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Vicks Baby Balsam

Vicks Baby Balsam

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Baby Vick’s

This product is amazing I tried it on my 4 month old daughter last night who has a chest and inner ear infection and bronchitis and runny nose and coughing it’s amazing how quick it settled my baby girl and she was breathing a lot better I put it on her chest neck and back and on her feet with socks on amazing I will definitely recommend it to my mummy friends . Thank you for making this amazing product you saved my daughters life and made me relax more I couldn’t believe how much difference it made for my baby girl thank you so much

Purchased in July 2019 at Chemist Australia.

Perfect for cough/cold/flu

We love it as when my daughter is really sick and have a running nose/ cough, we will start rubbing it on her chest, back and foot and tucked her in her pjs and socks. Found out that rubbing her foot and wearing her socks reduce her cough a lot and she loves the smell as it s not as stong as tiger balm.

Love This! We call it baby perfume

This stuff is absolutely amazing it is totally amazing I hate going without it it is really Pleasant to smell it's quite calming as well it's not sticky it doesn't get oily and uncomfortable and our house we call it baby perfume and it helps to mosques and he smells that just seem to linger and makes you baby smell delightful

Helpful addition to bubs first aid kit

I am a true believer in the placebo effect.

This makes me feel like I'm helping bubby ahha. A little rubbed into chest, neck, back and his feet after a bath and in the morning. I remember my mum rubbing Vicks into me as a child so I can only think how amazing this must feel warming bubs little chest and helping his little nose breathe easier between sniffles.

I have read too that people rub a ton on bubs feet and bam the cold is gone overnight alas... This did not work for us and I had high hopes.

Handy to have and will continue to use during his sickly times.

My Opinion

Hi jillian walker here look My kitten had really bad respiratory problems so I thought why not uses this it worked wonders when my children get the flu so what I did was I put my kitten in the bathroom with a glass bowel and put a teaspoon of vicks in the bowel and then tipped boiling hot water onto the vick well after a few days my kittens really good her eye cleared up and well that cough and respiratory problem gone so I thought why not share with you try your animal's but uses a teaspoon and keep the bowel out of reach then repeat every twice a day. Also good for children's pillows chests,back but use the baby balsm and for growing adults get a bowel put a teaspoon in and same boiling hot water and a towel over your head and breath its good helps you and also chest and back to hope that helps you.

Neccessity for winter

This product was a godsend through the winter months when the house was riddled with sniffles and blocked noses. Not too strong to put on the skin of your younger children, the smell is just enough to help unblock noses and clear chests, only a small amount needed so you get lots of use out of one purchase.
works well, smell it great, not too strong.

A must have product!

I really love this product and love the smell too. A great wonder to soothe my baby and helps him to get a better sleep when he has a flu. Great product that is soothing and gentle on my baby's skin. It has aloe extract and fragrances of eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender, really help to calm, soothe and relax my baby.
It's designed for babies. A great help for my baby.
A bit pricey but it's worth it!

Great, simple soothing solution

We love baby balsam in our house!

It's such a nice feel and smell for soothing a sick bub to sleep.

My almost 2 year old asks for it at bedtime if he is getting a cold. He likes it rubbed into his chest and little under his nose.

I 've always found Vicks great for colds, so it is no surprise that this baby version is good too.
It works, smells lovely, easy to use and feels soothing


I love this product, I rub it on my little girls chest and feet before bed in winter or when she is sick. We both love the smell, and it doesn't over power your breath.
I've used this from the time she was 5 weeks old, and I've never had a problem.
It smells great, and works very well.


I've found Vicks Baby Balsam great when my little boy is chesty and blocked up. We use it in combination with a Vicks vaporizer to clear out my boys chest and help him sleep when he has a bad sinus cold in winter. It isn't too sticky and greasy and doesn't stain his pj's either which is great. I even use it instead of the regular vicks as I have sensitive skin too, I sometimes find the regular vicks leaves my skin a little rashy but the baby vicks doesn't.
The baby vicks has a nice smell and is good on sensitive skin.
Nothing for us.


This is a lovely product to use. It is a soothing rub and helps to unblock my babies nose when she has a cold.
Smells great and is a nice soothing rub when bub has a cold.


