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Fisher-Price Rainforest

Fisher-Price Rainforest

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Ok but only for small babies

This bouncer is nice to look at but not really suitable for babies larger than 7.5-8kg. It's much smaller than the less expensive bright starts bouncers and less functional. Overall it has a small size than the bright starts, The cantilever angle is not as upright, at 7.5kg-8kg baby is in a reclined position (not helpful for burping or play), the activity toy bar almost hits baby in the face and is in my opinion semi-hazardous, toy bar is unable to be switched out with alternative toys and becomes boring to baby. I would instead suggest a cheaper brand with a standard metal bar toy bar. We bought our bright starts bouncer for $25 at Kmart.

Small seat, but good entertainment

My son loved the sounds and the toy bar, facinated him for a while, however we couldnt use it for long at all as the seat is very small and my boys legs hung off when he was only 5 weeks old. I brought this second hand to go with the rainforest set that i have, i definitely wouldn't pay full price as is very expensive for the quailty and size. I have two other fisher-price bouncers (one for nanny's house - boblin' band bouncer, and one for home (not sure of the name) but they are both fantastic and have larger seats and do the same things, like light up, play music and vibrate. so i wouldnt choose this as my first option.
Pretty colours, good toy bar and music
very small seat, and expensive

Very handy for a newborn!!

This bassinet has served us well for both of our children.
it is of larger size compared to other bassinet's available so our children were able to sleep right beside our bed for longer than normal.
It had a batery operated mobile with lights and music for soothing them to sleep. A must have!!
Large sleeping size, attached musical & light mobile, can be set to wheel or rock.

Soothing and entertaining!

I have only just put my 8 week old into this bouncer now that he is more interactive and alert, he loves the music and the little monkey and frog that move up and down. The best part is that even with the slightest movement of his legs, it sends him into a nice soothing bouncing motion which he loves (and sends him to sleep without my help wahoo!)
So it is useful in both providing entertainment and also to help soothe a young bub.
Bright colours, easy to clean
I got this cheap directly from a sale, probably would not buy at RRP as quite expensive

Couldn't live without this bouncer - 7 week old baby

thank goodness for this bouncer! not sure if our 7 week old bub has colic, but either way it really settles him down when nothing else works (ie putting him in his cot, walking him around etc) to get him to sleep. You can remove the arch so that it doesn't get in the way when he is sleeping, or leave it on and play continuous music/light show (waterfall) for him (but probably best not to have too much stimulation if using it for sleep?) - either way it's colourful, fun & the vibration really works!
settles baby down with vibrating motion, only 7 weeks old but been using it for weeks & he was 00000 at birth so suitable for small bubs too!
we are onto 2nd set of D batteries in 7 weeks, but that is nothing compared to the peace it brings from sleep!

I couldn't get by without a bouncer

I love the bouncer and so does my baby. I've had him in it since I bought him home from hospital. It has a vibrating seat which was great for when he'd have cat naps as newborn babies do.
Now he's 4 months old he's starting to get too big for it and doesn't seem to play with the activity part anymore. He does like to lay in it and I wouldn't be without a bouncer. I think I wouldn't get anything done if I didn't have one.
It's easy to clean. You just take the cover off and chuck it in the wash.
I have no idea as to what this would cost to buy because it was a gift.


I would not buy this product brand new as it is expensive for what it is, I found the quality was a little bit 'made in China' and you can only use it for about 6 months.
However it is a good product for the first 6 months, it will keep baby amused for about 15 minutes when mum needs a little time to cook or hang out the washing or at dinnertime.
We alternate this with the swing, as otherwise our baby gets bored with it too easily.
Great to amuse baby for when you need a time-out
Quite expensive, quality isn't the best for the price.


We were given the chair as a hand-me-down and really like it; however, it is expensive and i"m sure there are cheaper and better products out there.
This product was a lifesaver for us!!! When bub was a newborn we used it without the arch and just used it on vibrate. For awhile it was the only thing that got him to sleep. Now he'd 5 months we use the arch and he loves grabbing on to the parrot and making the sound/lights go on. Perfect for when you need just a few moments to get stuff done. Sound and music isn't too annoying to hear over and over again.
I find it a little overs stimulating for baby very quickly. Its handy when I need to do some laundry or have a bite to eat. Baby can also twist himself out of the chair but I suppose that's really my fault for not buckling him in!


