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Lullabub Cot Rocker

Lullabub Cot Rocker

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10 stars! We love our lullabub cot rocker!

Have used for both our kids and this has been one of the best baby things we have ever used! Baby stirs and doesn’t settle, you lay in bed, point the remote at the cot rocker and it rocks baby back to sleep. Obviously it doesn’t work every time but for the number of times it has worked, it is so worth it!

Why oh why only 20 mins?!

I picked this up second hand, as I needed to help my 8month old baby STAY asleep, getting to sleep isn't the problem. When we're driving in the car she sleeps, but as soon as I park up in the garage and the engine stops humming, she wakes up. Same with this - she's snoozing happily the whole time it's on, and as soon as it stops... she wakes up. The handy remote doesn't make up for it since I have to be awake to press the button, and the whole reason I bought it is so I can be asleep. Why isn't there an all night setting? :-(((((((

Perfect!! It makes my life so much better

Can't thank the company enough for making this product. Not only does the lullabub make my sons nights a little more peaceful, but it makes mine peaceful too.
I love that it makes the cot a little taller, lifting an ever growing bub after a c section is made so much easier by the lullabub.
I needed to contact the company with a concern and found them friendly and polite.
This is a must have item for me and my son

Life Saver for tired parents - highly reccomend!!

This was a desperation purchase and I am now recommending it to all my friends!! Fabulous product that does what it says on the box and lulls my baby back to sleep!!! This was a rare event in our house before hand and involved hours bent over the cot with aching necks and backs trying to soothe bubba.
We did have it set up on a pretty heavy cot to start with and then swapped to a cheaply bought Ikea lightweight cot which worked wonders. When you want to sleep the look of the cot all blurs together anyway so my ideal cot is in storage and this one is getting us through the nights thanks to Lullabub.
Super easy to install - 4 different speeds ( we've only used two) and it is just like you are jiggling the cot yourself!! Just brilliant.

If you want to, once it's in place the cot can also be rocked by hand - the only thing I would mention is this is not a cot "rocker" as such - the cot doesn't rock like a cradle but moves and jiggles in the way baby's like ie being in a car or in your arms.
I've personally found the nightlight just right too and my bub has a small room - it's not too bright.
We figure as bub grows we'll reduce the speeds/setting and then just have it reacting to baby's own movements as a way to wean him back to a stationary cot. Highly reccomend.
Also - have read reviews on here re customer service - they do seem relatively old reviews and our experience has been really positive and helpful.
Works - helps baby sleep!! No need to bend over cot for hours. Easy to use, remote. Nightlight. Variety of settings.
Would point out it doesn't 'rock' but more jiggles the cot similar to how I would jiggle my baby to sleep in my arms.

Didn't work for me

Simply made no difference at all. This was a lot of money for me and I am hugely disappointed. Baby woke every half hour with or without lullabub. Rocker is a funny description, it sort of jiggles, although it means cot can be manually rocked easily. Only recommended up to 60 kg cot and baby both.
Easy to set up, reasonably quiet
Just didn't work

Best invention

I have used the lullabub since my baby was 6 months old. I used to push his bassinet back and forth and was worried about what we would do when he moved into his cot. The lullabub has been simply amazing as a sleeping tool. I can't recommend it highly enough.
Easy to set up
Love it to rock for longer than 20miins

Love my Lullabub

We have now used our lullabub for a first and second child and don't know what I would have done without it! Both boys were sleeping through the night by 4 months and no problems getting them to sleep or self settling during the night. The second bub has had really bad colic/reflux and unsettled but still went off to sleep easily and not having to be patted and rocked. We had a 3 week period without our remote (son no. 1 put it in a glass of water and we sent it back for repair) and we really notice the difference trying to get bub no 2 to sleep.
Im not sure about previous comments about not working...maybe they got a dud or possibly not setting it up correctly with the pegs that keep the cot legs in place. It occasionally is noisy if the cot is a little off centre but not a problem.
Easy to use with a remote so you don't need to go near cot, 4 settings
You can't change the settings without the remote which is a pain if remote fails

The product didn't work for my cot & the service received was extremely disappointing

I ordered the Lullabub after seeing it on the New Inventors and (desperately) hoping it would work for my bub who wasn't sleeping.

It arrived and sadly after setting it up, it didn't rock our cot. Whether our cot was too heavy or the unit was faulty I'm unsure. We were offered a replacement motor unit by BabyHugs, but declined opting instead to return the unit.

What transpired over the next few weeks was the very disappointing part of the experience. I sent numerous emails to make sure that they'd received the unit (they had) and to chase my refund that went unanswered. Finally over 5 weeks after they received the replacement unit I finally managed to get a refund for part of the money I'd paid.

I love the concept and if it had moved our cot more than a few millimetres I would have probably been very happy, but the service that transpired after I returned the unit was some of the worst I've ever experienced.

