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Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart 403L Bottom Freezer


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Iridium surface.


The fridge has been reliable but the iridium finish is shocking.After a few years the finish started to deteriorate.I rang f/p and was told it was my fault for using cleaning products on it which I hadn’t ! The photo doesn’t really show the true picture.

Purchased in September 2005 for $2,001.00.

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Can't stand the noise!


Loved this fridge for the first two years but then just out of warranty it started making horrendously loud vibrating noise. At first only when it was full, but now most of the time. It is so loud that I feel like I'm living with a jet engine going on in my house constantly. Awful. I expected way more from Fisher and paykel.

Date PurchasedAug 2015


  • 11 reviews

Alright fridge


Every single compartment has the exact same temperature except for the fridge and freezer obviously. All the compartments in the top fridge have the same temperature. The only aspects of this fridge I don't like is the freezer does not have lots of room. The freezer draws have also broken which makes it hard to get out the draw. The fridge doors are easy to open

Date PurchasedAug 2013


  • 5 reviews

I could live without this Fridge and wish i had my old Westinghouse back


The freezer has 3 sections and the top shelf DOES Not pull out so you are unable to see what is in there
the middle self is very small and wont hold much
So the only usable section is the bottom drawer
so really a small freezer
The fridge does not have egg compartments nor cold meat and cheese section
I did not know of this when I bought it otherwise I would not have purchased this model
The company takes 10 days before they can come to repair it as their service section is so busy
That says to me one of two things a bad product with not enough service people or they need to at least double the size of their service team

Date PurchasedAug 2018


Amandala1310Coffs Harbour

  • 13 reviews

Excellent fridge

Date PurchasedAug 2018



  • 4 reviews

Just a OK fridge


We bought it just recently. Overall, it is a ok dredge. If you get a tight budget on white goods. You might consider about this one, but I do not know the quality and After-sales service for now. The good things I am kind of enjoy the sleek lines and effortless temperature control.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Duncan Bickies

Duncan BickiesRichmond-Tweed, NSW

  • 6 reviews

Good, quiet, functional fridge.


A very good fridge.
Good Points. Reliable, well laid out, excellent lighting, fridge above, shelf supports allow more configurations than most, quiet, door open alerts, freezer drawers with separate ice tray drawer is a great idea.
Bad Points. Has sometimes frozen items on top shelf of fridge compartment but very rarely. Also, I'm used to setting up a fridge so that the doors swing shut. These doors have a resistance built in just before closure that stops this from being possible. A little annoying but these are the only faults I have noticed in three years.

Date PurchasedAug 2015



  • 4 reviews

Very Stylish Works Well


We bought this because it perfectly fits the alcove in our kitchen and it looks absolutely fantastic in place. Chills beautiful and very evenly. I really appreciated how quickly drinks cooled over summer. Plenty of freezer space and it is whisper quiet when running. We have had plenty of Fisher and Paykel machines in the past and they are always reliable. We think it's a very good choice.

Date PurchasedSep 2017


  • 4 reviews

Great Fridge Looks Fabulous


We went with Fisher and Paykel because our last fridge was with them and it put in a stellar performance.
This is a beautiful well designed fridge and a big relief after "old faithful'. It seems so much colder with the new fan forced system although I have found its important to keep food covered as it dries out more quickly.
It is easy to clean and looks beautiful in our kitchen and makes little more than the quietest hum. We are very pleased with it.

Date PurchasedNov 2017


Great fit for a Medium Sized Home

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Fisher and Paykel 403L had it 4 years and still love it.....


I have had this Fisher and Paykel 403L fridge since May 2014 and I love it. I would buy another one of these in a heart beat. 2 crisper bins. Roll out bins in freezer. Looks schmick and stylish in my kitchen. Can you be in love with a fridge?

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Tom S

Tom SSydney

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Study, reliable, well built machine. Design lacking!


This fridge is excellent at doing the job, and reliably so. We haven't had any issues with the cooling system for the whole time we've owned it. Although the inside design is plastic, it is very hard wearing and looks almost good as the day we bought it.

The freezer draws sometimes get stuck, possible design improvements here. But the reliability is top notch. Much recommended if looks are not your priority.

