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Omg.. SO BAD! I rang them at one point to find out some more info. in the end I said I didn’t want to go through with the loan and then they called me at work and my employer answered. Why call my employer when I don’t even want your loan?! STAY AWAY

Customer Service
Application Process

Closed account had debt owing?

Had a loan paid out and closed early with ferratum, got an email 2 months later saying I had outstanding debt and it was being transferred to debt collection with a credit file deduction! Had to call them up and explain I had a txt from them stating I had paid my loan in full..... I’m just lucky I had proof and I had checked my emails in time before my credit file was reduced for nothing I had done!!!

Customer Service
Loan TypeVariable Rate

Be very careful with Ferratum

Be very careful with this lender they add on charges when it suits them had a loan for 3 weeks decided just to pay back on full they added a extra 400 + on what I owed not recommended

Customer Service
Application Process
Loan Start DateMarch 2019
Loan Term 12 months

Quick approval, no credit history needed

Such a good company , I havnt had any issues yet , very fast app roval and the money case in my bank within 4 hours! Would recommend to any one - thanks

Application Process
Loan Start DateJanuary 2019
Loan Term 6 months
Cash Arrival1 day(s)

Easy, Fast, Affordable

I have used Ferratum about 5 times now. Each time I have applied for a loan online.
It's so easy and the money is in your nominated bank that day, it does not take long.

This company will rip you off with fees!

If you are just one day late you get wacked with hefty overdue fees by Ferratum and Ezidebt. If you want to pay by credit card they charge $19 dollar process fee. Check the contract before you sign as they are totally inflexible with fees.

Disgusting organisation.

Well what can you say about this second rate organisation that it is and should not be allowed to operate. Beware of loans off them!!!! In fact don't apply for one unless you wanna get ripped off.

Rip off Merchants

Pack of rip off merchants...they have hefty fees for every method you pay and are incompetent on the phone. Unlike nimble if you miss a payment they don’t give you 24 hours to rectify it without charging a 50 dollar dishonour fee and an exidebit fail fee of 15 dollars. Go elsewhere...as soon as they loose all their customers they will become insolvent.

Wont lend again.

I have had about 5 loans with this mob all paid out in full and nearly all before the payment period.tried to get another loan the other day was declined they say their lending criteria has changed so someone who has paid back on time or b.f. time everytime is no longer eligible.what a bunch of goons dont bother with these time wasters.


Ferratum once upon a time were great to deal with.. very fast approvals and really friendly customer service.

I last applied months ago as I urgently needed medication, applying for the smallest loan they offer I received a phone call requesting I increase the loan amount.. whilst very tempting this really falls under irresponsible lending which I regretfully didn’t take further. A reputable company shouldn’t be encouraging customers to loan amounts they can’t pay back.

Anyway.. I fell on some hard times financially around the time repayments were due. Staff were so unfriendly and began adding ridiculous fees after declaring financial hardship.. they didn’t care though anything to make extra money.

Moral of the story.. don’t lend unless you really have to and even then don’t take out a small loan. I’ve learnt my lesson and will never deal with these low life thieves again. :)

Really good to deal with!!

I recently had a few defaults added to my credit due to poor choices and a change of income. I found Ferratum through a google search and was pleasantly surprised by how easy the webpage was to use.
I have been able get a few loans in the last few months successfully to help pay rent while I find a full time job.
They're quite easy to talk to via the chat option and realistic. I prefer to chat online as talking on the phone Regarding my situation is embarrassing.

The best products on offer

The team at FERRATUM are great at helping on all loan needs. The best customer service skills and knowledge of individual needs. The team also takes into account your circumstances and tries to work in your favour and have always managed to help me out. Highly recommended

Disgusting Global Customer Service

Could not answer my questions. Just kept talking over me. Cut me off in Live Chat. I asked for a PAYOUT FIGURE minus the INTEREST, they just gave me the normal deduction amount, which left me with another final payout amount the fortnight after. I didn't realise it until I checked my account online. Wouldn't recommend to any frign body!!

Terrible service and incompetence

Took a payment from my account for a loan that had been finished for weeks. Left me broke and overdrawn over a long weekend, then told me I should be happy because they refunded me the money days later. I demanded they do something to compensate me like they penalize people who miss payments and they have done absolutely NOTHING!!!

Customer service what a joke!!!

They took my repayment from old bank account. And "apologizes". I have been harassed threatened and charged fees. They admitted it was their fault "system error" apparently their phone system isn't working either, collections said they had rectified the matter, new payment schedule, no mention of reimbursing fees. 30 mins later I start receiving abusive texts and emails AGAIN! They don't reply to emails plus I have had an added charge to my bank account. My bank has instructed me to block my account to them. It's distressing and disgraceful.

Terrible Customer service would not recommend them

You can never get through to them. The schedule repayment before your pay day on on purpose so your payment get declined so they can charge you late payment fees. That is how they make their money. Once I finally got through collections lady was nice on the phone.

What a useless non responsive bunch of morons

Have unemployed payments guaranteed to be paid.They will lend plus take your money.Work as a sub contractor. All becomes confused there for you do not meet there lending criteria..They do not even respond with a your loan is declined.Leaving you wondering all day.Then you realize should have used some other short term lending company.In short Ferratum are is just an under staffed,Prima donna bunch of morons?Making a living ripping the poor off.

Ridiculous service and makes no sense!

Have been approved by Ferratum in Jan for a small loan to get me to payday (Wednesday) and applied a 2nd time with more income, funds in my account and they took from 4pm Sunday until this morning before 6am to get back to me with a decline. What a joke! I actually had given them 5 stars in the past before I read everyone's bad experience with repeat loans. Going elsewhere now, very disappointed. Def research these guys first before you try them! There are more unhappy customers than happy that have reviewed them!!


Take out extra payments when they shouldnt.
Also. I had 4 accounts and paid them all and they won't lend me another amount. Now ive gone elsewhere

Nothing but trouble

Do not ever go threw ferratum loans they take take payments when not supposed to they pass you around instead of dealing with the problems they do not call you back to sort out the problem when they say they will,they lie to you,I have had to involve the umbudsman and have had to block them out of my account,They also add money on to your owing ballance before the payment they took (in which shouldn't have been taken is refunded)A very bad company to go threw it has been a nightmare dealing with this company.Be warned Don't ever get a loan threw Ferratum.

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Did any one find it weird to have to give out your log on details to NetBank?
1 answer
Yes i will never go threw them again as they use another company called ezi debit ti collect there repayments.now ezi debit were taking out payments when they were nit due to come out and ferratum wiuld not refund the payment.worse loan mob to go threw a really goid loan mob is champion loans they have been great with me and my daughters.

Have always repaid back on time never missed a payment why now declined?
1 answer
u tell me the same with me had a bank loan of 5k and all paid back and now cant get anything else why

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