Poor service, didn't work with our cot.

Rocks the twins' world

The Lullabub is a great product! You can argue whether you should call it a cot jiggler rather than a cot rocker because that's effectively what it does. It does not violently rock the cot as some of the negative reviewers seem to have expected, but then that's not what is recommended when rocking a cot anyway. Small constant jiggling/rocking is what is required and that's exactly what it does. Think about it, your car doesn't lurch around like crazy and yet most babies fall asleep by the time you've travelled a mile or two. Construction is sound, installation easy and in my opinion the price worth it. If the rocking is not vigorous enough for your baby you can always add a bit of oomph with literally your index finger (we have a 31kg Childcare Sussex cot-which is a mountain to move on carpet) because the cot is essentially suspended on springs and moves with the slightest touch..... brilliant. With regard to my service experience: the two units arrived with the transport pins bent, so I emailed Chris and got a prompt reply with solutions and an offer to return the units straight away for a swap or refund. The pins came out with a decent pull with a pair of pliers and the units worked fine.
Great concept, product quality appears sound, it works for our twins, helpful service
Transport pins bent but no drama

Don't buy the Lullabub

Please don't buy the Lullabub. We received ours in the mail, and it clearly did not work, at all. It's a very cheaply made product too. I can't believe it's called a 'crib rocker', it wouldn't rock a feather let along a baby in a cot. To get a refund you have to mail it back to Australia. Now, this comes in a big box..and so we would have lost approx $100 on postage? With no guarantee of a refund, and after reading so many reviews on poor customer service, we've decided not to mail it back due to fear of losing more than just our $250. Don't waste your time on this...this should be taken off the market. And to explain all the positive reviews out there...I believe they are written by Lullabub!

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This customer expected the Lullabub to make her baby go to sleep instantly! I explained that the motion is minimal for a reason, as you dont actually have to rock the cot very hard at all, you only need it to be constant. We do have an award from the Australian Standards Design awards, so its obvious that this customer has nothing better to do than complain and whinge, when things get a little wrong. I am sorry i cant help everyone, but i have helped thousands, and they are very thankful.


I love the cot rockers, it would have to be the one thing I recommend to new parents. Very handy that you can rock the cot more vigorously when the preprogrammed settings aren't enough. I have a wooden Boori cot, the legs are positioned in the center of each pod, we did not need to drill holes in the cot legs for it to be secure. My second baby is now 10 weeks and loves it as much as my 2 year old did. 20mins seems to be long enough for both our babies to settle when placed in their cots. I can highly recommend this product!
20 min timer, 4 settings for different rocking modes, rocks your babys' cot for you, settles your baby for you. Enables you to rock a cot your wouldn't normally be able to move. Night light. Remote activated.
remote requires repeat pushing of buttons to work, extension cord needed to use as power cord quite short


initally I was sceptical. $ 200 for upsidedown flowerpots? It's GREAT! I had to drill holes into the feet of the cot and then I could put the feet into the lullabub. the 4 different settings will definetely get the baby asleep. No sitting there rocking the cot. Just set the rocker and back to bed!! It even has a timer of 20 minutes so it doesn't rock all night. Most times the 20 minutes were sufficient. The best $ 200 spent!
great idea! easy to use, actually gets babies asleep


We bought this for our reflux twins who would not sleep in the cot. Being fed up of rocking them in the pram we hoped that the lullabub would save us time and energy. And it worked! I love the different intensity settings for the rocking motion. Babies sometimes like a gentle rock, other times more vigorous. The remote control means you can turn it back on whilst hiding by the door to encourage baby to go back to sleep without seeing you. It was quiet enough to use in our bedroom without disturbing us although the light did a little. A bit pricey but if your child is unsettled you get desperate and will consider this money very well spent.
Easy to set up. Variable intensity of rocking the cot. Quiet when working. It really does help baby to fall asleep.
Cot needs to be near a socket as wires are quite short. Does not fit all cots (unless you pull off the permenant wheels like we did to make it fit). Has built in timer which needs to be longer sometimes. 'On' Light a bit bright - we had the cot in our bedroom.


If I could give this product more than 5 stars I would! Quite simply it has saved our sanity and enabled our 13 week old daughter to get the sleep she needs. For us this product is priceless and we would recommend it to anyone with a baby that likes motion to get to sleep, ie only falls asleep in the car and/or pram.
After 13 weeks of trying everything to get my daughter to sleep we bought the Lullabub and it worked first time, and every time since! Can be manualy rocked for baby's like ours who need more vigorous rocking to get to sleep. Extremely quick and easy to setup and operate. Sleek design looks modern while still being functional. Suits most types of cots. The 30-minute timer saves power but helps bub stay asleep when she previously woke after only 15 minutes. Handy nightlight.
Would be great if there was more vigorous mode to initially rock bub off to sleep. (This is probably a safety issue though - being able to manually rock the cot overcomes this anyway so it's not such a big deal).


