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Fisher-Price Miracles & Milestones Take-Along Sensory Swing

Fisher-Price Miracles & Milestones Take-Along Sensory Swing

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Great product

I put my baby on this swing when I have to quickly do some housework or eat meals. It keeps him busy for a while about 20 minutes staring into the panda mirror. He occasionally falls asleep on it too, but he always wakes up if I stop the swing or slow the swing to lower setting. It does serve a purpose as it allows me to do housework or eat while I can still see the bub. It does use 4 large batteries to operate which can be expensive.


My son absolutely loves this swing it is great to take out to grandmas or friends places or even just to take it around the house or by the pool, only trouble is it puts him to sleep :) Its fantastic to hang their favourite toys off or just for them to listen to the soothing music as it rocks itself and you can get some washing done. I was very lucky to have this given to me by a neighbour but they seem very reasonably priced and come on special at Kmart sometimes. Great little product
Has a mirror or a panda for bub to look at, or you can hang toys off, its completely portable and battery operated and it even has music with volume setting
Yes the batteries do wear out after around a month but anything battery operated that is used frequently will. Peace and quiet has no price!


I bought this after trialling it at a friend's house and it's great. Bubs can sit up straight and watch what is going on while playing with the toys. The music and swinging motion also distracts bubs when they are feeling a bit cranky.
Colourful, great hanging toys. Sends bubs to sleep quite easily. Seat is adjustable so bubs can lie down when newborn or sit up when they are a bit older.
The toys on the side slot in quite tightly, but can still be grabbed out. My bubs grabbed one of the toys and yanked it and it ended up hitting her in the face with the force.


My son absolutely loved the rattles and they can be detached or baby can play with them in place since the handles are flexible and can be pulled without the rattle falling out of the slots. Numerous tunes and rocking speeds were also a plus.
- lightweight
- detachable rattles
- great sounds and numerous rocking speeds
- seems to drain the batteries quickly, even when I just had the music playing and the batteries drained in a a couple of weeks.
- mirror doesn't stay in place


Great if your baby likes to be rocked to sleep and you can afford to buy the batteries every week or so. Also if you don't mind buying another rocker/bouncer once baby has outgrown this one. I had 1 more bub after I bought this but couldn't use it as silverfish had attacked the fabric while it was in storage. I DID NOT buy another one.
Kept baby quiet for long periods of time. Often put him to sleep.
Very cute design (maybe more for a boy though) and comes with detachable rattles and toys. Can be folded and put in the car for travel!
Same price than most rockers or bouncers.
The mirror sagged a little after a while and also wouldn't stay in adjusted position. Batteries didn't last very long; I found having to rock it myself once they were flat. Baby also sank/slide down a little in the chair. Also, for the age group recommended (by weight limit also) the toys and mirror were in an awkward or unreachable position. SILVERFISH LOVED this thing in storage!


My daughter enjoyed this for about 2 months, was great for rocking to sleep, it also really needed a better harness for the amount of movement available. It's great that you can turn the music off and on without interupting the swinging motion - but moving the frame while in swinging motion upsets the balance and it has to start again - this can wake baby. I did have a friend who used it to sit her child in to eat - the toys kept him happy enough to sit in one spot.
Brightly coloured, legs can be removed for storage, toys are interchangeable with each other
Panda/mirror could be scary for young babies, and tended to slump over time


I found this swing to be a wonderful entertaining product for my little girl from a very early age. She could even fall asleep in it when younger from the motion. I found the mirror would swing around from the weight of the rattle toy but this was easily fixed by swapping it over with one from the side and she didnt mind that the birdy was upside down. She is now 6 months and loves to get in there as it is fun for her to play with the rattles and get them out of there spots! Overall a great item for the younger days.
Colourful, entertaining and fun
The mirror doesnt cope with the weight very well


My baby boy really wasnt interested in this swing,He couldnt see over where the panda/mirror was and seemed to get bored really easy
Great colours and Muscic
Not very sturdy and straps werent place very well for the riggly baby


Its great to keep baby entertained, detachable toys, portable and lightweight is added bonus. Good to rock bubs to sleep but dont take eyes off bubs for a second as they can slip sideways
Keeps baby entertained with colourful, portable toys
For a swing i think it should have a 5 point harness, the mirror also goes sideways as if its too heavy for the arm, making baby move to one side so they can see themself.


This is a great product (once the batteries are in place) and keeps baby occupied for a while. The rocking speeds are reasonable and the songs are cute for boy or girl. My daughter has fallen asleep in it a few times so i guess she has also given it her thumbs up.
Portable so you can place it anywhere around the house and in the car. Also comes with small toys that are detachable so you can also take them anywhere. Songs are great and the rocker comes in several speeds. Colour is good for both boys and girls.
You have to purchase your own batteries.


this is a great option if your little one loves the swing and you are parents that are on the go. It sells for a good price and is durable to be used as an everyday swing as well as on that can come with you were ever you go. . It come with toys that can be removed so they could be used on there own as well. The music choices are great and my child responded well to them.
light weight compact protable swing. with detacheable toys and good selection with it's music
only comes in one color. I love to see it in a more nutral color. does not come with a electrical option ( only battery run)

Questions & Answers

I want to buy this swing for my son but i can’t get it in canada. could you please suggest me any online site where i can get this swing? it would really appreciated!
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I was wondering where you can buy the toys that come with the panda take along swing? i have lost mine while we were moving houses
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Sorry, I'm not aware of replacement toys for this swing. We've misplaced ours too!

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