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Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler

Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler

M5598 and P3334
4.3 from 18 reviews

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Best rocker ever

Can use from newborn to toddler the rocking motion was very soothing I would put my 1 and half year old in it to drink her bottle and she would fall to sleep.
When my newborn would come out of the rocker my toddler would rush to get in it.
Awesome product.

The best and most durable thing we got!

Lovely gift that was only recently broken by my 10 y.o. who used it from newborn to 4-5 y.o. Looking for another for my 3 y.o. to replace. Sorely missed. Went through many kids in my Family Day Care business as well! Easy machine washable cover. Insanely strong (had a 20kg 5 y.o. using regularly for many months). Even breakage was accidental and it was upside down!

A real life saver, for a busy mum

I was given this rocker with my first baby. she loved it from newborn, in fact she is now 3 & still try's to get into it. Now she has a baby sister. when my second baby was newborn, she hated this rocker, she never wanted to sit in it. I was just about to give it away, when one day she climbed onto it herself & from that day on she loves it. Its well used & is still going strong. I would recommend to other mothers.
very durable, easy to clean, baby loves it
kids keep on losing the toys, but that has nothing to do with the rocker

Its ok. Not bad.

I give it 3 stars only because it was my 3rd rocker for my first baby. It was ok, but i prefer bouncers. Its good because it lays back... So when bub is old enough to feed themself bottles you can recline them. Also can be used as a mini high chair when they start solids, a cute little chair and when newborn, can be reclines possibly even as a bed
Most things
Just that it wasn't a bouncer


I got given one of these brand new for a baby shower present. I used it until my daughter was about 6 months then couldn't use it any more.. When my daughter was sitting in it. It decided one day to just brake and couldn't be repaired. my daughter at the time only weighted 4-5 KG as she was a really small baby. I contacted fisher price which they were not helpful at all. The rocker/chair was done up tight and wasn't wobbly or anything so i dont know how it became so horrible that it just decided to brake.
Light weight. they colours.
Where do i start?? everything. Its horrible.


Love it very much! Can be used as rocker or 'chair'. Very comfortable and safe for baby. Very convenient to carry around. Would recommend it!
My baby loves to play with the toys in the first few months of age. She loves to be rocked while she's tired. The cover can be washed. Light weight and handy to be carried around the house.
The toys get a bit too close to the baby. My baby doesn't like to play with the toys anymore when she grows older (maybe because she's more interested in looking around the house while sitting on the rocker).


The vibrating put my child to sleep and was a life saver in the first months. We had to stop using the rocker once our child was 5.5 month as he learnt to sit unaided, after a near accident of the rocker and child tipping, we ceased use of it.
A life saver for the first 5 months of my infants life.
Easy to tip once your child can sit up unaided.


This is the main thing I recommend all new mothers get. I chose this particular product because it lasts from newborn to toddler age which no other rocker on the market did.
My baby loves his rocker. It was great right from the start. He loves the toys. It is great to use when I have things to do when I cant hold him. It can be moved easily from room to room. I even use it when I want to have a shower, I just put him in it in the bathroom and he's happy. The cover is washable and it can be used as a toddler chair as well.


Excellent product - certainly have recommended to many friends and will continue to do so. We will defintely use this product again for our next baby. I think this is much better than many of the swing products out on the market as this is easier to move around and has more flexibility.\
Lightweight and easy to move around. Has vibration and can be made into a stationary chair. Also moves from newborn through to toddler which many chairs and sswings do not do. It is also a great way to get bub to sleep when he is having trouble. Just a little rock with the vibration for 5 minutes and he is out like a light!
Can't really think of any!


This has been a handy chair for my baby when he was several months old. He could sit in it and I could do other things at the same time as I knew he was safe.. It was not that good when he was very little though as it is better for an older baby.
A good rocker that can also be used as a chair for an older toddler. Comes with some bright and colourful toys for baby to look at. The cover washes well and is easy to keep looking nice. Good solid design.
A smaller baby does not really fit that well in this chair and it really is more suited for an older baby.


