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Basil and Penne Past Salad Review - Valley Foodworks

I'm flabbergasted at how amazing the basil and penne pasta salad is at the Fortitude Valley FoodWorks! Its a taste sensation. Mix it into your favourite salad from their salad bar and your onto your way to heaven. THE MASTER PASTA - Who says you can't make friends with salad , I did! :)

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationFortitude Valley FoodWorks

Foodworks Inverloch

I bought a small jar of Vegemite in February when we were holidaying in Inverloch we did not open the jar until a week later in Melbourne and found it tasted awful.
Reason being it was more than twelve months out of date!

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationFoodworks Inverloch

Impressed with more stock

So glad there is more stock at the Bradbury, now it has new owners, please keep the same staff as we have got to know them and they know us ,they are always friendly


Walking through the horrible and shockingly depleated stock aisles of Bradbury Foodworks is akin to wandering through a ghost town. The only thing missing are the tumble weeds ! - but these will come as locals (including myself) travel to other convenient and properly stocked shopping alternatives in the area.

Where is all the stock

Cant run a store this way no stock shelves and fridges empty stopped shopping there until they can keep shelves stocked its depressing walking through there its a shame cause the staff are allways happy and polite foodworks get your act together or sell to someone who can.

Empty shelves

Local food works is bradbury nsw one of the worst stores ever they never have any stock many empty shelves even isles this has been going on for 2 years now it looks like the end of the word is coming how can foodworks let this happen for so long they are affecting business
around them and destroying our shopping centre I would be ashamed to associate my brand-name with this store. Foodworks you are a joke.

Love this store !

Went into this Lismore Foodworks last week and what a lovely surprise to be greeted with a smile and happy staff. Good fresh produce brought in daily from local farmers and some great specials to be had ! I’ll be a regular from now on .. love it !


The store in Bangalow is disgusting and a blot on the town.
Store is filthy, the trolley's are never ever have been cleaned, there are no use by dates or known by the staff on the Deli section.
Outside the Store has never been cleaned.
The Store is the talk of the Town and people can't wait until a opposition opens up.
I would think that someone from Foodworks would do inspection's of Stores that are carrying their brand.

So happy

I have found Foodworks Sunbury to be a really great place to shop. The staff are very friendly and ready to have a chat.
The main reason I shop there is because they have a great range of G.F. products. Usually find what I am after. Saving me a lot of wear and tear on the old legs.


The shops are disgusting, always dirty.
Staff/management are horrible.
Food is always out of date.
Fruit and vegetables are always rotten.
Not happy at all.

Brilliant help for a difficult situation

The wonderful staff at Foodworks Diggers Rest went above & beyond with their service.I made a phone request for them to hold a product for me although I am not a regular customer. They had taken the product off the shelf & stored it in the cool room until I arrived. They had no way of knowing if I was genuine until I arrived at the store,pretty cool & trusting in their assistance,such a refreshing level of service should be commended.

Would not recommend

Dallas Foodworks fridges and freezers aren’t even cold, the products in the fridge area are all warm and they go out of date because they’re not at the right temperature, and the ice cream isn’t even frozen properly, it’s stale.


I know Foodworks Preston Gilbert Rd Melbourne also have China people running the shop and there's two old couple who cannot speak or understand English. How can they serve n sell alcohol and also serve deli if they don't even hold certificates for the two important sections in the shop. Since they can't speak or understand English, no way they can sit for any tests to qualify them for a certificate. Disgusting!

Rip off. Charged me double

I bought grocery $20 worth from Newtown food works ( next to the train startion) but they charged me $52 I didn’t realise until I got home and I didn’t have the receipt to prove it. This happened Twice. At least $30 rip off each time. It happened to my friend too the product was advertised for $15 but they charged him $50. He had a receipt so he got his Money back.


I was in fresh fields foodworks last week in bundaberg, I bought a cooked pizza with my mate after that we grabbed some drinks and my friend took them to the register while I held the pizza while I was standing there with it the other worker asked me if I need help I told her no I'm with my friend she then said excuse me what about the pizza I told her I bought it as you can't grab them only workers could as there behind glass she then asked the worker we bought the pizza off if we had bought it or not after she heard that we did she rudely just said RIGHTO to me, she didn't treat nobody else like that in the shop and I was the only black person there

Foodworks Carlton dont stand by their products

I bought a bar of chocolate at this shop. the chocolate had spoiled and tasted awful. I came back the next day and asked for a refund and they told me to contact the manufacturer! Then when I pointed out that this was against consumer law, they said they wouldnt refund as I didnt have a receipt. Like many people who use Paywave I often dont bother taking a receipt, mostly because I trust that the store would stand by their loyal customers and the products that they sell. But not this one. For the sake of a $6 sale you have lost a lot more as I wont be back

What a circus

Since the new people have taken over Foodworks Sunnybank, staff can't speak English and a lot of items no prices, i take groceries to check out and they ask me what the price is, how would i know, so they can't scan bottle of soft drink so they take a photo and send to the owner for price, unbelievable, i feel sorry for the staff there.


Foodworks Tahmoor:
Used to be Bi lo now foodworks. Felt sorry for them being a small supermarket trying to compete with Woolworths so I started telling everyone at work (big factory) go to foodworks for cigarettes it's cheaper than Woolworths. Made the mistake of telling the manager it's cheaper. So they put the price up. Stupid move, now 50+ customers will return to Woolworths. What a waste of time trying to get you customers.

Bad service!

Today i went in Sunbury foodworks and while i was been served the girl was discussing getting coffee with another employee! When handing me my change she basically threw it at me and threw my bag up on the end of the counter and ran off asking for a medium capp with one sugar... will not be going back there in a hurry

Overcharged on three occasions

I have been visiting the Food works in Farmborough Heights 2526 NSW for several months now. I noticed I have been overcharged for a few times and have brought it to their attention. On one occasion the lady at the register had undercharged me and gave me $20 extra. I gave it back to her and this time she overcharged me. The price of items are completely different to the list of items they keep near the register. Overpriced at the register but lower price on the shelf. I brought it to their attention and they blamed the register. The boss did not even apologise or show any dissappointed expression. Over the last three occasions I have been overcharged $35. They wanted to give me a bag of free red capsicum and $2 dollars for overcharging a bag of carrots. Sad isn't it. I don't want free staff, I just would like to pay the right price.

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