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Fairy Platinum Tablet

Fairy Platinum Tablet

3.7 from 36 reviews

Seriously excellent

Blasts clean dishes without causing the cloudy look on glasses. I’ve tried many products like the one that’s always advertised ( think blue colour packaging) and they do not come close to this. Excellence all the way. I hope they don’t change the formula!

Purchased in January 2019.

Good Cleaning - Bad Taste

We have found these to clean our dishes better than the leading brand however they leave the chemical/detergent taste on dishes i.e. I can taste it when I am drinking my coffee. Good value for mobey in terms of cost but not worth the bad taste on the dishes afterwards.

Purchased in February 2019 at Woolworths Physical store for $12.00.

Got these on sale, need I say more

After all the hype of hearing about how good this brand was, I saw them on sale and thought...what the heck why not as everyone else is talking about and using them, but when I tried them in my dishwasher, I opened the door after the cycle had finished and all I could see was a heap of suds on the dish's and in the bottom of the dishwasher so therefore I had to do a rinse cycle only, not very impressed as water is precious and I hate wasting water.

Purchased in December 2018 at Woolworths Physical store for $14.00.

Short Changed

recently bought a Fairy Platinum all in one 18 pack and only received 14 tablets in the pack. If I not concerned by this and other people are being sold same product and amount, then company are false advertising. Darryl

Purchased in March 2019.

Good Dishwashing Tablet

Owner of Miele dishwasher for two years. Have been using Finish Quantum Max for the last 2 years and I did receive a voucher to redeem Miele dishwasher tablets as part of purchasing the dishwasher. However, the Miele dishwasher tablet has left rust like stains on all my cutleries as compared to Finish tablets. I also did try using the Finish Quantum Ultimate tablets and that too was harsh on my cutleries so I then decided to stick to Finish Quantum Max. Apparently, now the Finish Quantum Max is no longer available in stores, it's now called Finish Quantum only-albeit the same looking packaging. Recently, I started noticing Finish Quantum & Finish Quantum Max has not been up to mark, often I have to scratch stains off my clean dishes which should not happen at all. I then decided to try Fairy Platinum which was on sale at Coles this week. Washed first round of dishes this morning. All came out clean, there was only a slight residual smell when I opened the dishwasher and decided to leave the dishes inside for drying till night.
Verdict : All dishes are completely dried, clean and there is no residual smell on the dishes or cutleries except a slight smell on the silicone spatula, which also left stronger smell from Finish previously. Apart from that I also noticed my rice cooker pot has turned from shiny silver pot to dry matt like silver ( when I used the Finish product) but today it turned into a matt warm gray colour after using the Fairy tablets not sure what is happening here. I will keep on using it for sometime until something good and efficient comes to the market.

Purchased in March 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $13.30.

Clean but chemical smell off-putting

Super clean result but the residual chemical smell and taste is concerning and hangs around even when the dishes are dry. It's put me off the taste of my meals. Won't buy again.

Purchased in January 2019 at Coles Supermarkets.

Love it

Absolutely love it cleans well and reasonably priced needs to be a bit cheaper though I will try other products if it doesn’t go down in price

Leaves wash dirty every time

I recently bought this tablet for the first time as it was on special and claimed it was as good as the rest. I have used the entire package and there wasn’t a single wash that was left clean. I didn’t do anything differently than I normally did and have always had previously spot less finishes with other leading brands. There was at least four occasions where I re washed bowls for a second and third time and ended up using the other brand tablet or washed it by hand to get it clean as it still wasn’t clean. I won’t be buying again and based on my use and objectivity can say that it doesn’t support what the brand says it can and should do. On top of which my dishwasher is also brand new and only two months old so there isn’t any excuses or justification as to why this product shouldn’t work.

Very nice product, but leaves a residual smell

I have Fisher & Paykel dishwasher and it works excellent on tough stains and cleans all the vessels properly. Very satisfied with the product, still i am just concerned about the residual smell it leaves on the product after wash. The smell goes off once i keep the dish washer open for few minutes before arranging the vessels. Overall i am happy with the product and would recommend for anyone to give it a shot.