This is a fantastic toy. I would recommend it to anyone. My daughter has used it since the day she came home from hospital and at nine months she still loves it, and we have never had to replace the batteries, even though she uses it every day. We had the basic crochet bouncinette for our first baby but this rainforest bouncinette doesn't even compare it is so much better! Good safe seat to sit by the bathroom door and keep baby safely amused while Mum showers.
Bright and colourful, easy to clean, lots of different toys and moving parts, good variety of songs and rainforest sounds, has a continous function or only plays when senses movement, comforting vibration mode which can be turned on and off. Soft comfortable seat. Easy to move around the house. Arch comes off for storage/travelling.
Very small babies cannot reach the toys.


We love this bouncer and so does our baby. We ended up buying some more of the fisher price rainforest range after buying this.
This is a wonderful product. Our baby spends more time in this than any of his other toys. You can strap your baby in to play and feel safe to leave him or her for a little while as it is really secure. The toys can be taken off so you can play with your baby while he or she is in the bouncer. And the music isn't annoying or too loud. You also have peace of mind when you buy this because fisher price products are so durable. Our baby pulls on the toys and kicks things and the bouncer has come through without a scratch on it.
Absolutely nothing.


This kept my baby occupied while I ate my breakfast. She loved to watch the moving animals up the top and eventually would touch the dangling bits. The music always put a smile on her face. Didn't use the vibrate function as worried it might be annoying against the head. Doesn't chew through the batteries. Infact only just changed the batteries after using it for 7 months. I detached the toy part and used the bouncer to hold her while I showered, then bend over to pick her up to have a shower with me so was very handy as this function too!
My baby loved this from about 8 weeks up to 7 months. Easy to wash.


We bought this as we had much of the rainforest range already and are thrilled with how much baby loves it! I would definitely recommend it to anyone!
The gorgeous colours and toys which are attached, the fact you can machine wash the pad when it gets dirty, baby feels safe and secure and can happily sleep in this, the toys can also be taken off, i love the way it matches in with the rest of the rainforest range, trusty fisher price brand gives you peace of mind, baby can kick and wriggle which makes the bouncer bounce providing much entertainment!
Nothing at all, it's perfect!


Great for small babies, bright & colourful, great water feature & songs. Wouldn't recommend for big babies, otherwise they'll be resting on the floor constantly. The weight limit should not be made to 12kg. The rainforest jumperoo is more sturdy & worth the price than this.
Bright & Colourful, rainforest & waterfall effect. Easy to get bubs in & out of.
Not suited for bigger babies, my son was 10.5lb when born & he's now 8mths old & 9.5kg & has been touching the floor since he was 7 mths, Constantly have to bend the frame so he is off the floor a little bit. He's also able to sit up to easily in it & when he rolls to the side the bouncer flips & he ends up on the ground with it on top of him. Not very happy. Since day 1 when i bought this for my other son orginally, the frog & monkey kept constantly clicking everytime they went up & down, this was not only very loud but extremely annoying when bubs is trying to goto sleep to the soothing music. I took mine back to the baby shop where I was told by one of the rude staff that it's supposed to do that. I thought it odd at the time. When my friend got the exact same bouncer a few months later at another shop, i asked her if hers made that noisy clicking sound & she said no it's not supposed to. It was to late by then to take mine back for a replacement, so I pulled it apart & un hinged the monkey & frog.


