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Nurofen for Children

Nurofen for Children

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Works very fast

I bought Nurofen for my daughter to help with her teething as she was struggling alot with it
It works very fast for her so she can keep playing and being her happy self again and she loves the flavor which is great as she can be abit fussy with flavors

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Dear Cait Thank you very much for your time and feedback, we are very happy to hear about this. Regards, Nurofen Consumer Relations

Worked ok for us

Worked ok for us when our child was advised to take some from the Professionals, Health Direct.
The medicine worked within about 20 minutes and lasted for around 6 hours so we were happy.
The only issue was that it seems pricey and we couldn't find any alternative brands for comparison and when you
need something fast you don't have time to browse.

Much better than Panadol

This is our go-to for fevers in our baby daughter, it tastes amazing and she loves it! It tastes like strawberry marshmellow, some adults we spoke to even prefer Nurofen for Children rather than the adult pills. The included syringe is easy to use, and cools her temps from 39 to 37 in 15 minutes!


My young fella has taken medicine well in the past and all of a sudden he is avoiding it with a vengeance? After trying to get him to take some Nurofen for Children last night and getting it spilled all over us, I had a taste and was furious to find that it tasted spicy hot as if it had pepper or tobasco added to it. Is this a cruel joke? I feel like the worst mother ever now for making my son take this to feel better, thanks a lot!

Dangerous packaging concentrated formula

I am giving this product a very low rating due to packaging safety concerns. We purchased nurofen from a chemist, our second bottle. It looked identical to the first in terms of branding and colouring of the packet but was slightly larger. The syringe was identical. I was in the process of drawing up the dose I knew my baby needed when on a whim i decided to double check on the dosage table...imagine my horror to find i was about to overdose my child!

If Nurofen wants to offer medications for babies, for goodness sake have the foresight to know that busy parents are not likely to see the tiny words "concentrated formula" hidden among the busy design on the packaging. If it looks the same, of course people will think it is the same.

Change the bottle, change the colouring, change the syringe!! This seems so basic. The lack of awareness of safety here is what has prompted this rating.

My preferred choice of pain relief medication

I love this product! It works fast, it tastes great and the syringe plunger is so much easier to use than a dropper or any other dosing device. You don't have to hold the children down to get them to take it! It's easy to clean as well. I was a bit skeptical about giving Nurofen to a child. Had heard it can be a bit strong for little tummies but given on a full stomach, I have had no such problems with it!

Half the strength of baby nurofen

Nurofen for kids 1-5 years is half the strength of baby nurofen and so twice the volume is required in a dose. What the...?!?! The syringe isn't big enough to hold a single dose (9mL) for my 16 month old son. A traumatic experience for all of us, we won't be repeating it.
If you can get it into them, it does work
Very difficult to administer a dose; half the strength of baby nurofen

Works fast for teething babies

We have been relying on Children's Nurofen to help keep teething pain at bay for our 9 month old son. He loves the strawberry flavour and will suck it out of the syringe, and this immediately calms him down. The pain relief must kick in fast because he's back to being a happy chappy within 30 mins, and two doses a day seems to provide relief for the day and night.

The syringe and bottle adapter are excellent. They allow spill and mess-free filling of the syringe (which can be done one-handed if you're dexterous and carrying a clingy baby) and gentle, controlled administration into their mouths if they won't suck it out. It is easy to clean the syringe. The thickness of the liquid means no scary, forceful shooting into their mouths and easily controlled spills should it be pushed out of their mouth.
Fast acting, pleasant flavour that baby would suck out of the syringe, thick liquid, excellent dosing device, excellent pain relief for teething and teething-related temperature
Expensive, small bottle runs out quickly.

Love love love this product!

Trusted name, trusted ingredient, easy to dispense, great taste & it works! What more could you ask for!!

To all those that are worried about the potential for stomach ulcers, if you give it as it is recommended you shouldn't have any problems. Any drug - including paracetamol, will have potential side effects if not taken as recommended.
It works great & is easy to dispense.


