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Fanaway Evo2 Endure

Fanaway Evo2 Endure

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Turned yellow!

I bought a new tube and it didn't work, . Have to take it back.
Also the shell has turned a yucky yellow colour, it isn't very old and it cost a lot of money.
Will speak to beacon lighting tomorrow. Fan is effective and quiet.

Purchased in October 2016 at Beacon Lighting for $350.00.

Build Quality
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
The Fanaway EVO2, does not take a tube, it has 2 globes ES globes, I believe that you maybe speaking of the older version of our Fanaway EVO1, which we haven't had for a few now, took a circular fluorescent tube. You can order a new diffuser from any Beacon Lighting store, you will need to tell them what colour fan you have and also what wattage tube your fan takes.. In relation to your tube not working, the issue maybe to do with the ballast and these can be sourced through a Beacon Lighting store. Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer ServiceThanks, why has the casing turned YELLOW. it looks terrible. There are a number of complaints about this. What is a ballast? how much do they cost? is a diffuser the outer shell? sorry I don't understand your technical jargon. I wasn't sure what the model was but yes it has the circular tube which I replaced.The ballast is like a transformer that allows the fluoro tube to "start". the SKU no. for a ballast for a 40W tube is 210008 and retails for $24.95, the SKU no. ballast for a 55W tube is 210008 and it retails for $24.95. it is the round "box" sitting in the middle of the tube. These are available at Beacon Lighting stores. The diffuser is the light cover, it can sometimes yellow due to the use of fluorescent light, it does not happen to everyone. Replacement light covers can be sourced through a Beacon Lighting store., you just need to advise the store of which wattage tube you have and the colour of fan you have. Debbie - BL Customer Service

Not Happy at all

I have had these fans for plus or minus 4 years. They stopped working suddenly this past Dec the blades don't open although the fan is running. I called customer service and they offered to send a technician to assess and possibly replace product. Only to be gutted after being told to pretty much put them in the bin as they are a deleted item and go back to the store to buy new ones and get their technician to come and instal them for a fee. The manager could not spare a minute to speak to me. I don't think it's fair treatment at all. I don't think I will recommend these at all. If anyone can assist me what sould i do . I thank you in advance.

Purchased in January 2016.

safety issues

We have 5 Evo2 Endure fans through our home, all installed by a licensed electrician. How these fans have performed over the last few years has been acceptable, but this opinion has now changed. 2 Days ago one of the fans suddenly had a blade brake off and fly across the room. We are too worried to turn on the other fans, at this very hot part of the year. We went to Beacon Lighting with this and they have tried to get in contact with Fanaway for the last 3 days with no reply to either phone calls or emails. We have had many types of fans over the years, some cheap and some expensive, but have never had a safety issue and would expect the same from a very expensive fan such as Fanaway. After reading a number of reviews of the same nature, ie. blades flying off and not getting any help from Beacon lighting (the sole distributer of these fans) we intend to take this further as it seems a safety issue which perhaps needs a recall.

Date PurchasedJan 2014
Hi dragonfly9454, thank you fro your message and i am sorry to hear about the blade incident. Can you please send us your contact details to webmaster@beaconlighting.com.au, so that i can refer this to the correct deparment. Thank you in advance. Emina - Beacon Lighting Customer ServiceHi Emina, I can be contacted at laurieandfrances@internode.on.net. My husband has his phone number at Beacon Lighting at Lake Haven 2259 NSW, who have tried repeatedly and unsuccessfully to get some action on this. Thank you for your replyHi dragonfly9454, thank you for that. I have forwarded this onto our Warranty team for further action. Please let us know via the email above if we can assist further. Regards, Emina - BL CUstomer Service

Best fan ever

This is the best fan I have ever owned. Not only does it look great, it is so quiet you only know it's running because of the breeze. I have had it for a couple of years now and never had any problems. I will be buying more of these.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Poorly designed control switches.

Recently purchased 3 x Evora and 2 x Evo2 Endure fan/light units. The control switches are not standardised across the fanaway range, one style has a fixed plate and the other unit has a removable cover plate to aid with painting. Both units have combined light and fan control switches, however with separate light switches already existing in the home, a 'spare' blank cover plate that has a fan control only option should have been a normal part of the installation kit for both unit styles, particularly given the cost of the fan/light units.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
Hi Zed, all of the gang plates for the Fanaway have a plate that the screws can be undone on and be painted behind. The reason we do not have a spare "blank" cover plate is because the fan is sold as a fan and light combination so you need both switches to operate the fan, Debbie - BL Customer ServiceHi Debbie, with existing separate light control and wiring, there is no requirement to use the supplied combo light switch otherwise I am left with a wall hole to patch and paint. The easiest and smartest solution for your company to provide is an optional removable blank plate without a light switch. This aids with painting as no contact with wires by the homeowner is needed when painting.Hi Zed, unfortunately this is not something we supply or will be supplying in the future as we have supplied the plate and switch for the fan, Debbie - Beacon lighting Customer Service

