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LG GB-450
Latest review: Great fridge with only a few minor complaints. 1. The freezer door sticks out more than the fridge door and look a bit odd. 2. The doors don't sit level. 3. Can make a higher pitched noise at

Samsung SRL457MW / SRL458ELS
Latest review: An absolute disgrace and that it leaks water into the freezer department Yes it maintains temp and that’s about all I can say about it Yes it’s easy to open but once the water freezes in the bottom of

Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart 519L Bottom Freezer (RF522 Series)
Latest review: Bought about 9 months ago, so far does a perfect job. running smoothly with minimum noise. very easy to clean. Temperature is great in all compartments, it is well maintained and great for value

Westinghouse WBE4500 / WBE5300
Latest review: Good points: Reasonably quiet. You must take the time to level the fridge or at least change the level to avoid a bad vibration from the compressor against the body of the fridge. Freezer is

Electrolux EBE5307SA / EBE5367SA
Latest review: I mainly chose this fridge because of its size, style and energy rate. I am happy with these parameters, but since it was delivered, it had a permanent unusual noise and it wasn't the most silent

Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart 403L Bottom Freezer
Latest review: Loved this fridge for the first two years but then just out of warranty it started making horrendously loud vibrating noise. At first only when it was full, but now most of the time. It is so loud

LG GB-310
Latest review: I like this fridge and had the previous model for 15 years trouble free. I don’t like having to remove the vegetables drawer completely to remove lid. It is frustrating. I contacted LG to see if I h

Haier HBM450SA1
Latest review: The fridge runs very quietly, the freezer is easy to clean, the space is large enough to provide ample food and drink, and it's perfect for kids to enjoy quick cold drinks. It's a little hard to

Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart 442L Bottom Freezer (E442 Series)
Latest review: Although, 2nd year, milk & egg were frozen after moved home. The fridge was under warranty within 3 years. After fixed, using until now. I can't believe it is 16 years old. Inside design is smart

Electrolux EBE4507SA
Latest review: Great having a freezer at the bottom with three draws. Easy access to all shelves in the freezer and the fridge Can be slightly noisy when motor kicks in but this doesn’t last for long and we are n

Fisher & Paykel 519L Bottom Mount
Latest review: This fridge is excellent, the shelves are a good size, the cold water dispenser works well the ice maker is good. The only downside is drawers in the freezer tend to lose things but having said that

Panasonic NR-BX41BXSAU
Latest review: It’s great easy to use easy to find things keeps the veggies fresh I love it value for money the freezer is a great idea either the drawer Meat keeper is on the bottom and keeps all the meat very

Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart 519L Bottom Freezer (E522 Series)
Latest review: I bought this fridge back in 2014 and it's been working perfectly fine since then. Low maintenance with great looking fridge, beautifully designed. Very spacious and easy to clean. Keep the veggies

Hisense HR6BMFF435 / HR6BMFF520
Latest review: We have had our fridge for almost 4 years now. We bought an extended warranty at the time and sadly have now had to use it. The fridge has stopped cooling, whilst the freezer stays on. A Service guy

Westinghouse WBB3400
Latest review: I have had this fridge for six months now and I really cannot fault it. There is adequate freezer and fridge space for two people. I have never run out of room or had a problem. Only criticism is

Samsung SRL451BLS
Latest review: We've had this fridge for about 8 months and it so far hasn't skipped a beat. Maintains temp nicely and is easy to clean. My only problem with it is how easily it scratches, marks and dents. I know

Electrolux EBE4300 / EBE5100
Latest review: Not happy disappointed in Australian made products. This fridge cost me a lot of money after bad experiences with buying the most expensive products on the market to only get disheartened is enough

Westinghouse WBE4514SA
Latest review: This fridge works really good and we like the layout but it is very hard to open the fridge door. The freezer door opens easily. After one week I reported this problem to the Good Guys where we

Haier HBM450WH1
Latest review: Very happy with this Haier fridge, 4.5 star energy rating, bought July 2016, Betta electrical, $740 (after serious negotiation) hasn't missed a beat for 2.5 years now, runs very quietly, has open

Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart 519L Door Drawer
Latest review: For starters it fits perfectly into the space and would easily cater for a small family (admittedly I'm only using it for myself but even then it always looks empty with my food in it). Great

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