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Euky Bearub

Latest review: The euky bear product is a great smelling product which is easy to apply with fingers and does not make them smell like other chest rubs that are available over the counter. Works great on littlies

Vicks Baby Balsam

Latest review: This product is amazing I tried it on my 4 month old daughter last night who has a chest and inner ear infection and bronchitis and runny nose and coughing it’s amazing how quick it settled my baby g

Nurofen for Children

Latest review: I bought Nurofen for my daughter to help with her teething as she was struggling alot with it It works very fast for her so she can keep playing and being her happy self again and she loves the

Brauer Baby & Child Colic

Latest review: I have a different baby.. We've struggled with on and off digestion issues from mild reflux to tons of gurgling and discomfort. I'm talking hours of crying and being inconsolable every

Panadol Colourfree Baby Drops

Latest review: Very disappointed in the dosing device. It's far too stiff and results in an all or nothing blast down my child's throat. Such an unneeded frustration when you're already dealing with an unhappy

Weleda Baby Teething Powder

Latest review: My baby boy started teething at 4 months and already has 6 teeth through. Feels like his teeth have been cutting daily and the poor thing was always in pain and unsettled. Bonjela didn’t work for m

Infacol Wind Drops

Latest review: The Australian Infacol version contains alcohol. That's why babies sleep so well. They are drunk! This can cause Sudden Infant Death. After a few times you baby is alcohol addicted and if you

Dymadon Paracetamol

Latest review: I love that there is another option to panadol since all the marketing we see as parents is panadol panadol panadol. This is cheaper and just as effective. Only issue is my kids hate it, I can’t get t

Brauer Baby & Child Teething

Latest review: My 18 mo is teething and getting molers both up the top and down the bottom. The last couple of days he’s been an absolute grump and non stop whinging. Other symptoms have included, barely eating, d

Hylands Teething Tablets

Latest review: I do not recommend this product to any one. I used this on the youngest of my 4 children he is now 4 years old with rotten teeth. I used bonjela on my other 3 children with no teeth problem at all.

FLO Baby Saline+

Latest review: My daughter had blocked nose and a friend of mine recommend me to purchase flo baby. It worked instantly, she was able to breathe and sleep well at night. Highly recomnend


Latest review: I have been using this for years. Works well but might be painful when first applied. I would also recommend flossing and brushing teeth with a salt toothpaste and rinsing with xylitol beforehand to

BioGaia Protectis

Latest review: We were having a lot of problems with our newborn but neither the paediatrician or I thought it was colic. I knew our baby had bad wind pains which was part of our issue but after trying other

Euky Bear Sniffly Nose Inhalant

Latest review: I use the Euky inhalant in my vspouriser and it works wonders during flu season . When my kids have runny noses or chesty coughs, I use it in their rooms and it really helps relieve symptoms and

Marina Infant Mixture

Latest review: Much happier baby (and parents) since using this on the advice of my sister (used it 8 years ago). Much less crying, easier to burp, now sleeps up to 8-9 hours at a time (he is 7 weeks old). Bub

Demazin Cold Relief Blue Syrup

Latest review: I have a 14.5 year old and a 9 year old. I stumbled across this product when I sent father to the chemist to get medicine for our daughter's cold and he came back with the 'wrong' product. I have

Brauer Nervatona Calm Oral Spray

Latest review: Really happy with this product. Would reccomend to others looking for some stress relief. works instantly. I have tried other like rescue remedy but found that it gave me head aches and felt very

Lacteeze Children's Strength

Latest review: My son has a slight lactose intolerance but will not take to drinking Lactose free formula or soy. He is too young for solids so I've been left very stressed knowing he won't drink anything that he

Naturo Pharm Teethmed Relief

Latest review: Teethmed teething spray was introduced to me about 2 years ago and as soon as i tried it on my daughter I never looked back. 2No need for paracetamol or sticky gum rubs. tasteless and no smell. easy

Panadol 7+ Years Soluble

Latest review: I was always a big believer in Panadol from the bottle was best for fevers, however my son is now 11 years old so fever is not so much the norm as is headaches, colds and earaches. It took him a

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