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Still haven’t received my money

Applied for loan before 2:30pm on Friday didn’t receive the money obviously. And now it’s monday next business day and they said I’d have it today but no still no money in my account. If I knew it’s be a stuff around to get the money I wouldn’t of even applied for the loan will not recommend to anyone

Customer Service
Loan TypeFixed Rate

Best of a bad bunch

Wallet Wizard are the best of an EXTREMELY bad bunch. They were the only loan company that was willing to lend me any money at all during a time of peak financial stress, so they get kudos for that. They do, however, regrettably engage in some of the same despicable tactics as their competitors:

* Falsely promising that "the cash will be in your bank account within the hour". This is obviously a blatant lie, since unless they use PayID (which they don't) it's going to take at least 1 business day before the funds are transferred.

* They will attempt to direct debit your bank account a fortnight earlier than what was agreed upon (as set out in the loan contract). Fortunately, in my case, on the particular date that they tried this stunt, there was no funds available for them to plunder. Eventually they conceded that they had the incorrect date – but their concession was graceless and was devoid of any sort of apology.

* Their Customer Portal is not user-friendly; and offers no facilities to pay off your loan early.

* While it's true that Wallet Wizard don't charge the outrageous start-up fees as the other payday lenders (e.g. large upfront establishment fees); their interest rate of 48% is the highest rate of the lot!

Customer Service
Application Process
Loan TypeFixed Rate
Loan Start DateFebruary 2019
Loan Term 6 months
Cash Arrival1 days

Easy Peasy

I decided to look into taking out a wallet wizard loan just to help with spending money for an upcoming holiday, super easy to apply using their website, they are completely transparent and list all of the terms and conditions clearly.
Customer service was great, very jovial people to deal with which definitely helps with the process.
Received my money within the hour even when getting accepted at 4pm! (This may not be the same for all)
Definitely will be making for a much better holiday.

Customer Service
Application Process
Loan TypeVariable Rate
Loan Start DateMarch 2019
Cash Arrival2 days

Easy? I think not!

Nothing is easy! They say they will call you but only message and ask that you call them back every time. They assure you that it will be quick and easy but it was actually the exact opposite. Two days of jumping through rings and still no update as to the outcome. Multiple calls made to them to find out what is going on but never any answers. Would not recommend wasting your time and definitely would not recommend to anyone else!!! Extremely unhappy customer due to the amount of my time that has been wasted.

Customer Service
Application Process
Loan TypeVariable Rate

Rubbish !!!!!

How pathetic!! Applied for a redraw of $800 i have had an account with them since october 2017 and have made all rrwuired payments yet it has taken 3 weeks with no answer and no communication . Very rude customer service as well . I will be paying this avvountin full asap .

Review for [name removed] who called from 0281992929

I found [name removed] to be very unprofessional. Her telephone manners were terrible and her email context relevant to her telephone manners. Very rude and I feel sorry for customers.

Awkward employment check over $1,200.00 & still no response on the loan

They did not give me the details of how they were going to conduct employment checks and my managers felt that the questions in the email were too personal to even respond and they thought it could possibly be a scam. I'm just surprised with how much they were doing that and yet there hasn't been a response from them for a week on anything. I have 2 jobs and all I needed was a quick loan but I no longer need the money coz I've just waited long enough to have made the money I needed. I don't even know if they even give away money....no one seems to be given the money.

Beware borrowing from wallet wizard

owned by debt collection company Credit Corp read all the Credit corp reviews then decide not to borrow from them be very very careful dealing with any company company connected to Credit Corp ignore all the 5 star reviews they are written by wallet wizard to make themselves look good


Asked if i could get a top up on my previous loan. No answer! Do not rely on them cause you wont get a reply from them anytime soon. I have sent this question to them about 5 times now, yet again with no reply. Pull ya head in guys or you will be reported to the Accc now rather than later!!! Update your website or look out.

Use only as a last resort

How was your customer service experience with this company?
They are quite quick at resolving issues and will be more than happy to work with you

Did you experience any unexpected extra costs or other issues while on this loan?
no as everything is explained

How satisfied are you with the rate you received for this loan?
I was not happy with this rate, however this is a vexing question because while you can choose another option or go with someone else when you have a select set of circumstances then you are really limited, I still think that a +40 % interest rate is quite steep.

Long and frustrating process..

They're quick to get your info and let you know it's going well, it took a week with going back and forth.. They wanted a simple question answered from payroll (which I could have answered myself), which was then verbally answered - apparently it wasn't allowed after I was told we could get a verbal answer? Very confusing.. Then when putting me through the feedback line there was nothing there?? Then was told everything was looking good until I got declined with no valid reason..