Such an over rated expensive thing. The weight limit is so small (around 10kgs) and you cant use it for long especially if you have a heavy child. better off buying a cheaper bouncer with a sturdier frame which will last longer. The whole rainforrest collection is a rip off, i bought all of the mathching toys, silly really, cos none of them will last long at all, ive handed them down already and my baby is not even 7months! i wouldnt recommend these to anyone unless you have a super light baby and a lot of money
colourful toys and nice music
very flimsy construction


Our baby gets reflux so upright is best for him - he would not settle, we walked into the baby shop and sat him in various bouncers, soon as he sat in this one with vibration on, he stopped crying SOLD! The lenth of the bouncer spring action is very long making a very soft bounce as opposed to a hard springy bounce - which our previous bouncer had. A soft bounce is a good thing cause more comfy for baby and doesnt hurt your foot so much when you are bouncing constantly for 4 hours praying that baby stays asleep! Activity bar is very interactive and baby (and toddler) love it. Make sure you have spare batteries.
The bouncer is very bright and colourful, and the vibrate function along with the attachable activity bar gives baby a lot of variation to help keep occupied (quiet!)
As far as being a bouncer, it was quite expensive.
It is cumbersome to lift and move to another room when you are also holding onto baby - good if it had a handle on top.
Battery compartment has tendency to rattle with the vibration mode on - really annoying - solved it by hitching the cloth cover over it to stop the rattling. Perhaps they could pad the battery compartment with foam.
The four D batteries alone add a lot to the weight- be better if they could use a smaller size battery.


Overall, a great buy, we have been really happy with this bouncer and would recommend it to others. Our daughter has always been really comfortable and well entertained and it is good for both playful and quiet times.
Our five month old daughter loves this bouncer. We used it from when she was about three weeks old with the vibration mode turned on and it really settled her crying. As she's got older and more playful, she loves the interactive arch that sits over the top which keeps her entertained. When she starts to get tired we remove the arch and she will sit happily with the vibration mode turned on until it is time for bed.
The downside is that it is heavy on battery use, we are on to our third set already. Lack of a carry handle makes it a little bit awkward to move rooms, particularly if you've got baby in the other arm. My other slight problem is that the arch can be difficult to remove from the sides of the bouncer, there is a bit of an art to it.


I bought this for my second child because I loved the design & the idea I could feed baby in this. I also have a swing and have used them both, although I won't get to use it for as long as I thought as my baby is getting too heavy for it although he's not able to sit yet, and bouncing him causes his bottom to come into contact with the floor (this happened from 3mths of age! But all in all a good product and probably one of the best bouncers.
Waterfall & music are great & my baby just loves it. The added vibrations is fantastic & keeps him happy with or without the music. The waterfall themed arch is detachable, so I often let him sit in it quickly for a few minutes with just vibrations or in front of the tv without the arch. I found cover very easy to remove and put back on for cleaning purposes. Unlike most other bouncer designs that are typical old fashioned baby prints, this design is fun, gorgeous, modern, fresh and gender neutral.
A little heavy and awkward to move up and down the stairs with the arch as there's no carry handles. It's also difficult to put the baby into the bouncer when the arch is attached, so it proves a bit of a hassle having to detach, place baby in and then attach (especially as my bub is a big boy. Not designed for a heavy or big baby, despite the age limit and weight limit stated as the seat nearly touches the floor when my baby was around 3-4mths.


My son never really used the activity bar but, when we put it on he really seemed to like it. He loves bouncing himself, which is great for when I needed to do things around the house. It's really light so carrying him from one spot to the next was easy! And if he won't go to sleep in his cot, it's so easy to get him to fall asleep in his bouncer. It was fantastic when my son was small and had wind and reflux, letting him have his sleeps in an upright position were a life saver.
Easy for baby to bounce themselves.
It has gotten really close to the ground and he only weighs about 10.5kg, not sure what will happen when he reaches the weight limit of 12kg - I'd say he'll be hitting the ground when he bounces though.


Who wouldn't want to play with a cute little monkey and bounce the day away! I adore this bouncer it is totally desirable.
Everything I love fisher price when my son was little we had heaps of time to relax while he played underneat his fisher price play gym or giggled at his peek a boo blocks.
I like it all it is adorable.


This is very bright and colourful and was good for the baby, I would love one that bounces itself for the same price, as it is very expensive for what it is. A whole lot better than a rocker as these never seem to rock.
Looks great,good bounce

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