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Jolly Jumper Elite

Latest review: I purchased this due to my youngest being full of life and it was a great purchase. I pop him in it while I’m preparing lunch/dinner and he loves it, he loves making music on the music mat so it k

BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss

Latest review: Absolutely love this bouncer. It’s the fourth bouncer I’ve had for my babies and the others don’t even compare. The shape puts baby on a straighter alignment than the other bowl-shaped bouncer which m

Fisher-Price Rainforest Open Top Take-Along Swing

Latest review: This seemed like the ideal product for us but I regret my purchase. Baby doesn't mind the seat, however will often startle awake and hit her hands on the hard plastic toys, waking her up. Silly

Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler

Latest review: Can use from newborn to toddler the rocking motion was very soothing I would put my 1 and half year old in it to drink her bottle and she would fall to sleep. When my newborn would come out of the

Fisher-Price Rainforest

Latest review: This bouncer is nice to look at but not really suitable for babies larger than 7.5-8kg. It's much smaller than the less expensive bright starts bouncers and less functional. Overall it has a small

Lullabub Cot Rocker

Latest review: Have used for both our kids and this has been one of the best baby things we have ever used! Baby stirs and doesn’t settle, you lay in bed, point the remote at the cot rocker and it rocks baby back t

4moms MamaRoo

Latest review: I bought my Mamaroo from The Amazing Baby Company at a baby expo. Firstly, their customer service isn’t great. I was told that you can buy the product covers in ‘lots of different colours and pat

Nuna Leaf

Latest review: Baby didn’t really take to the Nuna Leaf when she was born; she would sit in it for a few minutes then cry and want to be taken out. We bought the mobile toy bar and Wind as well (for continuous s

Valco Baby Minder

Latest review: DO NOT BUY this bouncer. We bought it as we were told it was the cheaper version of the Baby Bjorne. It collapsed with my 8week old in it twice! He is 4.5kgs. He fell from the middle setting to the

Tiny Love 3 in 1 Rocker Napper

Latest review: Not worth the price at all. Maybe good for smaller babies but definitely a NO for taller babies. The motion isin’t smooth either. You cannot put it on a carpet area. Very tough rocking. Also the m

Fisher-Price Miracles & Milestones Take-Along Sensory Swing

Latest review: I put my baby on this swing when I have to quickly do some housework or eat meals. It keeps him busy for a while about 20 minutes staring into the panda mirror. He occasionally falls asleep on it

Bright Starts Teensy Turtle Cradling Bouncer

Latest review: I got mine brand new after using a friends and the toy bar didn't stay up on hers either. Disappointing but bub still loved it and went to sleep in it more often than we woukd have liked lol. I

Veebee Serenity

Latest review: Loved this product. I got one second hand for my baby when she was a newborn. She wouldn’t go in any other bouncers as they were too firm. She liked this one as it moulds to their body & makes them f

InfaSecure Jumping Joey with Collapsible Stand

Latest review: Theirs no way these should be aloud to be sold in stores ! Theyre so dangerous my baby nearly fell out as soon as i put him in it and hes only 3 months old! Discusting and annoyed i wasted my money!

Ingenuity SmartBounce Bouncer

Latest review: We bought ourselves 2 ( yes twins ) smartbounce baby bouncers from big w a week after our boys were born in July and they have been a godsend ! Super easy to assemble , 2 different bouncing levels

Fisher-Price Adorable Animals Baby's Bouncer

Latest review: Best bouncer ever. We got ours as a gift and it was the best gift! Our little one loves it. So easy to assemble and bounce by your foot. The vibrations are great and puts her to sleep. Wish it could

Childcare Classic Pooh Cradle Swing

Latest review: We have baby number 4 and I have found this swing to be great. Keeps baby entertained only wish I had purchased this for my other 3 children. It helps a little when you have a clingy baby that

Baby Einstein Discover Water Rocker Seat

Latest review: My daughter loved this seat, she would often fall asleep in it, as it has virate and water sounds, rain forest sounds and i also could hook my ipod up to it! Very sturdy and the different positions

Veebee Serenity Plus

Latest review: This bouncer was one of the best purchases we made with our first bub. He is a very long baby so it was hard to find a bouncer that he could fit and grow into. He has now almost outgrown it (it

Fisher-Price Cruisin Motion Soother

Latest review: I ordered my cruisin motion soother on the recommendation of a good friend. I had to order from the US so it was a bit pricier than I had allowed for but I am so so glad I ordered it when I did-I'd

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