Faulty Product - Should be Recalled

Worked ok on the 3 set speeds for about 18 months then only 2, then was not operating at all. Blades would not open at all.
Rang Beacon & was immediately told I needed a new remote control & given an electricians contact details to install same. This advice was immediate - leaving me to assume Beacon staff receive a lot of calls re this faulty product & have a prepared response ready for customers.
Purchased new remote from Beacon Lighting @ $60. & left several messages on electrician's phone - never had any reply from him!!!
As this was in January, I naturally wanted it to be operational asap. Thankfully, I had other portable fans which are extremely efficient & more reliable.
I finally contacted my electrician who came promptly & immediately stated "It is not a remote control problem - the motor has blown & these fans have a bad reputation & are overpriced". Now looking to totally replace this Piece of Junk with another reliable purchase & definitely not from Beacon Lighting.

Date PurchasedOct 2015
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I'm sorry to hear about your experience. We value your feedback and would appreciate it if you could PM us your name and contact number to our email: webmaster@beaconlighting.com.au. David -BL Customer Service

Humming Sound

Purchased 2 of these fans from Beacon in Dec 2017 from day one these fans emitted a low level humming sound which I find the frequency so annoying and irritating I stopped using them. Beacon replaced 1 fan however the annoying sound was the same. The installer informed me this type of noise is normal.
Beacon has conveyed to me the fans are working as they should be and this is not a warranty issue so i guess I'm stuck with a them.
My advice if considering this type of fan and if the noise level is important to you find a friend or neighbour who has one and stand under it to see if this is the fan for you. Do not rely on the product description as "whisper quite" or sales advice describing it as "one of the our quietest" because it could end up being a costly disappointment to you.
I have no complaints in regards to the operation of the fan other than the irritating noise it makes and Beacons non response to a compromise.

Date PurchasedDec 2017
Hi John, I am sorry to hear about your issue. If you could PM us at webmaster@beaconlighting.com.au your contact details as well as the state you are in and I will get this looked into further for you, Debbie - Fanaway Customer ServiceI have contact Beacon Lighting as requested and Im pleased to say that a favourable outcome has been reached in regards to these fans. i also wish to say during my emails and conversations with several Beacon staff in explaining my situation i was treated with utmost courtesy and a genuine willingness to have the matter resolved that was mutually agreeable to both parties. A big thank you to Beacon Lighting

Faulty Product

We purchased 2 of these fans for our living, they worked well in the store. One fan stopped working completely within the warranty period and was replaced. The other fan had also slowed considerably but the electrician who installed the replacement fan stated that "she,ll be right mate" Well she is not right, and now that the warranty has expired we are left with another faulty product not working now out of warranty. Very angry that my trusted Beacon store recommends this faulty product and would like to see it recalled.

Date PurchasedNov 2014

very happy with them

Bought the flouro model in our old house. We couldn’t have a normal fan in the kitchen because it was too big. Bought another one for the family room & they were both used constantly for 2 1/2 yrs before we moved out. Bought 3 for the new house (LED this time), only one is on remote but again very happy. One on remote has a slight hum but nothing that bad. We love them & much more stylish than normal clunky fans.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

The no breeze fan

We installed five of these expensive fans in our home and have regretted it ever since. We have found that they give off very little breeze even at full speed. The light covers have all turned yellow over the past four years. The retractable blades are very hard to clean also. Would not recommend these at all.

Date PurchasedMar 2013


Worst fan every after 12 months only worked on the medium setting
24 months only the light works
Spoken to beacon lighting to be told they are not aware of any issues with that product
So obvious their is due to the amount of complaints I see on here
Puts myself and family and friends off beacon lighting and any fan away
Having MS I need to stay cool

Date PurchasedNov 2016

We've had nothing but trouble..

We installed 6 of these fan/lights. After a year or 2 all but 2 have broken or stopped working. One had a blade break off and damage a wall in my son's room while he was asleep. We heard a loud noise and came in to find the fan making an awful noise and then later found the blade. He sleeps on a bunk so was very lucky not to get hit. The other 3, the fans just don't work anymore. You can hear it whirring but nothing happens. Obviously out of warranty now. Very disappointed.

