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Weleda Baby Teething Powder

Weleda Baby Teething Powder

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Worked almost instantly

My baby boy started teething at 4 months and already has 6 teeth through. Feels like his teeth have been cutting daily and the poor thing was always in pain and unsettled. Bonjela didn’t work for more than 20 minutes.

From the first night I put this on his gums he has been so much more settled and hardly any crying!!

Will keep this as a staple in my medicine cupboard from now on!


I love Weleda products especially their nappy balm but this teething powder did nothing for my little one. The only thing that helped relieve his pain so he would settle to sleep was paracetamol or Ibuprofen & the amber necklace reduced his drooling but otherwise was useless for the pain too. I am surprised because people rave about the effectiveness of this teething powder but I might as well have just given him a spoonful of sugar for all it did for his pain and restlessness.

Amazing product has stopped my little boy being in so much pain

This product is amazing, my 4 month yo boy has started the early onset’s of teething and has been in so much pain. I went to the chemist to initially buy him a amber necklace however the pharmacist recommended this. I was a bit hesitant at first but after adding a small amount to his milk the results were near instant. Didn’t make him sick and certainly eases the pain for my little boy. I add a little bit to each bottle and I feel assured knowing it’s all natural and has been around for years. Will be getting more when this jar runs out

Amazing product

Really happy to have this in my medicine cabinet. It's a real lifesaver. I give it to both my kids straight on a spoon and it goes down no worries. Glad to have found it and I recommend this to all my mummy friends. Can be given in a bottle too with water.

Terrible! Had an adverse effect on my baby!

I read a lot of good reviews with no bad stories of side effects...
I went out and bought this product and gave it to my 7 1/2 month baby daughter as directed. About an hour or so later she began throwing up all her food, we didn't think much of it except that maybe the food she ate didn't agree with her. We gave her bottle after that before her bed time and as she got to the end of her bottle she began throwing up everything she put down and then some. She was also very sedated and the whole ordeal was so worrying we almost called an ambulance!
A few days later we thought we would give it another try as we thought there may have been a chance it was the food she ate....
We were wrong and she began throwing up in her cot with the exact same results as the last time looking very drowsy and throwing up everything in her little body. We did not sleep well on either occasion. The teething powder went straight into the bin after that.

Natural doesn't necessarily mean it's safe!

This is amazing!

My 11-year-old daughter's molars were coming in, and she was in a lot of pain. Someone recommended this to us, and it's saved her the pain. She can't take the gels, and the other products are horrible. I recommend this item completely, whether its for a small baby or an older child.

What a Godsend!

Our poor little man was suffering terribly from teething. Panadol and Neurofen did nothing. He refuses his bottle, his dummy, and cries for two hours straight. Well we tried This powder after a neighbor heard us up late at night and gave us hers! Well it worked. It did take 2 doses before it worked- via a 1ml syringe, but after that he was fine. I now continue to mix it in with his bottle every three-four hours.

Helps so much!

In desperation, we tried so many products for DS's teething pain...Bonjela and regular panadol didn't work but once we rubbed some of this powder onto his gums it worked so fast! Instantly he wasn't fussing like he was before. It's so good to know what works isn't full of harmful medicines and chemicals. So glad this was recommended to me!


So I went and got some of this and OMG it's AMAZING. Little miss has been crying constantly for two days while teething and not sleeping well Nurofen and panadol just weren't doing much as she was still cranky and irritable. So after one dose of this 5 minutes later she was laughing at us. We couldn't believe it

It works very well

A pill would be easier to give the baby; it's a little time consuming to have to boil a little water, cool it to warm, add a bit of powder to dissolve it, then cool it enough to administer. You put the solution in a oral syringe and try to get and keep it in the baby's mouth. Lazy parents might put off using it.

That all being said, this product definitely works and no one with little ones should be without it. Even the baby knows it's helpful. We did discover that it could be made in slightly larger amounts, kept in a covered glass jar and used during the day, even the next day. After administering, within 5 minutes the crying stops. Often it starts up again in 15 or 20 minutes, so we give a second dose. After that second dose, the baby is good for hours. It's a miracle. Thank you Weleda.

waste of money

Bought the powder for my twins and it had no calming effect at all. It was like the powder did nothing and as soon as I gave it to them, both in their milk and rubbed on gums, they would still be crying and restless. For me it was a waste of money and was disappointed it didnt work expecially as I was really positive about it from reading the reviews.
did not do what it said it does

Fantastic - Goodbye sleepless nights

This product is worth more $. My 2nd bub started teething at 4mths, I have had 5mths of sleepless nights due a very unsettled little man and absolutely nothing easing his pain. After plenty of study into products I decided to use this teething powder because it is all natural and I was at my wits ends and needed sleep. Its so easy for bub to take, its tasteless and it really works. He has since cut his 2 top teeth with no problems at all. Words can not describe how fantastic this product has been for our household.
Its works and its cheap!
Not every health food store stocks it

wer can we get this from baby is teething real badcheck on Amazon...its thereI found mine at Edgecliff Health Foods for $14


Actually bought this product after reading the reviews on this site! Was at my wits end with the teething of my daughter and found this to be a godsend! she slept all night when I gave it to her so worked a dream!
She happily takes it off the spoon dissolved in a little warm water or I mix it in with her milk before she goes to bed.
It works!

