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Frank Green Reusable Cup

Frank Green Reusable Cup

Next Generation, Original and Stainless Steel
2.2 from 54 reviews

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It leaks and the lid mechanism broke.

Frank Green refused to provide a refund and they actually stopped replying to messages. Don't waste your money on these cups, they look good but that's about it! Poor company.

Purchased in April 2018 for $35.00.

Leaks, smells and doesn't stay warm long

Worked OK for the first 6-12 months with only occasional small leaks but now consistently leaks all over the place. The push button mechanism it quite complicated with lots of places for milk and coffee to get lodged and then REALLY smells after a while as its hard to clean. We also paid extra for the stainless steel cups after initially buying the original - did not make a single bit of difference to heat retention and was luke warm after an hour. I honestly dont know how these are still sold everywhere when they're SO BAD

Purchased in January 2017 for $40.00.

Leaks like a champ, super awkward design, stupid lid, worst cx service, bad manufacturing

one of the worst products I've ever used. Basically nothing is right about this cup.
1> like I told their customer service ppl, the way they are manufacturing it is outdated, proven by the soldering line inside. This means whoever is making these stainless steel cups for them are just as normal as those 5-10 dollars ones. If you look at the mugs made by Zojirushi, their products don't have these connecting marks anymore. So their product is not worth 40 at all.
2> let's talk about the lid they are so proud of. it's such a stupid design, if you gonna be drinking coffee with it, get ready to take it apart every time or it won't get cleaned by rinsing it. and it's not easy. Plus, they make this lid so cheap, you can feel the sharp edge the minute you open the package.
3> LEAKING!, liquid would be traped on the lid or between the tall wall and the lid. one it starts to leak ,you'll have to wipe clean and completely dry the wall and the lid, otherwise it won't stop. Imaging doing this while you in a car driving or in a crowded train.

After 7 months using this, the only thing they did right is the size. And this is the only reason it's not in the bin yet. But I am looking for a similar sized sojirushi mug.

Don't buy it, they don't look as good as on their website.

Purchased in November 2018 for $46.95.

Love these cups

I have three of these cups the original, next gen and Stainless steel and I love them all. I love that they can just be chucked in my bag when I'm finished and they never leak. I love the texture of the Original and Next Gen cups and I love the thermal ability of the Stainless steel, my coffee was still hot an hour later, the only thing I would change in the stainless is the texture I prefer the Co-polymer casing for the non slip.
You do need to watch the lid assembly tutorial to get it right. I don't use the tap feature so can't comment on that but love the cups.

Purchased in May 2018 at Monster Threads.


My Frank Green stainless steel cup has always leaked from the moment I bought it, and yes, I am putting the lid together correctly. I have it filled well below the "max fill" line and it still leaks. For the price it is terrible quality. I will never buy Frank Green again.
The store I bought it from, The Clean Collective, suggested I wasn't putting the lid on right.... It's not that complicated.
I stuck with it because it was so expensive, it seemed wasteful to replace it but after several months I can't put up with it anymore. Also, I have only ever hand washed it and the coloured coating is coming off all over, it looks awful.

Purchased in August 2018 for $39.95.

Not a durable product

Rating it a 2 because after 5 months of use, the cup is starting to show wear and tear. You cannot put this in the dishwasher. I love the design and the colors but this product is not durable. I contacted Frank Green for a replacement and got a "no". You would expect an expensive product like this would last further than 5 months. Very very disappointed with Frank Green. Would NOT recommend this to anyone.

Purchased in December 2018.

Disappointed, poor finished look

Bought it for2, no experiences on its usage quality yet, will update later.

first impressions on these products is ZERO. Poor finished look. The connection btw lid and cup is worse, push button required hard force than I think. The colors tone is bit different from the website.

Overall not worth for my money.

Purchased in May 2019 for $95.90.

Leaks and lid is difficult to screw on

The lid on my cup is really difficult to screw on and most baristas give up as it takes too long to do. The cup leaks badly and I have ended up with coffee all over my clothes on several occasions. I also find the hole at the top uncomfortable to drink out of and coffee always drips over the top after drinking from it.

Purchased in February 2019.

looks and sounds great but leaks!!

I bought this to use for school and it worked great for 1 month before liquid started leaking out of the air hole. I emailed them and they replaced the inner lid parts for free, so the problem was resolved...but then it started leaking again only 2 weeks later. While it does keep your liquids hot or cold for hours, the leaking is greatly disappointing as its the reason I bought this over other travel mugs. Its frustrating that this is an issue for a product that is quite expensive and preaches about being "well-designed, stylish, and really convenient." A leaky cup is neither well-designed nor convenient.

Purchased in February 2019 for $46.95.

Just more landfill - better to get a takeaway cup

Like many others - this cup leaks from the seal after only a couple of months of use.
It would appear the material selected for the cup lid is too soft to use in a coffee cup and deforms/shaves away with constant removal and replacement of the lid.
I reached out to frank green to ask for a replacement lid - rather than just send one out - they wanted photos, then wanted proof of purchase and where I got the cup from.
Nobody else makes frank green cups - I'm not trying to trick you by asking for a replacement lid.
The company obviously doesn't care about customers or the environment.
Do not waste your money on this overpriced landfill.

