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Don’t go there!!!

Staff is really rude and it’s impossible to actually get the 24/7 access. U have to get an induction for the after hour access. I went to 12 fitness first clubs and either weren’t the cards Available or I had to book an appointment which was only available after 6 months (so after my contract ends anyway). Really disappointed.

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Customer Service
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Poor maintenance

The hot water system or sauna is broken at least once a week. Staff (especially the counter) are not friendly. Once you join an annual membership, no way to cancel.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Rates and Fees

Getting difficult to access the gyms

I’ve been a member for years and I loved going to these gyms.

The last few years it seems that being able to get to them is getting more and more difficult, not impossible but difficult, there used to be a gym right across the road from Westfield Miranda for example and it’s gone.

It seems that other than the sydney CBD, making a trip to the gym after work via public transport is lengthy and by the time you’re half way to the gym, well, you know what happens? Your willingness is gone.

I’ve been looking at another chain of gyms and they’ve got the right idea that fitness first once had, they’re easy to get to and very accessible via train and bus.

I also worked out that by the time I pay the extra fees for public transport I’d be better off joining the opposition. I don’t know why fitness first locations have diminished but more so I don’t know why they are located in hard to get locations , unless you’re in the CBD then your pretty hard up getting to one.

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be aware of the 28 days rip off notice period when exit

been with them for 10 years and decided to move to the other gym. but upon cancellation they need 28 days notice. what's that for except a final rip off when anyone decide to leave... pool business practice. definitely won't be coming back.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Rates and Fees

Awful experience!!! Think twice before making a contract!!!!!

Awful experience!!! Think twice before making a contract!!!!!
I believe they care to their profit a hundred times more than their customer satisfaction.
Nice before contract, too rude and ignorant after it (the poorest customer service I have ever experienced.)
They just enforce you to continue by their lengthy terms and conditions of their contract, not your satisfaction.
Don't trust what their staff say about the contract terms, just read it yourself carefully. what they tell you is different from what you sign.
They will fine you for anything, for late payment ( it does not matter is your blame or not, they usually don't inform you, they just fine you.), for cancellation of the contract even after it finishes (you must inform them one month earlier (read the contract yourself carefully.)
After a year, I have never received my training sessions.
Poor hygiene, go and pay a visit!!!
old and broken facilities.
Not all but many of their staff are really rude.

Unhygenic steam/sauna room..... if it worked!

The steam room in Fitness First Castle Towers is a joke. Constantly out of action and takes minimum 4 weeks to fix. Claims only one steam room repairer in the whole of Sydney.... Pffft....
The steam and Sanua rooms barely get cleaned too.... always smells moldy and unhygenic.
Not worth the price one pays...

Value for Money

Not worthy of Platinum status

The owner(s)/manager(s) of this establishment refuse to attend to concerns raised by patrons and members regarding the poor condition of the equipment which continually breaks down. If and when the equipment is repaired, it is poorly done. The equipment is old, dirty and dusty. Front desk staff are often seen staring at their phones and bored. I have never seen a PT staff member make any attempt to demonstrate correct exercise technique when patrons clearly have not idea how to use the equipment. This facility is definitely NOT 'Platinum' worthy. Management and staff are eager to have you sign up and once you've joined, completely ignore your complaints. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

Value for Money

Very very disappointed

Just did the Pilates class at Menai Fitness First and we were squeezed into a small room room for the class. The gym is going through renovations and the renos are crap and badly design. And I've been told the yoga will be in the same Barra Room. I'm so disappointed with these changes. I hope the gym improves and whoever signed off on the renovations doesn't go to the gym and has no idea. So disappointed.

Value for Money

Of I could give a 0 I would

It is hard enough to get out of bed in winter to go to the gym at 5.O0am let alone to sit out the front for over 45 minutes while 50 people wait to get in and no staff member turns up.

Then to have to get dressed in the car put makeup on and go to work without showering.

Thanks Fitness First Rockdale for ruining my week.

Do your self a favour and do NOT go there

They play games and trick you into paying extra. They purposely muck around with your payment to get an additional credit charge fee. The facilities are not that great so it is not worth joining. I refuse to return.

Value for Money


Attached is the email I sent to Fitness First Management the night that the NEAR DROWNING Incident happened (on 28/5/19).

My email sent:
"Christopher had a swim lesson tonight from 5:30-6:15pm. In the last 10 mins or so coach Simon still in the water and Bahar (the supervisor) instructed from the stand of his lane. ( I had a phone call and briefly absent) Christopher later on told me that he was feeling unwell as he had chocked some water from previous dive and told Bahar that. But Christopher was told by her that he got to continue with 2 more Butterfly laps and “not making excuses”!

Since my boy has always been an obedient student he swam on . On my return from my phone call the lesson just finished and he looked pale and out of breath and could not even walk properly and I ushered him to take off his swim suits in the toilet. There his eyes all red and puffy and whizzing and wanted to vomit. He couldn’t even stand and had to sit whilst I helped him to get his dry clothes on!

As we walked out, I told your staff Erryn the whole episode who was very shocked to see Christopher so unwell and upset. She was very kind and walked up to Bahar and explained whilst I was staying with Christopher as he was so unwell. Then I saw Bahar then walked away.

To my shock I rushed up to tell Bahar what had happened. Then I got a ridiculous answer asking me what happened?! Then she told me she is only a supervisor and not an instructor despite she was the one telling my son to keep swimming eventhough my son had told her of his unwell!!! At that time, I had no time to spare for your unprofessional supervisor!

I then met my husband at the entrance and we immediately decided to call the closest medical centre for help. We hurried out to the doctor straight away.