Overall, I like this prodcut and use it when my child has a stuffy nose. It helps clear the nose and helps him get to sleep. The fragrance is not as strong as the original and it is easy to apply. Be careful, a little goes a long way. This prodcut lasts a long time and works out to be ecconomical. I find this useful to keep in the first aid cupboard for the times when he is stuffy before bed. I also rub it on the chest if he is really congested and has flu symptoms.
Easy to uuse formula, gentle smell not as strong as the original.
Leaves a sticky residue and can stain sheets/ clothing


my overall opinion of vicks baby balsam is that this is a great product for infants and the sent isnt overwellming and also clears her nose very quickly which is a relief for me. The price for this product is reasonable and the tub last for a very long time as you only have to apply a little bit at a time
i use vicks baby balsam all the time when my child is sick as the smell is not that strong and clears the nose very quickly and easily, the container it comes in is easy for use and last a very long time
there is not much wrong with this product bar that once applied everything sticks to it


Overall this is a great choice for when you need something to help your baby sleep through the night during a flu. It is a strength that is enough to be efficient and gentle on young skin
The strength and the smell is perfect for sensitive babies, my son has excema and this doesn't irritate his skin at all yet it is still strong enough to keep his nose clear and help him off to sleep when he is not well.
It does tend to leave a stain on clothing when it gets rubbed onto it. Like an oily reside that cannot be washed out.


This really does help ease colds for my littlies. When it is colder weather I always put some on their chest and back. I have also heard of putting it on their feet and covering with socks to help draw out the cold...not sure if that works. It has the same fragrance as the adult version but not as strong. Be mindful to use just a small amount.
Great product. Nice and gentle for the young ones. Just as effective as the adult version for adults.
nothing I could think of - make sure you always have some in your cupboard.


This is a great product. It is milder than the traditional vicks vapour rub but still seems to help the little ones congestion. My four year old asks for it when she is sick. I use it on their chest and back and feet (with socks on top)
When little ones are sick it can be so frustrating to not be able to help them. This is a great product for baby with a cold. I use it on their feet with socks on top, and on their chest and back. Really seems to help with congestion and breathing.
none - this is a staple in our home~


A great product for baby if they are sick or congested. The red bumps weren't of concern as I could barely notice them but as a precaution I used it only once a day.
The weaker strength to normal Vicks rub but still has a good aroma. Helps keep baby's chest and back warm when sick and definatly helps baby to breath a little more clear.
I could only apply this to my 5 month old son's skin once a day as he would get very tiny red bumps on his skin if I used too much on him.


There is nothing worse than when your child has a cold and can't breathe, they really panic and stress about it. It is great to have such a trusted product that you can use before having to give strong medications. It lasts such a long time.
Very gentle but effective product. This has a beautiful smell and I find my son becomes so relaxed when he has it on.
Only problem is the jar is a similar shape to regular Vicks, so you need to be careful not to keep the two near each other in case you put the wrong one on.


Vicks Baby Balsam really is a relief to have when the kids have colds and stuffy noses. They like the smell and even ask for me to put it on. The gentle fragrance means that it is not overpowering for them and I have used it since the children were babies. I would not even bother trying other brands as I am so happy with Vicks and one tub has lasted us through two winters.
Vicks Baby Balsam definitely gets the tumbs up from be for its gentle fragrance but effectiveness. I even use it for myself because I don't like normal Vicks.


This is a fantastic product that I am able to use on all of my kids. It does not stain clothes like some of the other types of chest rubs can. My kids have very sensitive skin and this has never irritated them. It always does exactly what it is supposed to - soothing and clears up stuffy heads. We have been using Vicks Baby Balsam since it came on the market and would never go back to using any other brand. Thank you Vicks!
Really nice smell, you can use it on all ages.
Difficult to put on ticklish kids LOL

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Is it 0 to 2 year old age bracket for baby balsam
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Want ask baby have g6pd can user this baby balsam or not?
2 answers
I don't really understand the question sorry can U rephraseNo that mind my baby have 6GPd effect just want for your this baby balsam product can for his user or not

Is it safe to use on a 10 week old baby? I used it on my son chest and back but now I'm paranoid? I've been reading on side effects and I'm worried although at the moment his sleeping fine. As it's night time can't see if a rash has occurred.
1 answer
I'm sure it is fine as long and there's no rash and if so then take your baby to the doctors what I like to do when my daughter was a baby I used to put baby vicks, gave her pamol , Luke warm bath with the elbow touch to see how hot the water is then bath also using baby balsm in the bath to and a teaspoon in the water and if they have a temperature use a warm face cloth for the forehead and breast feed and feed them solid depending on age then bed thats my secret to keeping my children health wise good and boil the jug and wait till it cools down then give your baby warm bottle water is good too and rasing the bassinet and cot slightly on a lean up the end there sleeping putting something under the legs and if they play with their ears alot and cry just ask your midwife if you need to take them to get there ears checked for sore ears I hope that helps.


Vicks Baby Balsam
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