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Terrible Product

Have read many of the comments after trying to find a solution to an ever increasing noise coming from our EVO Fanaway fan. Also has yellowing on the underside. Main issue is the noise. Light and fan look great, but we simply can not use the fan anymore as it is so noisy, even on low speed. After reading the many comments similar to the problems we are experiencing, there is obviously a design fault.

Date PurchasedDec 2015
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Hi Steve, we sell thousands of these fans both nationally and internationally and experience very few issues with them. If you could PM us at webmaster@beaconlighting.com.au your contact details, the store you purchased from, and the SKU number of the fan you purchased as there are quite a few in the range and I will get a representative to contact you to discuss your issue further, Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer Service

Quality & support doesn't match the price :(

We've bought 3 of these fans over the years.
The blades are very quiet on low, but the remote speed controller makes the motor buzz intermittently when not on full speed - it is very annoying in the bedroom.
When they stop, the blades make a loud clanging as they retract and wake you up - especially when they are fitted with the auto remote control.
The most recent ones we have are the LED lights - which are good until the driver fails and they go on and off at random.
Ordered a new driver from Beacon several weeks ago and still no sign of it - they 'just don't know what happened to it'.

Date PurchasedMay 2015


Not sure when we purchased our Fanaway fans but will be contacting Beacon to check. Both fans in our lounge and bedroom are great and have received numerous positive comments. One thing though, our lounge room light will not switch on using the remote. When we press the button on the remote the light flickers momentarily and stays off. The fan still works using the remote. If the fan is running and we attempt to turn on the light, same flickering occurs but the unit makes a continuous noise. Any ideas?

Date PurchasedFeb 2015
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Thank you for your review. Based on your description, it does sound like your remote is not communicating properly with the receiver in your fan, and may need to be replaced. Regards Beacon Lighting Customer Service.

Not good

We installed this fan in January 2015 and always had a problem with low speed. It now makes a grinding noise especially on second speed, like a bearing is worn or something

We have 3 other regular fans we have had for over 20 years, and have never had any issues

Unfortunately we can't locate receipt

I can not recommend this product.

December 31st 2017 Update: What a piece of junk!

We purchased this fan just over 2 years ago. After about 13 months it developed a loud electrical noise, like wrang wrang wrang etc randomly. It now doesn't do that. It just makes a grinding noise on one speed. All speeds appear to be the same. Other supposed speeds also make a very loud bearing noise. The only sound you should hear should be the blades pushing the air, with no motor noise.

This product is faulty and a bloody disgrace and should never have been released to the market, or should never have been cheaply manufactured in China.

Under no circumstances should you purchase this fan. It is bloody useless.

If I could give negative stars I would.

Date PurchasedDec 2014
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Thank you for your review, as these fans do come complete with a 2 year in home warranty, we would with proof of purchase send out a technician to your home Free of charge to fix or replace under the warranty. If you cannot locate your receipt, but you paid via a credit card, take the amount you spent and the day in which you purchased the fan to the store in which the purchased was made- they will be able to re print your receipt for you for the warranty. Regards, BL Customer Service.

Very Dangerous Item

We bought 5 fanaway fans for our home. Initially they worked however after the warranty two separate fans dislodged a fan blade. They propelled across the room one nearly hit a visitor and one did hit our TV. It was so lucky that no one was seriously injured.
I have contacted fanaway and beacon where I bought them as yet no response from them. It needs a recall for this product.

Date PurchasedApr 2014
Hi Antoinette, I am sorry to hear about the issue you have had with some of your fans. As discussed with you via your message to us, I am getting a representative to contact you about this issue. You had sent us the message over the Christmas break and we were not able to respond to you until yesterday, kind regards Debbie - Customer ServiceHi Debbie We also visited a beacon store well prior to Christmas and were offered to be soldspare parts to try and repair the blades. We have today heard from beacon today that they will replace two. But there are other fanaway fans and these are in our bedrooms rooms and lounge room and after witnessing what happened to the faulty fans our young children won't use them. It seems only a matter of time before it happens to the rest I have expressed that concern to beacon as well.Hi Antoinette, I have spoken with the representative who spoke with your partner yesterday and he has told me that the the blades had not "snapped" off but come out of the fan along with a disc that holds the blades in place. This issue can be as a result of there being no maintenance done on the fans since they were installed, which is what has happened in your case ie. cleaning and regular use even in cooler times ie. winter as being told to the representative by your partner. You have been informed that we will be replacing 2 fans and we will look at the other fans whilst there to alleviate your concerns. Regards Debbie- Beacon Lighting Customer Service

Wish I'd read these reviews before buying....

