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Five:am Yoghurt

Five:am Yoghurt

4.0 from 32 reviews

Bring back vanilla bean yoghurt!

I've not seen this product at Woolworths for a month. The new fruit tubs are smaller, contents are custardy, sugary and lacking in yoghurt texture - awful. Bring back vanilla bean!!!!

Purchased in June 2019 at Woolworths Physical store.

NATURAL-The way Yoghurt should Taste

From the health point of view,Natural is the only one as having the least amount of sugar.Having tasted many,the 5am is smooth and taste is fresh and lingers on without that thickness in texture.

Purchased in May 2019 at Coles Supermarkets.

My new favourite yoghurt

The organic no added sugar yoghurt has 4 ingredients, has great consistency, and would definitely buy again! I eat it with granola and it goes beautifully.

My favourite yoghurt, and Only!

I didn't like yoghurt except this one - Five:am Yoghurt, this is without question my only favourite and the best one I have ever eaten. Recommend two flavours: blueberry and coffee bean.

Very tasty

Love their yogurts, in particular the blueberry yogurt. Besides it being slightly pricey, it is worth the taste. Glad to know they are halal certified too!

Lost mojo

Sorry to say 5 am yoghurt has gone down in quality. Lacks the flavour, the thickness, tastes like powder milk mixture rather than the real yoghurt it use to be, very disappointed so sorry to say

no cacao here!

five:am "cacao yoghurt" is misleading and you do not get what you pay for:

1. this product has 0.5 % cacao (one half of one percent!) but 28 % sugar (much more than other yoghurts): more accurate to call it a "a sugar yoghurt".

2. this product is sugar, milk, starch and flavouring with just a distant hint of cocoa.

"chocolatey without the guilt" indeed because there is virtually no chocolate nor cacao in it.

only in Australia

Organic coffee bean yogurt

Totally addictive, love it !!! It’s creamy texture and seductive coffee taste is so delicious that I have to have one daily. Please never remove from your yogurt range ❤️

Halal fail

What a load of slop !.
Tastes horrible, smells horrible and looks horrible.
Why would anyone want to buy Halal food in Australia when we all know what Halal really funds.


fantastic yoghurt. I like my yoghurt plain no sugar to ruin its goodness . I add fruit nuts a touch of muesli sometimes for brekky or desert.

the best yoghurt

I've been a yoghurt addict all my life and Five:am has the perfect taste; particularly vanilla bean and apple/cinnamon flavours. Have to limit myself to eating just 2 small tubs a day though could easily eat double that. Smooth creamy texture without being too sweet or sour.

I couldn't live without

I would like to know why you stopped making the Cocao yoghurt. I would buy 3 leg tubs a week. 1st started buying this particular one after my husband died suddenly @ end of last year....it was one of the only things that gave me some comfort & I looked forward to that ritual of an evening. I encoured family & friends to buy same as well & got desperate when only smaller containers were available. So now I just by Greek style yoghurt & have with fruit. Please re-introduce would make me one happy customer.....was every bit as tasty as Chockie mousse only healthier

what happened?

Just seen the price hike, from $6+ now selling at $8++ seriously it's yoghurt! How can there be such a huge price rise

I'm sure it tastes delicious

But.. I threw it out.

I found a finger nail sized green/brown gelatinous thing in the first spoonful. I think it probably was just built up slime that had come loose from a piece of equipment during processing, certainly put me off my lunch though.

So delicous! Best yogurt

Never really been a yogurt fan but I am now ! I've been shopping between different brands but I will just stick to this now miles above the rest. I would say it is almost perfect though. They should Cut some of the sugar to make this even better


Really delicious and the product is consistently good. I'm not normally a vanilla fan, but the vanilla bean is lovely.

So Addictive !!!

I have never eaten yoghurt in my life as I was't a fan of the tangy flavour, however after trying the Five:am vanilla bean flavour I can't seem to get enough of it, It is so creamy, I could eat a whole tub in one sitting cannot speak highly enough of this brand.


I recently bought the vanilla bean yogurt and was blown away love love it the flavours are beautiful and so fresh and been organic is even better. I have tried many vanilla ones but five am is the best by far. I bought the large tub cause woollies has it on special. I could sit there and eat the whole tub but I won't, can't wait to try the coffee bean the Omy thing I would suggest is to maybe cut some of the sugar not all but some. Thanks for making this worth eating.

too sweet

if you are going to make a good yogurt,why spoil and add sugar, organic what a joke, do you want people who have your products you make suffer

Love it, love it, love it

I love the consistency of this product. It comes in so many different shapes and forms and is so healthy as well. It has half the amount of sugar of regular yoghurt and comes in so many different flavours. I suggest u try it out, u won't regret it ;)

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how much added sugar is in the yogurt it states 20.9 in the coffee bean way to much, i tried to deduct the natural sugar from the added sugar but could not find the numbers. Thanks
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Hi Lenna I only ever eat the vanilla bean flavour which has about 18.7 grams per serve this is still high but all in moderation it's the lowest I can see in that variety of yogurt.

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