My bub has loved his rocker from newborn. The vibrations were great for settling for about three months. Now we use the rocker for feeding.
Great for feeding in or to give a bottle as it has a kick bar to stop rocking and can be set on incline to sit bub up. The cover is easy to wash and quick to dry, which is great as we use it to feed bub in. We have used this rocker everyday since we got it and will continue to do so.
machine washable cover
viabrations to settle younger baby
large weight range - use from newborn to toddler
light weight - easy to move from room to room
toy bar only has velcro - would be better with loops or hooks so babies favorite toys can be used
switch for vibration can be turned on when brushing passed rocker (results in flat batteries)


loved the way you can lay it back and stop it rocking- its the only place my baby would sleep for the first couple months. vibration was very soothing for my baby, just frustrating when it wouldnt consistantly work. overall a very good rocker, cheaper than most others too
really versitile, can be used for alot longer than any other rocker on the market
the vibrator has a dodgy connection and doesnt always work


I have had this chair close to two years now. I am a family daycare mum so you can imagine the use and abuse its had. I have found it to be great. Love the colours the material easy to wash down with hot soapy water or throw into machine. Still going strong
I like the versatility of this chair. The bright colours which appeal to both adults and children. I like how you can use it lying down and sitting up.
I found after a lot of use the toys which hang down that they tend to come of easy from the velcro.


very sturdy product which was very helpful for feeding and keeping baby entertained whilst doing things around the house. it is quite bulky so not easy to take with you on holidays etc, very easy to remove the cover to wash which helps when feeding, not very costly compared to other products.
bright colours, removable toy bar kepps baby entertained however can be removed for sleeping, love the lay back position was very easy to feed baby in whne starting solids, fabric easily removed for washing
our toy bar bent at the bottom so we are unable to clip it in anymore


Overall, I am very happy with this rocker. My newborn was happy in there in its reclined position, and now that he's bigger he enjoys playing with the toys and can be amused for a while safely while i need to shower or cook. Before he could sit in the highchair, I also sat him in there to feed him.
This rocker has a very cute, bright design suitable for boys or girls. It seems comfortable, my tiny baby even seemed happy in there. It is sturdy, strong enough to seat a 3 year old. The removable toy bar keeps the little one amused and 2 of the toys can be removed. The seatbelt is comfortable. The fabric part can be removed and washed. The seat has 2 recline positions.
The toy bar can be bent, making it hard to click back into place securely on both sides. The musical toy plays part of only one song, a bit of variety would be good.


This is a great baby bouncer. You can leave on the toy bar or leave it off which I like. No real bells and whistles which I also like. It can take the weight of my toddler which is great as he loves to use things that belong to the baby. I can easily rock it with my foot when the baby is unsettled and he will often go to sleep. I find the harness pretty secure. Cover is easy to take off and wash.
This is sturdy enough when you have a toddler as well as a baby
Can't think of anything


It has been a great investment. It was bought for me for a present while I was pregnant, but I would have still bought it myself as it sells for for around 60 -70 dollars. Will use it for a long time to come as my baby is only 3 months and won't give it up.
I loved this product as well as my baby. It has been a great thing to use when I have needed to do things. My baby will sit in it and be happy to look around or even fall asleep in it. The rocker has a vibration switch which my baby has seemed to love and just lay there.


I love this rocker and believe me, I've tried a few. It is very sturdy unlike some that are out there in the market. I started using it when my baby was 3 months old. It has legs that you can extend so that it doesn't rock so that my baby would often sleep in it during the day. The toys attached on the removable bar are colourful and interactive (with music and rattling sounds). It encourages baby to reach out and play with them. I love it that when your child gets bigger, it can be used as a toddler rocker! A very versatile product backed by a well-known and trusted brand. I love all Fisher Price products!
It rocks back and forth which soothed my baby as opposed to "bouncing up and down" which irritated him. Detachable cloth cover makes it easy to throw in the wash.

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