We have always used another brand. But recently I noticed the dishwasher was 'smelly' and the dishes not cleaning well. I washed the machine and filters out etc. To no avail.
We ran out of the other brand and my husband went to Coles and could only buy Fairy tabs.
We are both absolute converts now - wow. Glasses sparkling, plates clean. Dishwasher is no longer smelly.
I will now only buy Fairy Platinum tabs. So happy we found them.

Does not clean many things in the dishwasher

Used in dishwasher. Bowls and plates still dirty after wash. It only washes most cups and cutlery. We have used another brand previously which washes most things. I'm sorry but your product is well below par and frankly not fit for purpose.

Excellent Results

I have used Miele, Finish, Morning Fresh and now Fairy Platinum and I would say by far Fairy is the winner.
Finish is very abrassive and have been advised never to use on bone china and finish pits my glassware.
Miele were useless didn't clean nor dissolve.
Morning Fresh were ok but Fairy was terrific took tea stain out of cups that none of the others could achieve.

Never again

I thought I'd try this product when it was on special. I will be going back to my usual product and throwing away what is left of Fairy. Tablet doesn'r dissolve and dishes are not properly washed. Waste of money.

Awesome cleaning

Always loved fairy washing up liquid so bought fsiry dishwasher tabs as other brand wasn't doing a very good job at all.
Will always buy the Fairy tablets now, love it, cleans perfect everytime

I was seduced by the Advertising so I bought the product.

I gave it a trial. Very disapointing. This morning my dishes are still dirty (even though I always pre-rinse them), my saucepans with a rim of gunk, glass ware not shiny. I will never use these again and wish I could be reimbursed for the expense. A terrible product. I will attempt to follow this up with the company.


I have been using Finish Powerball Quantum Ultimate for a while now, until a sale at my local Woolies of Fairy Platinum. After purchasing 3 bags of the Fairy (which was on an incredible sale) and I was not left disappointed. I recently ran out but still had a bag of Finish quantum ultimate in the cupboard, so I decided to use these up before purchasing more tablets. I can positively say that I will be only be purchasing Fairy from now on. Incredible!

Clean well but the perfume is nauseating.

They clean as well as others I have used but going into the kitchen while the dishwasher is running is not fun. The perfume is nauseating so I will go back to Finish Quantim

They do NOT beat Finish Quantum as stated in their ad

I bought these hoping they did a better clean than the Finish Quantum. After all, they advertise they work better. I can verify they do not! I have had better luck with the aldi brand than these. I had to rewash with Quantum tablets as my dishes were not clean, and were very streaky. Absolute waste of money, and I will never buy them again. The ad needs to be taken off the air for false advertising. Expensive junk is all they are


Not a healthy option for washing dishes. I bought the Fairy Original All In One Capsules for the first time and will never buy again. Although they cleaned the dishes well, the chemical flavour remains on the dishes and glassware. Every glass of water tastes like chemicals. When a wash is finished, the entire house also smells like the Fairy chemical.

Out performs all other dishwasher tablets

WOW, at last the cleanest, most devastatingly, greatest performer. Nothing comes close to washing the dishes so clean. The mugs are clean inside, the glass and cutlery sparkle and dishes awesome!

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Questions & Answers

Is fairy platinum septic tank safe?
No answers

Which way do they go in the dishwasher. I have been putting the yellow & blue side face down and pushing so the the two prongs break into the liquid which leaves the powder on top. is this correct or should the powder side go face down onto the prongs ?
3 answers
I always put it with colours up. I haven't had a problem but I have no idea whether or not it is correct.I put them in facing up too.I don't think there is a problem putting any side, because it drops into the washer.

I am pleased with the Fairy Platinum capsules but recently some of the dishes upon completion of the cycle are still wet. Should I use a Rinse aid to help dry the load?.
1 answer
I find that leaving the door slightly open (about 20cm) or better so fully allows the dishes to dry naturally . To answer your question yes it does assist in drying. Also always google fairy dishwasher tablets many websites offer them even better thn the specials that supermarkets have.

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