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Qantas Frequent Flyer

Qantas Frequent Flyer

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Terrible. Customer service is non existent.

I joined qantas frequent flyer, have flown several times and my status says no points. I claim missing points from my previous flights manually via link but still zero points. The date of the flight keeps changing, that is if I select my flight date when claiming, it registers as another random date and the claim is rejected. Have repeated the process many times, same problem. In addition, I have the qantas app on my phone and it knows which flights I have been on, then why isn't it registering my points?
Customer contact web page tells you to wait until a pop up window appears when an "agent" is free to take your query. So what, am I supposed to sit there staring at a screen hoping to catch a pop up window?
This scheme is a scam. They never used to be like this. Highly not recommended. Don't be a fool, join the other one for better service.


qantas has to do something

I read all other's terrible reviews for Qantas frequent flyer program. I have mine. Qantas points- online store, Qantas hotel, Jetstar flight, all are not reflecting on the account. I have to ask Qantas for every item. Someone is sitting at that desk, monitoring all the points across the country. Just one person. That's why all these cannot be done on time. You ask, wait, perhaps those points might come, one day. If lucky, you "earn" your points. To me, this is horrible service. Head should roll- can't do proper job.


Qantas.....admired big Australian no more!

Please be aware of the nightmare experience that trying to deal with Qantas Frequent Flyer has become. Unbeknown to us due to a bank oversight my husband’s FF flyer account was not active for eighteen months. Therefore all his points were deemed expired. This was conducted under Qantas’ Terms and Conditions; why are they so blasé` about following their own Terms and Conditions which are that a member will be notified 60 days before expiry.” Whilst we make every effort to let our members know the status of their balance through online Activity Statements and by sending notifications within 60 days of the Qantas Points expiring, we understand that this can sometimes be missed and we would like to help you reinstate your well earned Qantas Points” So how can any global, successful flagship Australian company be so incompetent in forwarding an email such as my recent one from Qantas FF: it is not acceptable that their own T & C are so loosely regarded and acted upon. It has been an absolute nightmare dealing with FF call centre; sadly like the majority of most call centre’s they are run on fear and profit. Where no decision can ever be made outside the script. I have come to the realization that there intention is to wear you down; full of false platitudes, questionable practice. With rarely a resolution. Please all be aware that this is the new face of the flying kangaroo. Extremely poor business model; little integrity and even less customer care. So after eight weeks; hours wasted trying on their useless 132313 number; the next step is NSW Fair Trading. To test if T & C’s only have to be upheld by one party. Give Velocity a chance; nothing could be worse than the new face of the big Australian.


Used to be ok, absolute waste now

Diminishing reward flights, more flights to accumulate points. It was "worth it back in 2015/2016" but simply not worth it anymore. I feel sorry for all the people signing up for expensive credit cards to get bonus points just to sit with useless points...


Worse than "Terrible", "Orwellian" really: a real disgrace for the human race!!

When greed has COMPLETELY taken over as the culture of a business, you wait all day on their 131313 number! The business is still worth billions (YOU have paid for...)... truly unconscionable... I am going to forget they exist, myself: do the same, or suffer the consequences, the very grave consequences (I have now warned you).


Wow Qantas, way to go screwing over your high value clients

The changes to Qantas FF basically jack up the upgrade points e.g. LA - Sydney now Discount Premium to Business, 49500 up from 45000. Sure there's lots more seats or less points required for a free Economy seat - but your high value clients use Upgrades lots. Considering you jacked the upgrades up just 5 or so years back this really sucks.

Oh compensation is Plat FF for Life at 75,000 status credit LOL I'm Gold for life fly lots and it will take me another 50 years on top of the 30 I've already flown with you.

What a joke, nice marketing exercise though !


Terrible card with worse conditions

Repeatedly charged a ridiculous $300 annual card fee despite stating the first year had no fees. Didn't retract it until I called them out on it.
Overly restrictive security settings - the first time I attempted to use the card (for a very standard purchase) it blocked access. Had to sit through their tedious phone system to get it unlocked so I could use it.
Not permitted to upgrade to new offers (which are better deals than existing ones) on a card you currently hold. You need to close your existing card then wait 6 months before you can apply for a new one. Ridiculous policies that completely turned me off using it. There are far better offers from other companies out there - don't use a Qantas card.

Where is the Zero Star?

As a marketing and corporate communications' specialist and a marketing and PR lecturer, I must state that the Qantas website, including its frequent flyer program site, is illogical and difficult to navigate. I give it a fail.

It is possible that Qantas marketing staff have been instructed not to update the website because while it remains confusing, customers are more likely to book and pay for more expensive flights or to telephone for assistance, for which they must pay $80 if making/changing a booking.

When telephoning, the wait time is more than an hour and when you've eventually got through you are greeted by a person with a strange unfriendly foreign accent. You will notice they tend to sound exhausted and then there is the sudden "Sorry, I cannot hear you, the line is breaking ...." and they disconnect the call. Most people in marketing know this tactic is used by telemarketers when they can no longer remain calm or are burnt out.