To be honest I didn't really think it would work when we set it up. It didn't seem to be rocking enough to keep her asleep. But it seems to be more the repetition of the rock that keeps her asleep. This product truely saved my sanity! I could not have spent many more nights getting up to a child who woke up every 40 minutes. Fantastic product. Arrived quickly and easy to use.
we didn't have a huge problem getting our daughter to sleep but at 7 months she was waking between 10 and 15 times a night (basically every 40 minutes from 7pm till 7am). We had spent 3 weeks in sleep schools with minimal success. Bought the lullabub as a last resort as we didn't want to introduce aids to keep her to sleep but we were desperate. She was sleeping through 3 nights after it arrived!!! Now she is 12 months we mainly just rock the cot with our hands rather than turn machine on but this is usually when she is going to sleep and is unsettled. Most nights she sleeps through.
Once she could stand up and if she really doesn't want to go to sleep she can stand at the edge of the cot and jump up and down and really get the cot rocking. (it's a Boori cot so it is quite heavy and it gets a pretty good 'rock' going). She thinks it's hilarious so she needs to be calm before we put her in.

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Hi, in a similar situation. Were you able to keep it rocking through the night somehow or did you have to press the button again ever half an hour? If not, did settling her to sleep with the Lullabub encourage her sleep through without repeatedly waking to reactivate it?


We got this product hoping that it would settle our baby when he was overtired. He was already mobile by this stage, so therefore could stand up in the cot and rock it even more. We found that it didn't work to soothe him if he was already agitated, and if we put it on each time before bed, he seemed to wake up sooner (after the half hour routine had stopped) than if we left it off.

We will keep it for the next baby to see if it works with a younger baby (I suspect it would), but it didn't help our 8mth old baby sleep at all.
I like the idea of this product. The different settings are useful, as is the remote control. Easy to put together.
It didn't work for my baby!


Great idea, fast delivery, easy to install, gentle rocking/vibrating motion, would recommend it to anyone with a newborn baby with sleep issues.
Award winning Australian design, great concept, and can hire direct from the company/ inventer before you commit to buying. Our 5 month old baby didn't know how to sleep and didn't associate the cot with sleeping, so we were desperate to try anything.
Couldn't fault the design or it's functions, it just wasn't for our baby as she needed to learn to go to sleep in the cot independently.

Only catch is, you have to outlay the total cost of the product upfront when hiring on a monthly basis; when returned, your money is refunded minus the monthly hire cost.

The 30 minute timer is a bit of an annoyance, but perhaps this is a safety feature(?) so you don't leave it on all night and day (?) or supposed to time in with a baby's 30 minute sleep cycle - deep sleep (?). Think it would have been a great product to use when our baby was younger, as she always fell asleep in the car. Only wish we had discovered it earlier. We had to return the hire product.


to be fair the noise i think has more to do with the cot than the lullabub. I don't use this all the time, but more when my son is unsettled, it helps to transition from us patting him to putting himself to sleep. The books say to remove sleep associations, but sometimes you just need sleep yourself! Several times at 3am this will settle when nothing else does. it more vibrates than rocks. as with previous reviewer, had no problems with my angelcare monitor until i added a sheepskin, and then I got a few false alarms. would recommend the lullabub if your baby likes movement (and most do!)
keeping my son quiet in the middle of the night and sending him off to sleep - it paid for itself the first time this happened! different levels of vibration. can rock the cot yourself without turning the rocker on. makes the mobile on my sons cot jiggle without having the music on, which he enjoys watching.
expensive, sometimes makes a noise


Our lullabub has been fantastic, it works really well and has meant we haven't joined the ranks of parents on the road in desperation trying to get bubs to sleep. I guess that may make it environmentally friendly! A great product.
We have as yet never had to go for a drive to put our son to sleep (6 months so far).It's quiet, simple to use, works with our angelcare monitor (we adjusted the sensitivity)and has four levels of motion depending on how fussy our boy is.It's a great group baby shower gift.
Nothing. Worth every cent.

Questions & Answers

Will it fit a Leander Cot?
1 answer
HI Vince I'm not familiar with a Leander cot. As long as your cot has legs to accommodate the pin that each lullabub stand has you will be OK. I have even made my own leg's for our boori bassinet to accommodate by getting some wood and inserting a dowel into the base and then a hole in the other end to accommodate the lullabub stands. If your Leander cot has legs u just need to drill a hole in each for the lullabub stands. If u need, send me a picture of your cot and it's legs.

Will this fit a cocoon nest cot?
1 answer
I don't think so because there may not be enough clearance underneath the cot. Maybe best to contact the manufacturer.

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