Several problems following installation - Fan blades do not extend fully, meaning there is virtually no wind generated on the fastest setting and none at all on the other settings. For some reason the light bulbs do not work when all three are installed. There is a ticking noise when fan is in use. Low setting on remote is High and vice versa. When switched on at the wall the fan comes on, so have to use the remote to switch back to light only - on all my other fans this is the opposite which makes far more sense. Electrician said he'd never seen anything so odd in his life.
I am MUCH happier with the $70 fans installed in my other rooms because they work. This product is overly complicated and although it is a nice idea, it does not work.
Now I have to go through the hassle of asking Beacon Lighting for a replacement which requires someone to come round and check out my electrician's work. Hopefully Beacon Lighting will give us something completely different.

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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Hi Kirk, from what you have said , it appears that your fan has been wired incorrectly upon installation. You cannot use a remote and a wall controller for this fan, you can only have a remote or only a wall controller. There is a need to have a single pole isolating switch on the wall near the fan so that power can be turned off to the fan however this is not a fan controller. It is correct that 1 is the fastest setting and 3 is the slowest, which is the way all of our fans work. We do offer a great warranty on these fans which is 2 years in home and we will replace the fan if an issue is found with it, however if it has been installed incorrectly service will be borne by you . We sell these fans both Australia wide and internationally and have minimal issues with them. If you contact our warranty department on 1800 602 243, they can arrange a service call for you, kind regards Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer Service


Like others who have commented, we installed Fanaway fan lights (3) as well as matching Fanaway and Lucci lighting in our new home. We chose modern fluros thinking they would be energy efficient etc. These lights hardly get used as there is nobody home most days and we use halogen lamps in the living room at night, but the ballasts and fluros last a ridiculously short amount of time and are ridiculously expensive to replace. As commented by another reviewer, the replacement ballasts don't simply plug in, the wiring is actually wrong, the screw holes are in the wrong spot and the tape does not hold them in place. Fortunately my husband is able to change them himself. If we had to pay an electrician every time they would be at our house every month!

I am very disappointed in the maintenance required for these lights. Prior to buying these lights, I never even knew lights had ballasts! We spent considerable time with the consultant at Beacon Lighting when buying them, and the need to replace the ballasts, as well as globes, was never mentioned. Each time one blows, we have to try to figure out if it is the fluro or the ballast that needs replacing. Both are expensive and we don't want to have to buy both if only one is broken.

If I had realised the problems with ballasts, I would have chosen non-fluro lighting. We are currently looking to replace all these lights as the maintenance cost is ridiculous and they are unreliable.

Date PurchasedJul 2012
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Hi SMA, thankyou for taking the time in providing us feedback. I am sorry to hear about the issue you have been having. If you could PM us at webmaster@beaconlighting.com.au your name, contact number, state you are in and invoice number of your purchase, as the Fanaway you are talking about is not the Fanaway EVO2 Endure (this fan does not come with a ballast, it takes 3 screw type globes), and I will get a representative to contact you to discuss the issue further with you, regards Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer Service

So many problems!!

We have 4 fanaways in our house. All the Balasts have gone, at least once. 2 of the lights now flicker so badly they are virtually unusable and the remote on one won't work at all. These fans are not cheap! Having spoken to several Beacon Lighting stores, some have said there have been problems with them but they all say they are out of warranty so nothing they can do. I would never buy one again, and because of the general lack of acknowledgement I would not shop at Beacon Lighting again.

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Hi 4wd4fun, I am sorry to hear about the issues you have experienced with your Fanaways. If you could PM us on webmaster@beaconlighting.com.au with your contact details as well as your invoice number and the store purchased from, I will get the State Representative to contact you to discuss the matter further, regards Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer Service

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Hi can you get replacement shades for a fan away?
1 answer
Yes, you can get replacement shades through your closest Beacon Lighting store, you will need to advise them of the model you have, ie. what wattage tube and what colour fan you have so that they can get the correct one in for you, Debbie Beacon Lighting Customer Service

I recently purchased an Amazon Echo. I have 5 Fanaway Evo2 set up throughout my apartment and would like to incorporate bot the fans and the lighting into my smart home. Can anyone advise on what equipment I would need to do this?
No answers

The light on our fan is flickering on and off while the fan is going. we have unscrewed the bulbs for now but would like to know what is causing this problem?
1 answer
Hi Brenda, if you could PM us at webmaster@beaconlighting.com.au the SKU number of the fan you have and whether you have a remote on this fan, we will be able to look further into this for you and get back to you with an answer. Debbie - BL Customer Service


Evo2 Endure
Fan Blade Length1220mm
Blade Pitch15Degrees
Motor Wattage60W
Reversible FunctionYes
Retractable BladesYes
Price (RRP)$389
Release dateOct 2009
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