The question is why does an Australian company that espouses to be the 'spirit of Australia' employ overseas' people to answer calls when Australians themselves are in need of employment ... and, let's face it, aussies are a friendly and funny bunch on the telephone (gets us back to the Australian spirit thingo).

But wait, there's more. There is also a chat option that states it is accessible until 7pm EST, but it isn't. The texting facility; however, works and answers are quite okay but then you find out that you need to talk to someone who can explain all the Qantas lingo bingo in simple English. Did you know there are many ways you can use your frequent flyer points? I just found out that I used nearly 300,000 points to fly return to Europe when I could have done it with 115,000 but there was no easy way to tell the difference.

So - where to from here? Recommendation for Qantas: Rebuild your Website!
1. Spend money on a simple website so the GUI (graphical user interface) is user friendly. Recruit specialist marketing and PR people to do this task and NOT IT people (that's where you have gone wrong). Please, please, please - get your comms' people to do the interactives because they are your professional communicators. It will take a lot more time to build a simple website, but it will be worth it.
2. Recruit Qantas website visitors and members to test the draft GUI versions and reward them with points or mystery flights - keep it fun ... let's get back to the spirit of Australians.... you know, fun and friendly!
3. Release the new website only once each and every target market customer group has demonstrated they can quickly and easily use it to achieve their visit purpose/s and without assistance from someone on the phone or chatting! Wow. It will be challenging, but it's possible. Ensure you employ Australian people with Australian accents to answer web phone calls.
4. Document the number of phone calls made to Qantas before and after the release of the new interactive user-friendly website and app and, if done well, there will be a massive decrease in phone calls and text messages. Imagine the savings in not needing to employ overseas' staff. Imagine how happy your will make users feel ... gets back to a good feeling :)

So here's the deal Qantas - keep it simple, friendly, fun, and easy to cancel and rebook flights. You will notice an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty. This theory is basic marketing. Focus on making the customer happy and then you will also be happy ... (as will your shareholders).

For me, for now - I shall just keep trying to do what I attempted to do 5 hours ago! I'm still not there ...

For everyone else ... seriously consider signing up with a different bank and airline that doesn't use Qantas. It hurts me to say this as an Australian, but at least I am being honest.


Fake / scam Frequent Flyer Points through online shop

A complete scam when it comes to purchasing products online. I have not received points for any of my online purchases.

Contacted customer service and also wrote a complaint but nothing has been attended to.

I’m starting to believe their complaint forms are just a means to make people feel convenient when it comes to lodging a complaint

Do not shop from QANTAS


beware Points from so called partners

We received emails and literature when Qantas joint with QATAR air . As a long standing qantas ff we booked flights added membership and thought everything was good until the points did not appear. Now we have been told that many qatar flights are not eligible. Really Qantas this is ridiculous. Beware when booking its all hidden in the small print.


Worst service ever

I ordered a number of products with multiple orders from Qantas store. Two products were faulty and missing parts!!! Then the nightmare starts. To return a product you will go through hell. Everything they blame the suppliers... There answer for everything "I will contact the supplier and will return back to you within 3-5 Business days", they never return back, their suppliers never answer them !!!! When I call to follow up, they are "surprised" why their supplier didn't response.
last time took me to return a kitchenaid artisan stand mixer that was leaking oil when it came it took 1.5 months, 5 calls, and I had to go twice to the post office because they gave me the wrong return label, took them another 3 weeks return back the points after the product was received at the supplier warehouse and that only after twice to follow up with the points.

If you can avoid them, I know that I will do in the future. Terrible service.


Frequent Flyer Points

I have been trying to get my points awarded to my account for six weeks through countless emails to even being assured that the points would be awarded to my account I am yet to see anything
I would have scored them no stars but it would not let me do it
Pathetic service at best


It is near impossible to secure a flight

It is impossible to book a flight time consuming and site is purposely difficult and it appears that flights that are availbe are not direct and impossible to get a return on a specified day too hard

Terrible experience for a second time...

Bought a product using QANTAS points which was on sale.
5 colours were available: black, blue, pink, white, silver...
Took black, spent points. Received order confirmation. Perfect, but 10 day later all points were returned... No email nothing.
Called QANTAS STORE help desk.
Was told - product is out of stock... seriously.
Found same product in silver colour is still available, but not on special anymore LOL.
Asked to sort it out... silver was my second choice. NEVER GOT REPLY.
Waste of time.



One great big con.

