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FLO Baby Saline+

FLO Baby Saline+

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Highly recommend it

My daughter had blocked nose and a friend of mine recommend me to purchase flo baby. It worked instantly, she was able to breathe and sleep well at night. Highly recomnend it.

Purchased in April 2019 at Chemist Warehouse.

Great stuff!

Found this stuff by googling online. My 4 month old son had been suffering from a blocked nose, nightly for about 10 weeks. I had been using a “snot sucker” often but once I finally used this spray the problem was eradicated almost instantly. The snot sucker alone was more ofnjust a bandaid, where as using it in conjunction with the spray the problem seems to be clearing up.

Purchased in February 2019.


Went to the chemist to get a nasal spray for my daughter and found out that they got 3 different packaging and for the exact product with the exact purpose of use! So i spent 10 min of trying to understands what's the difference between each of them and which one should i take. Even ending up asking a pharmacist who took a look and said:"just different packaging for commercial purpose! They're all the same". So i basically waste 10 min to trying to find out which one i need when i just could catch it and ghost go....

Wish i'd known about this product sooner.

The chemist put me onto this product as I was told the other brands could have been making my toddler's cold worse. With other brands the bacteria can flow back into the bottle and get trapped and then sprayed back into the nose with each use (however Flo baby is designed to stay sterile).

I like that its preservative free so it can be used at the newborn stage too without a worry.

Because I find it easier to use the spray when my daughter is laying down, I found using a normal saline pump i would have to spray it in one nostril then spray it upright in the air to get it going again before I did the other nostril (which is a waste of saline). However I like how baby flo can be used at any angle, laying down etc and it will still pump which has certainly made the whole process quicker and therefore a happier experience for my daughter when she's sick.

No nasty aspirator needed & sprays at any angle. Winner!

What I love about the Flo Baby Spray product is that you do not need an aspirator (which tends to go mouldy inside no matter how hard you try and clean it) and with an aspirator, if my daughter jerks around then she could hurt her little nose. Flo Baby also can be sprayed at any angle so no matter what position I put her in, I can still spray the saline up her nose which comes out as a very fine and gentle mist. Thumbs up for Flo Baby!

Using Flo baby keeps the Doctor away

My son was not able to sleep because of nasal congestion also had ear infection every two to three months. We switched from a different brand to Flo baby on the advice of the pharmacist, now he sleeps well and also ear infection is history. Awesome product, really easy to use and he can use it too.

Definitely recommend this!

One of the best products i've come across for helping my baby's blocked nose. It's so much easier to use than the other leading brand of saline spray. It sprays a lot more easily from any angle which is a lifesaver when you have a squirming infant! Thoroughly recommend this product.
Sprays from any angle
Nothing wrong with it all!

An exercise in frustration

When new this product works as advertised but it is a short lived experience. After a little while the product starts delivering inconsistent dose volume. I find I have to pump the unit a few times in the upright position, waste a dose and then use it. Right now I have a bottle containing approximately 10 ml of saline and it simply will not spray, regardless of angle.
There is no visual way of determining how much product is left in the container.
Good size container that's easy to grip and operate
Expensive, small volume of saline, doesn't work consistently

So easy to use, a must for all mums

I was recommended this product by a friend of mine. My little boy became really snotty on a camping trip and we couldn't get the Little Fess up his nose well enough to clear him out. My friend gave me her FLO spray and it worked wonders as we could spray it on any angle and the spray would actually come out and get up his nose. I think it is great to take when you are out and about and need to keep baby's nose clear. I have taken to using warm water with salt and a syringe at home to save some money, but the spray is awesome to have in the nappy bag and take away. It also works wonders in conjunction with the Baby Vac (a snot sucker which attaches to your vacuum cleaner and quickly and easily removes those nasty boogers from your precious little monkeys). This product is a must, forget the little Fess, it is too difficult to use and there is always some left in the bottle that you can't get out!
So easy to use down to basically the last drop. No preservatives.
A little bit expensive for what it is, but well worth it when your little one is unwell.


I have used Fess Little Noses before but found it very awkward to use and it was stressful for my baby, and for me, especially the aspirator which is supposed to suck mucous out of the baby's nose. The pharmacist recommended Flo Baby Saline+ because she said that it was easy to use and did not have any preservatives in it. It is so easy to use as you can spray it up the nose even if baby is lying down and it is very quick to use, and my baby does not mind at all. It is the best thing for cleaning the snot out of my little one's nose.
So easy to use, inexpensive, no preservatives. Worked really well to unblock babies nose without any fuss.

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FLO Baby Saline+
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