Purchased in February 2019 at The Naked Duck for $40.00.

Impossible to clean

Not a bad cup but so many pieces it’s really hard to put back together after cleaning - and is virtually impossible to clean properly especially when drinking almond milk based drinks. I see these tiny fiddly pieces going missing very soon too.

Purchased in April 2019 for $40.00.

Works well, but hard to clean

Mine doesn't leak at all, as long as the lid is screwed on firmly. So it is functional.
However it's hard to clean, as the lid assembly has nooks and edges, so you can only clean it so much day-to-day, and you'll have to disassemble it from time to time do give it a proper clean. Even then it's difficult to get it completely clean.
The cup also retains a coffee and dishwashing liquid odour even after drying. Maybe it's just the nature of plastic.
While it is durable, the exterior is prone to staining. Mine is in great condition, but it does have a light stain on the outside which doesn't wash off.

Purchased in January 2018.

Perfect Reusable Cup

I have been a long time keep cup user but found the coffee to go cold too quick, the stainless Frank Green cup is like a thermo flask and stays hot for ages. Mine seals perfectly. I was dubious after reading some reviews but glad I decided to give it a go.

Purchased in May 2019 at Frank Green.

Innovative yet practical cup

At the outset I should admit to having been a loyal KeepCup supporter for a number of years but the Frank Green Smart Cup (Next Generation) is superior in several ways.
1. Easy to maintain - just remove and wash the lid daily, along with washing the cup interior with mild soap. The cup and lid dry very quickly ready for the next use.
2. Over time the plastic does not taint the taste of coffee especially as the cup interior is smooth in texture.
3. Having read other reviews which complain of leaky lids when the cup is inverted - just don't use the lid that way! For me the lid is screwed down for transportation to where I consume the coffee. However a common contributing factor to leakiness is that baristas routinely ignore the "maximum fill level" indicator which means that the lid components are exposed to hot liquids but the simple solution here that upon receiving the coffee just drink the contents down to the fill level and screw on the lid. I have experienced leaky polystyrene cups in the past due to the drinking hole being too small with little options for aeration .
4. NFC payments is an added bonus as long as the recharge amount is more than say $40 as Frank Green can take several days for a payment authorisation to be processed.

Overall I am extremely happy with the cup which was purchased at a major department store, thus avoiding Australia Post delivery issues.

Purchased in October 2018 at Myer for $40.00.

This bottle leaks and Frank Green refuses to provide a refund or replacement

I bought this bottle for my Mum for her birthday. It started leaking within a couple of days. Despite me requesting a refund or replacement from Frank Green, they continually refused to do this and instead sent me spare parts, requiring me to manually fix the lid myself following instructions on a video. Despite doing this twice, the lid still leaks. Very disappointing that such an expensive product is unable to be used at all due to the leak, and that Frank Green won't take responsibility for their faulty product, putting me through a never-ending process to get the problem fixed which is no doubt intended to make me give up altogether! I have made a complaint to the ACCC.

Purchased in September 2018 for $49.99.

High quality, great looking!

I bought this and then read the reviews and was prepared to be disappointed but it's awesome! Keeps stuff hot for hours, doesn't leak or dribble and looks fantastic. Highly recommend

Overpriced rubbish

Purchased two cups for my wife and I. They both leak from the seal. Overpriced cheap rubbish. The lid is also annoying to clean and retains liquid which also leaks when drinking.


I was pleased with the website experience when shopping online and even though I thought it was overpriced I still gave it a go. Pure frustration. There's only one good thing about it - It looks good. But what's design without function? Size: The regular mug size's volume capacity is inferior than a normal regular coffee, therefore you'll end up drinking less coffee than usual. Cleaning: Not practical at all to clean. It's internal mechanism is quite intricate and if you want it perfectly clean you'll have to keep pulling the pieces apart and putting back together all the time. Drinking: The orifice where you sip the coffee through is not ergonomic at all, which makes the pure act of having a sip kinda weird. Don't fall for the hype. I'm reselling mine.

poor company on all levels

1. mug arrived leaking
2. build quality with jagged edges and uneven lines doesn't warrant the $40 + shipping pricetag
3. was quoted 7-10 working days, it arrived in 14
4. the rubbery exterior scuffs and scrapes at a worrying rate. expect your mug to look old enough to replace within a month
5. rudest, most dismissive customer support who do not want to help at all with my concerns
6. there is a noticeable plastic taste if i brew my coffee straight into the mug. i have to allow my shot to cool before pouring it into the mug, lest i want an unappealing taste of chemicals with my coffee.

such a shame as the design has potential

Very very disappointed.

I bought two cups about 15 months ago.
Believing the hype about how good they were. Being leak proof. I have found them to be anything but leak proof.
:(( Calvin P

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