I have accumulated enough points that is needed to upgrade a flight from Perth to Rome for myself and husband. Enquired about doing this and was told I would have to book two economy class seats being $2200 and they would let me know a few days before the fight if I can upgrade. If I book two flights with Emirates it is $1500 so if I book with Qantas and I can't get upgraded I pay any extra $700 so Emirates it is and always will be and no more shopping to earn frequent flyer points

Awful! They don't even respond/acknowledge customers

This program is terrible and the customer service is completely non existent. I firmly believe that the consultants who receive the emails sent to frequent_flyer@qantas.com.au look at the emails, think "it's just too difficult to the job I'm paid for" and delete them as you get a reference number and told you'll get a reply and then they don't respond at all.
Calling is even more frustrating. You wait on hold for 15-25 mins only to be hung up on before you get to speak to someone.
The reneging on the use of the lounge passes in Singapore was a slap in the face to customers. The only reason I booked flights with Qantas (who we have been moving away from due ti their lack of customer service) was to use these passes on a trip. I booked those flights 5 months before they quietly announced they no longer honour them. I feel disappointed as had I known early I wouldn't have saved them and used them on earlier flights.

Shopping with Qantas Mall is hit and miss. Many times the points don't appear despite using the site correctly. When you question it you get stonewalled.

I stopped flying Qantas and trying to attain status years ago due to their lack of assistance around this program. Their lack of acknowledgement isn't conducive to my loyalty.

Check your points carefully

Missing small points from 8 out of 13 transactions via Qantas Shopping. Contacted them in October 2018 with copies of receipts but the missing points were not adjusted. Contacted customer service twice this year since 25/03/19 and still no reply.

Forget buying from Qantas store with points

Ordered a Sonos Sub Woofer. About $1000 worth retail. Confirmed shipped to me and points taken from my account. Almost 2weeks, no goods, no tracking info, 4 calls to qantas, pathetic, don't waste your time with these clowns. An expensive electronic item floating around in the australia post system. Hope is in working order if I ever see it.

Do Not Purchase from Qantas Store Expecting Warranty Service

Warranty issue. Email sent. No response for over 6 days. Called Qantas Store an was told their is a backlog of emails/(complaints?). When I attempted to point out that it's not an acceptable excuse the CSR kept taking over me and then terminated the call. Avoid at all costs, it's not worth it. Second call did progress my issue but Qantas store has to contact suppliers etc so more delays are expected with an unknown solution.

Broken system

Absolutely abysmal service on both a customer and technical level. The Travel Money app couldn't handle doing something simple like loading funds (as in, the entire reason it's there in the first place). I tried multiple cards from multiple banks, all of which didn't work. Qantas blamed it on the banks so I spent a good few hours calling each bank one by one, all of whom told me there were no blockages on their part. I call back, and lo and behold, it was on Qantas' end, but the only solution was to "wait out the error.". Thanks.
I thought I'd change my pin afterward, as I had not used the card in a while and could not remember... but apparently that task was too much to ask as well. Internal errors forcing customers to call back the same people who sent me on a wild goose chase in the first place... just to change a pin?
The website is broken, the app is broken. Please, please fix it.

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Questions & Answers

I'm considering getting a Qantas frequent flyer card - All the reviews seem terrible but the main issue seems to be expiry of points. I've read the following on the Qantas website: Your Qantas Points will not expire as long as you earn or use Qantas Points (excluding family transfers or the conversion of points from Aquire) through your Frequent Flyer account at least once every 18 months. This includes earning or using Qantas Points with our program partners. The time period starts from the date of your last activity (in the case of earning points on eligible flights, that is the date the flight was taken). This seems okay to me as I would definitely use points/earn points every year.. Is the expiry the only issue people seem to have?
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Hi Emme, the problem is you don’t earn points on partner flights well not Jetstar that’s for sure. So unless you know you will fly with Qantas you could fly regularly and not earn points. I earn pts regularly and just struggle to spend them. Getting a points seat on Qantas is like pulling teeth. Jetstar is easy though, go figure. And I have had issues with the store as well. The programme itself is complicated and outdated. Give the points a dollar value and let ppl spend them would solve a lot of problems. Hope that helps.Hi Emme. Lost points is only part of the problem with this scheme. Getting any ff seats is extremely difficult, the taxes attached to ff seats are huge and often make it as cheap to fly with another airline, and you will often earn no points at all on your flights if they are discounted fares - but you will always get the annual charges. Shop around: much fairer schemes are out there.My points haven't expired. I have had a problem getting valid points credited to my account. Don't join this program. Explore what other airlines are offering.

I am a Gold status FF. I average 4 flights a year to USA cities through Lax with Departures usually thru Term 4. My status allows access to Qantas Club Lounge which is in Tom Bradley Term. Term 4 departures requires QC Lounge members to use AA Lounge in Term 4. This lounge is exceedingly inferior to QC Lounge & I feel does not meet the advertised benefits of Qantas Club membership (The many QC members I speak to when in the AA club are all equally disgusted with the AA Club offerings) I am searching for method to access QC Lounge in [name removed] when my departure is scheduled from Term 4.
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Sorry, can't offer any assistance with this questionYou have to beca Platinum Member.

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