earlier than expected, for this we are truly grateful.
I will recommend anybody looking to purchase a camper trailer to go and have a chat with Rick and Damien, you won't regret it.

Lincoln Mk2

Excellent service from Rick and Damian at Ezytrail Penrith. Comprehensive handover process. Fitted hitch on site to our vehicle. Nothing was a problem, even after recent storms had taken computers down when we went to pick up. Saw the campers at the Hawkesbury show and had no intention of buying at that time, but went back to their Penrith office to look again, helpful every time. We asked for a colour change and were told the wait time which we accepted. Camper turned up as promised, even slightly early. Haven't used in anger yet, but will over next few weeks. Have set up at home and been through it all. Every thing as described. Product quality is good, you get what you pay for as in all things in life, it works for us.

Parkes 13 Great handover

We recently purchased a Parkes 13 after seeing it at a local Caravan and Camping Show, had no intention of buying one but decided we couldn't go past the Parkes 13 for value and inclusions. It didn't matter that at that stage we were not intending to buy Rick and Damien spent lots of time showing us what it had to offer. Once we decided to purchase the process was pretty seamless and when the handover day arrived they again spent quite a few hours making sure we were comfortable with everything. Nothing was too much trouble and we feel that because of the time spent means less follow up phone calls etc. We have just spent one night in it and have not used it to full capacity but intend to do so over the Christmas period and no doubt we will encounter some teething problems as you do with most things but feel confident that any problems or queries will be handled efficiently by the Penrith boys. Thanks guys. Dennis and Janine

Amazing best purchase ever

Ezytrail penrith was so simple to find and Damien and Rick were terrific to deal with. From starting out damien told us to look at other campers with the confidence that we will return to ezytrail ( so true) the hand over was handled by Rick and he was amazing he covered everything we would possibly need to know and answered all our questions ( there was plenty ) we also received a laminated step by step guide for setting up our camper which I thought was great as it’s a lot to take in at once. All in all I can’t speak highly enough of these guys and they’re store will be recommending anyone I know looking to join the camping scene. Thanks again guys.

Absolutely Sterling Service

We recently bought an Ezytrail Sterling Z camper trailer from their distributor in Coffs Harbour. We can't thank Karen, Tony and Dan more for their excellent service and unrivalled professionalism. They were friendly and totally helpful with all our questions, even staying back to allow us to pick up our camper. It's a long time since we've experienced such great service. Can't recommend them more highly. Top little camper too. Thank you Coffs Canvas.

Fantastic Camper Fantastic Service - Ezytrail Penrith

Thanks Ricky and Damien. Finally picked up the Lincoln Z after many visits, calls and emails. They were always pleasant in answering all my intricate little questions to make sure I was buying the right camper for our needs, not so that they could just do another sale. Some of the other brands could take a lesson on customer service. As I also work weekends, Ricky was happy to fit me in when it suited me, even though it was after their opening hours.
We have had a soft floor camper for about 10 years now and when we decided to upgrade, we attended shows and showrooms. Ezytrail was not on my mind in the beginning but Service and Product finally won. One of the things that stood out is when Damien pointed out that I was not allowing sufficient time to do a thorough handover and that they would prefer if I could allow more time. Even though they initially did not have a model I was looking for, Ricky went out of his way to source one and get it to Penrith for me.

Stirling Z from Ezytrail Penrith

Just took delivery of our Black Striling Z beauty from Richard & Damien at Ezytrail Penrith. Guys where great, showed me everything even letting me try! Gave me some great tips and tricks for setting up and to avoid dramas. Worth the wait, now can’t wait to get out there and explore! Nothing was a hassle and we are super pumped with our camper, looks mean!! Great value camper with good options to upspec to your desire. 2 thumbs up Richard and Damien!

Albany GT

Luke was knowledgeable and didn't push the sale. The information was correct even the bad stuff, its nice to deal with a salesperson that knows the product and will give feed back on the down side of particular models.

Stirling Z

I have just bought a stirling z from Luke at the Kilsyth outlet . I have no idea if the product is any good (im sure it is ) But wanted to take the time to thank Luke for his help in showing me the camper to the the way it is set up . They even hook it up to the car and make sure lights work etc . I run my own business and its this kind of service that brings people back . Very professional, Thanks Luke . Steve

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Thank you very much Steve, we have passed on your feedback. Happy Camping

Great product, greater service.

The wife and I bought a easytrail coorong gt mk1 took it out camping straight from the dealership, couldn't be more happy, had trouble connecting the gass fittings and took it to the dealership the next day and they sorted it out for us really quickly, so impressed with the service and advice, I contacted the dealer at least 10 times in 4 days with questions and he was always happy to chat and answer my questions.

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Great to hear. Happy Camping

Stirling gt and after sales service

We purchased our Stirling GT 18 months ago through the Adelaide outlet. Mark looked after us and we have been having so many adventures ever since. Perfect camper for us right now.
After sales service has been second to none. We had a couple of scratches on th body that we want d to clean up and Mark helped us out with ththe touch up paint no problems.
Recently we were about to head up to Cooktown for 4 weeks and found out the week before that we had a cracked wheel rim that was cause us to loose pressure I made the tyre. Sandy from Adelaide store could not have been more helpful. And within 4 days we had a new rim organised and replaced under warranty. We had not been anywhere other than smooth dirt roads. Amazing service thanks so much Sandy. We had a friend head down to pick it up for us which was also not a problem. As a result of this our friend has been back with his wife to check out the Parkes series.
Halfway into our trip our front leg stopped winding down, we rang the Townsville outlet and Michael (sorry I hope I got that right) was more than helpful and organised for us to pick up a new leg on our way back through Townsville 5 dakys later. Again under warranty. Gave us advise on the leg in the meantime. We used a heavy duty jack so all good.
Sandy and Michael should be congratulated in being so very helpful and supportive and our trip was a hug success. Planning th next one and hoping for an upgrade in the next 12 months to a Parkes.
Thanks guys A1 service and highly recommended.
more adventures to come.

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Questions & Answers

I’ve got an Albany got camper, my problem is when we try to close it up it seems to be too tight to put on clamps. The footstool is closed, is there a best way to fold it up Kym
2 answers
I decided on the stirling z to suit my needs. Use the winch to close it and loosen one clip to hold it close to being closed, then clip the others, then retighten that clipHi Kym The canvas on my sterling has softened after putting up and down about 6 times..... it does get easier over time and tuck as much of the loose canvas into the middle as you close it up..... we have a person on either side also helps.... hope this helps

I have recently purchased a Parkes 13 van from your Geelong store and am three weeks into a three month trip. My main concerns with van are condensation and fridge sliding tray. Every morning the ceiling is wet. I have tried everything from vents open to using a heater but nothing works. Also the sliding tray for fridge keeps jamming. I bought the 95 litre fridge from Jeremy when I purchased van off Jeremy and Paul in Geelong store. Fridge is only half full but will not slide in without a great deal of effort. The wires appear to be loose along the track. Otherwise all going well. Would appreciate any help especially with condensation. Regards Laurie Shiels
No answers

Wheel nut torque setting for Stirling GT MkII please
1 answer
Hi Rod the wheel nut Torque is 125nm


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