Nurofen is a great product as it gives long lasting pain relief. I find it very effective for teething pain and it helps my kids to sleep through the night when they have sore gums. The dosing guide is very easy to use and just uses the child's weight in the range. It's a pleasant taste and my kids never refuse nurofen due to it's taste unlike some other brands.
Pleasant taste
Easy to measure dose in the syringe
Childproof lock
Fast acting to provide pain relief
Easy to use guide on which does to give for weight
Nothing I can think of


Kids like the taste and easy to measure the dose, I even use the syring for other medications such as anti biotics, as they get the whole amount unlike measuring cups where half the dose stays in there.Reasonably priced and a great product.
great for all the family
Havn't found any so far.


Good flavour (well, my child likes it), easy to use and delivers fast, effective pain relief. I love the nurofen syringe. I actually use that to dose a variety of other products (vitamins, fish oil). My daughter will take just about anything as long as it comes out of the nurofen syringe
Very effective for more intense pain and quite good for fevers. I use this only when panadol doesn't give relief as I am a bit cautious of overusing ibuprofen.

Easy to use syringe and no spill bottle.
It is a very small bottle for the price. I have had the no spill stopper come off a few times making it tricky to dose.


I love the opening to this product. I love that it is practically spill proof, and the way you get the medication out of the bottle. I really think someone was thinking when they designed it.
I also loved how quickly it worked and how easy it was to get my child to take the orange flavour.
It works quickly to relieve any pain and discomfort. Tastes great, and has a very easy to use syringe.
My child has a bleeding disorder so we have been advised not to give her ibuprofen.


a product i have used many times and am extremely happy with the results, therefore recommend it as a must for all parents with kids who are a little older than inbfant/baby stage. It works as well as it says and lasts 6-8hrs making sure my kids reamin comfortable and settled.
works well to reduce fevers and keeps them at bay longer than panadol. Taste is accepted by the kids without fighting to get them to take it. Great dispensing syringe enabling you to tip the bottle upside down without spillage
maybe a little expensive but if it works im happy to pay it:) also little kids can use it


I like this medicine for children. It works pretty fast and comes with an easy to use applicator. The taste is more appealing to young children as well.
Works quickly and comes with a very good applicator that is easy to use. The taste of this medicine is not too bad as it is the one my baby will happily take. It is easy to measure the exact amount as well, especially good as you might have to use it late at night. Comes in bigger and smaller bottles.
There are none, other than the price. As the medicine doesn't last long.


I think this prodcut is great. It works longer than the other leading brand. My child likes the taste better. It is easy to get the exact dose and the included dose measure makes this prodcut suoer parent friendly. I find it also works faster than other brands. The child proof cap works well but unlike others it is not impossible to open. Great all round value to have in the home for those emergency nights when pain, teething, fever or earache happen suddenly.
Works fast,extremely easy to measure exact dose. Good sizes available,
Not suitable for the tiny ones.


Overall, i love this product, mainly based on the applicator system this product provides. I have found that Nurofen works really quickly and lasts a good couple of hours and relieves fevers and pains. I have also found that it is not alot more expensive than other brands of children's pain relief.
The applicator provided with the bottle of nurofen is FANTASTIC! It allows you to withdraw the exact measurment easliy and affectively without any mess. It also allows you to get every last drop out of the bottle unlike other brands.
It can't be used on babies, only on older children


This product is great, though took a coupl of days to get son to adjust to the different taste than the infant drops, and the larger dose required. Brings down fever within 15 minutes and lasts all night most times. Applicator is simple enough to let my son give it to himself as he likes to be independant, and is also great for use with other medications
The easy dispenser makes getting the correct dose easy. Different sized bottles. plastic bottles saves on terrible accident when dropped. Nicer taste than panadol
Slightly different tast to nurofen infant drops and needs larger dose


I now use Nurofen in preference to Panadol when my child has a temperature. I find it much easier to measure and give the right dose. I have found it takes 15-20 minutes to be effective and lasts longer. When my little one had a very high temperature (41C) it did the job where Panadol didn't.
Nurofen for Children comes with an applicator which connects directly to the bottle and allows you to draw down the exact dosage. The applicator then delivers the medicine smoothly - especially useful for non-cooperative kids!
None - but Nurofen can't be used on very young babies and those with sensitivities to its active ingredient.


Pretty happy with this product. The applicator makes it easy to give to the child. We haven't had any problems with this product and I would recommend it to any parent needing pain relief for their child.
Pretty good taste compared to others. Applicator is pretty easy to use.
nothing that I can think of.

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Nurofen for Children
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