Date PurchasedJan 2015


RaghuSydney, NSW

  • 6 reviews

Awesome fridge


Love this fridge.
It maintains the freshness of the fruits, veggies for more than 2 weeks without damage.
They keep the veggies fresh.
The only problem is if you use the top rack for yougurt it gets frozen and the veggies also gets wet. Avoid the top rack use it for drinks.

Date PurchasedNov 2013



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Dead fridge after six years


The fridge was good while it lasted. After six years of ownership, the freezer section stopped defrosting resulting in ice build up and lack of cooling throughout the fridge. I contacted F&P and got quoted $150 for a call out fee plus parts. Customer service left a lot to be desired. I wanted to confirm the nature of the error based on the fridge beeping codes but F&P refused to provide this over the phone. A F&P service technician took over a week to come and diagnose the fault. Unfortunately after replacing the supposed faulty part, the fridge still did not defrost. Will not buy another F&P fridge based on poor reliability, poor customer service and expensive repair costs, with no guarantee that they will fix the fridge.

Date PurchasedJul 2011
Ian P

Ian PSydney, NSW

  • 7 reviews

Giant, spacious fridge


I live with my house mates. bought this fridge in August when I moved to new apartment. Ample space. We store litterally two three days of food and yet we have so much space. The best thing is freezer is down so we don't have to bend that often as we have very few stuffs in freezer. Powerful freezer and nice cooling.

Date PurchasedAug 2017


  • 6 reviews

Adore this fridge!


I went from having a leaking awful fridge to this one! Never skipped a beat. I really like the lay out, especially the ice shelf. You can get soo much into that freezer! I found with a upside down fridge; things don’t get lost like they used too and I can easily organise everything so even the male of the species can find stuff. Quite fridge, bright light, easy to clean for a fridge.

Date PurchasedJan 2012

shannon Moothien

shannon Moothien

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Can't live without it.


The fridge temperature is well maintained and keeps all my food extremely fresh. Love the functions and space. This fridge is extremely quiet and smooth. Very easy to use. Haven't had any problem so far. Cleaning wise, it's pretty easy to clean and it keeps clean. Just a sponge and some cleaning products.

Date PurchasedMay 2016



This fridge does what you ask of it and maybe more! Keeps everything to a fresh cool temp and the freezer, most importantly, keeps an overall freeze of all the goods. Even though 403L may not seem much, it certainly keeps enough cooked meals and freezer items for a family of three :)

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Rose L

Rose L

  • 2 reviews

Does what it says on the box


This fridge is a joy to own. It is spacious and well-lit inside, keeps everything cold to perfection and is well built with a good solid feel to it. I had similar problems to other posters in that the space it needed to fit in to was quite narrow. I can honestly say that it does not feel like any space has been lost inside the fridge because of this. I like the fact that the top of the fridge door rises above the top of the fridge body so it becomes a nice little hideaway for things you don't want on display. The unit is very quiet (unlike a similar sized LG model that another family member owns) and aesthetically doesn't compete with the kitchen decor because it is nice and flat and has the recessed handles.

Date PurchasedNov 2016



  • 5 reviews

Good fridge for a tight fridge space.


I had to go for a slimmer model of fridge as I bought a 1-bedroom apartment and the space was only good for those less than 700mm wide. In comparing this particular F&P model with others it was taller so had the same capacity.

I'm ok with the height as the fridge shelves are all comfortable to use. I find the shelves to be of high quality and the door holders are good sizes for bottles etc.

The vegetable trays don't collect liquid or condensation which I've had trouble with in other Samsung and F&P fridges.

The freezer boxes are good sizes and there is a smart drawer for ice trays.

It has a modern looking facade and handles.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

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Elaine B.

Elaine B.asked

Hi inherited mum-inlaw fridge need to know year made please. Its model E402B, product no 20438, serial BRF186537,series D. I need to sell it but been asked how old and only can find her manual no receipt. Thanks Elaine

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Amanda D.

Amanda D.asked

my freezer is very cold but my fridge is not cooling all my food is going bad how can I fix it?

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Keith G.

Keith G.asked

what is the difference between E402BLXFD5 and RF402BLPX6?

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I am a consumer I suggest asking the manufacturer

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