Natural Product

I like that this product is one of the only natural/ homeopathic products for teething. I could give it to bubs feeling confident that I wasn't giving bubs dangerous chemicals. I am not sure of the exact healing properties of chamomilla and conchae but it seems to be effective on low to medium level teething pain. When bubs was very distressed it didn't seem to do much and I needed to go for some Panadol. I liked that you are able to administer every 15 minutes 6 times in a row if needed. I tasted the product and it was pleasant and bubs seemed to like it also. I do find the powder (by itself) hard to administer or rub into the gums and I did at times get it everywhere (especially as my bub doesn't drink a bottle). In the end I just gave her some one a spoon. It would be awesome as a gel. Overall I am happy with this product.
natural and can be given numerous times
hard to administer as a powder


I like the Weleda philosophy and the purity and effectiveness of this product. It's definitely worth a try before anything else. I recommend without reservation.
I love all Weleda baby products, I feel completely at ease putting them in my baby's mouth and on his skin. I found the teething powder great to calm him down when he was starting to feel his teeth moving. He was very fidgety and upset, this remedy calmed him down quickly and he slept after that.
Nothing, it's great. It would be great for more stores to sell it rather than just offering teething rings and panadol - who knows what effects such products may have on an immature liver????


I bought this based on the reviews I read here. I was looking for something natural to give 6 month old baby number 3, having used paracetamol and teething gels for the other 2. It was a bit hard to find - had to check their website for stockists as it seems to be only available from health food stores. I found it easy to give - I just mixed it with a small amount of water as per the directions. Seems to work as she is not as irritable as before. Inexpensive as you only need a little bit (1/4 t) per dose. Definately worth a try if you are looking for a natural remedy.
Economical, easy to use
Little bit hard to find


I actually stumbled upon this product whilst visiting grandparents in Brunswick Heads NSW in a pharmacy- they said a few mums had said it was great so bought Panadol just in case and this to use every day (or when needed)- seems to work.
Does'nt contain paracetamol, is natural
not readily available in stores


gave it with her milk bottle last night and she slept through the night.awesome!i actually run out so i have to order some more.wish they sell it in pharmacies around australia.
it's hasnt got any smell or taste which is awesome so i can just mix it with milk.
bottle is too small.


Weleda have a great product - was recommended to us by a few mum's that had already tried it and found it worked in easying their babies teething symptoms.

Easy to use - we added to milk and if our son was really feeling sore, we'd rub it straight onto his gums (good luck at getting them to open their mouths though!).

Can use up to six times a day and up to 15 mins apart. A good way of naturally relieving teething pains if you don't want to use such products as Bonjela that have medicines in them.
natural / organic product that is all natural
nothing to dislike


A friend had this with her when my baby's teething symptoms struck and it worked almost instantly. While I was looking for it over the next week I considered getting another product as it was becoming hard to find however the same instant soothing response when we used it made up my mind.

I was so impressed with how quickly and effectively it works. Most of the time when we've had to give it to him (on a little teaspoon which he takes pretty well) he falls asleep soon after. It's also well priced, around $10.

You can probably get it at a good health food store, wellness centre or some really good chemists. It's worth seeking out!
Gentle homeopathic products with no side effects, reasonably priced
Can be hard to find

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Questions & Answers

Is the lactose used from the cow? I ask because my bub and I are on a dairy free diet but is still breastfeeding so I'd like to know if I can use this product. I've just purchased a bottle and am worried it will ruin the elimination diet. Thanks Catherine
1 answer
I assume it would be from a cow. There could possibly be traces of cows milk protein in it. We are also on dairy free due to CMPI so for this baby I've been using something similar from iHerb called Angel Baby Bottom Balm but will go back to the Weleda one once he's grown out of his intolerance.

Hi, my 4-month-old twins are teething. I want to go natural and use waleda. Is 4 months too young for the powder? Thanks!
3 answers
My girl started at 4 months too. I used it and never had a problem. Maybe contact them on their website if you're worried.Thankyou so much :) did it help ur daughter?Not at all. My many boy started teething early too and I used it. As they are likely not on solids yet, try mixing a 1/4 tsp in with each bottle. Or if they're breastfed, through a syringe and into the mouth.

Lactose ingredient in this product seems a little bit controversial to me. The last type of food I want to give to my baby is sugar and if I use this product it will be the first one I will be feeding her. My question is: why is lactose even used in this teething powder? Thanks.
2 answers
Lactose is the predominant sugar in breast milk so it's not controversial to be using it in the teething product at all. It makes sense to use this to give it some sweetness rather than fructose/glucose/sucrose for example. Babies will actually be able to tolerate it extremely well.This is a homeopathic product, so the ONLY ingredient is lactose, which is a sugar and not coincidentally, another treatment for teething recommended by GPs is to give your baby some sugar water because it distracts them from their pain. With this product you enjoy they feeling of having spent $14 on 60g powdered milk sugar, or which is around $230 a kilo!


Weleda Baby Teething Powder
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