Very long Wait times and a lot of bad customer service full of lies

I have a loan with this company Wallet wizard which I have found to be cheaper than others in interest but to apply for a credit increase is taking over two weeks and every time I’ll call them up and they say it is with the processing team I have had to resend bank statements and income statements two times now and I am still waiting on never again will I be using them I rather use the high interest places to actually give you money tomorrow when you need it the most

Took a while but got there in the end

I applied for a limit increase on 31.12 18.
Had to answer a lot of extra questions but everyone I spoke to was very helpful and we got there in the end,


Applied Friday.still no answer on Monday due to short staff over the Xmas period,so the lady on phone said and it currently with the processing team.as tomorrow is a public holiday not expectining an answer till weds if I'm lucky..

So annoying

So I applied and got approved for the loan Friday midday. They do say you receive money within the hour. Hours pass and still nothing (mind you it’s midday). Saturday comes so I give them a call. I said to the lady that I hadn’t received my payment. She then laughs in my face and says don’t you know we don’t send out money on the weekends? She then explains that once they’re closed they don’t send the payment out and if it’s a weekend you don’t receive it till Monday. Why say you receive money within the hour if you really don’t? Really inconvenient for the people that really need it.

Love this company

1 of the best loan company's I've had a loan thou low interest easy fortnightly payments redraw after paid back 50% great place I know I'll be going back when & if I ever get stuck again

How hard can it be

Never found a company so hard to deal with had to jump through hoops and ring them a ridiculous amount of times till I finally got approval and then the offer was appearing on my members page and had to phone again to try to get it sorted and then it was supposedly fixed and then it error ed again, phones again and they said that they will look at at cant tell me how long it will take or if I can get the money i need on time, most useless company I've ever had to deal with, would rather deal with a dentist!!!!!

Checked my credit rating before I completed the application

Before i even finished my application i got an alert that my credit rating had been checked. I had 2 accounts that my pay go into and they wouldn't factor in my second acc which is around $1000 per fortnight. My credit rating is good and i earn @ $4000 a fortnight and still couldn't borrow. A bit dodgy they won't tell you why either.

Need Emergency Cash? We're going to decline you.

I recently took out my super for a life threatening medical reason. Unfortunately, I had 2k less in my super than I was able to take out. In this instance, I decide to go back to Wallet Wizard. I've never had an issue with them before, actually, the first time I used them I was working casual, barely made any money, and was approved for 3k.

Close to paying that off, I was told I can get a redraw with a credit increase of 5k... Yup! I got it... still barely made any money but was paying it off.

Now that I seriously need the money, and not just to let it sit in my savings account in case of an emergency, I am being rejected. I am now working full time with a regular weekly income.

Oh, and what prompted me to write this review was my favourite line on their website: "Or just need some emergency cash? Wallet Wizard is here when you need fast and easy access to cash."

Are you? I need emergency cash and yet I am being told that I can't get it...

Very slow and stressful waiting for action

Unsatisfied. Desperate for finances application difficult. Uploading bank account details tricky az. Nobody knows where email verification documents are we sent. Tedious and frustration

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Questions & Answers

How do you make a manual payment on wizard wallet loan? I want to pay more than the minimum monthly payment
No answers

So we got accepted for $600 and they say they are open Saturday’s 8-4.30pm but when we call they say we haven’t called in the business times. Does anyone know if we will get the money today or Monday??? We kind of need it today
2 answers
Monday if you are lucky they don't do transactions on weekendsWhy would you even consider getting a loan from them in the 1st place?

HI, is there anyone on here who either applied or knows someone that applied for more than $1000 and actually was approved? I applied almost a week ago and nothing, I am probably just going to get one of those oops, sorry, you don't qualify emails in a week or two.
4 answers
I'm not sure I was approved for $500 I applyed on Sunday 30/12/18 of last week and only got money in bank on Monday 7/1/19 they said because of the Xmas and new year only had couple open days and is taking bit longer then normal I would just give them a ring and they should b happy to let u know what is happeningwallet wizard are owned by debt collection company Credit corp check out the negative reviews on Credit corp then decide not to borrow anything from them they are biggest money hungry sharks if you are just $5.00 behind they will harass you every day with a barrage of phone calls & text messages then try to get a court judgement to make you pay back the whole loan. Be very very careful dealing with themDo Not get a loan thru wallet wizard they will destroy your credit rating if you are a day late with a payment, they will start legal action without you even knowing it. the five star reviews are written by them trying to make themselves look good be careful


Wallet Wizard
Minimum Age18
Application Fee ($AUD)Zero

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