Attached below is the GP’s diagnosis. Mind you Christopher doesnt have asthma. We hope he wont have any lung infection from this episode but the doctor cannot rule out such probability. The doctor also proves that there are some symptoms experienced by him following his swim and not advising him to swim for the upcoming times.

Also, since we felt so so let down by your irresponsible supervisor, rather than putting our son at risk again, we decided to cancel the rest of his swim lessons. Please kindly refund our monies as it was not at fault but your supervisor’s negligence.

We are so shocked and disappointed with your current unprofessional uncaring negligent supervisor Ms Bahar.

This swim school that we used to love need a much more responsible professional supervisor like ones we had before but definitely not Bahar. She simply is putting our kids at risk!!!"

But up to now no apology or management reply in writing or verbal to apologise. BAD! Very bad this swim school. They simply dont care. We were only told over the phone after the incident telling me that their people work hard and Blah blah blah but what is it to do with the fact that my boy near drowned and even the doctor that night warned us of potential lung infection! STAY AWY FROM THIS SWIM SCHOOL OR YOU WILL REGRET with great LOSS !!!!

Breach of Privacy

When you sign up you provide a phone number for someone to contact in an emergency. They then spam this number with marketing offers claim that you've been 'recommended' for gym membership. Completely unethical, immoral, illegal conduct Fitness First to obtain this personal information under false pretenses.

Value for Money


Horrible do not bother , rundown and outdated gyms equipment that is falling apart, unpleasant and rude staff not to mention the aggressive PT's. over priced gym's and even though they have already renovated a lot of the gym's are still look like they are falling apart. this new ''platinum'' badge is a joke (only thing platinum about it is the price of the membership) not one passport gym in the city now).
The worst addition of all is the Pitt street gym, no equipment at all just bikes.

Never again

It is so ridiculously difficult to end a membership. They have so many unethical methods through which they do not let you terminate your membership, EVEN ON THE AGREED DATE.

Value for Money

Fraud - pathetic - incompetent staff

Hi everyone, I have never experienced this level of incompetence from any business. I became a member at Fitness First Hornsby, and before the cooling off period of my membership period began, I decided to put it on a 3-month freeze. Then the very next day, I went back to cancel my membership before it even began, and called 2 times, and went into the gym to speak to the lady [name removed], who had signed me up. Despite that my membership had not been cancelled, and I then got charged on my bank account a month later. I went in again, and spoke to a middle eastern girl who assured me things would be taken care of, she too did not get anywhere. I then spoke to a girl called [name removed] who saw my case file and apologised for the inconvenience and assured to call back the same day regarding a solution for the issue, and not only did she not call back, In fact, I got charged on my account again. At this point I had made multiple trips to fitness first, feeling frustrated and troubled that these incompetent people can't even seem to cancel a membership. It only gets worse, I had an hour-long conversation with the manager over the phone [name removed], who assured me she would take care of it, stop direct debits and cancel my membership, but a week later [name removed] called me and asked "The direct debits for your membership aren't going through, we're having trouble processing your payment". AT this point you wonder if these people are half asleep, inexperienced, or pretend to know English. IT only gets worse, I called head office and they assured me that their "sorry" and cannot compensate for the 2 times I have been charged and the multiple failed attempts from the staff at Hornsby who were unable to do a simple job. Then after that, I received an email from [name removed]and a lady from the head office stating my membership had been cancelled and that I will never have to hear from them again. Its been 3 days since this email, and i assumed that would it, and that it must have been put to rest, but here it is again, I have been charged on my account debited yet again!!!! This has stretched too far, over 3 months, these people not only don't do their job, but they also don't compensate or give a damn about cancelling your membership when you ask for it. [name removed] even denied, that i asked for my membership to be cancelled, but I cancelled it with my mum standing beside me so yes i have a witness. This is absolutely ridiculous and if a business is run by people as insensitive and incompetent as them then it should be nothing but shut down. pls message me for emails, bank receipts etc

Value for Money

Dirty Dee Why

Dee Why is in trouble. Machines broken ot installed incorrectly. Mens sauna...dont start me! Everywhere you look theres decline and the club vibe suffers. Constantly dirty and in disrepair. Machines are average at best.

Value for Money

Rip off

I was trying to cancel my membership on the day my contract was over. I made sure to keep track of when it was over because I currently can't pay the fees as a student whos looking for a job every cent does count at the moment so you would imagine the anger I felt when they told me there was a 1 month period of when the cancellation will be finalized which means I will be charged another two times. With money, I don't have at the moment.

I really feel like this was a ploy made by fitness first knowing people will choose to cancel and when they can't get you for a "half- price deal for 2 fortnights" they will take money from you for another month before they let you go. It makes me sad that this company just seems so money hungry and I can't feel that they genuinely care about their customers or their satisfaction otherwise they wouldn't pull these tricks.

Not a happy costumer

A member for 7 months , everything is pretty dirty, especially the pool, water temperature never same, lockers broken, spiders( I saw a big huntsman), while changing in the changing rooms? so sad I didnt have my phone with me.

harassed by staff to join

Regarding fitness first CHATSWOOD- this is a couple of years ago, had a free trial ticket, person kept leaving messages on phone harassing me to join. and bragging that ive had a free trial day of the value of $27 which was a rippoff. not the cleanest place either, they skimp on the cleaning.

Really bad customer service experience - and I'd been a member for 15 years

Ladies toilets dirty, giant spider in change room, machines left broken for months. Worst of all is the aggressive, rude and bullying staff - really bad customer service. Stay well clear

Value for Money

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