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Qantas American Express Ultimate
Latest review: My partner and I both had AMEX card for about 2 years. They were great initially, but it was getting way too expensive and not competitive enough when compared to some of the other rewards card out

28 Degrees Mastercard
Latest review: I've been using 28 degrees for about 6 years. Reliable overseas, excellent conversion rates and when I remember to use it right I never get charged any fees at

American Express Platinum Edge
Latest review: I have been using Amex Platinum Edge for a couple of years. Paid the annual fee but I got it back through the $200 travel credit that I can use for my trip bookings (flights or cars or

Qantas American Express Discovery
Latest review: I have been using this credit card for more than 5 years and highly recommended it. No annual fee and every dollar you spent will convert to Qantas Frequent Flyer points. During the last few years, a

BankWest Zero MasterCard
Latest review: Excellent for overseas use love the the zero foreign transaction fees and the app. With no branch anywhere near me it is a pain to deal with on the phone as I’d checks have to be done with Aust post

American Express Platinum
Latest review: In the last few months disastrous service. They stopped my card for an unknown reason and 7 attempts to call them i was put on hold for between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. I kid you not !! still cannot

ANZ Frequent Flyer
Latest review: Applied for card and was denied. That's not why I'm unhappy. The credit I was applying for was 15k to use for international travel. That's the minimum limit stated on the application. I checked my

David Jones Storecard
Latest review: Well done Maxine!! I am also sitting here trying to 'activate' my store card, and having great difficulty. Not that I am unable to find my way around a computer, I just find their website very

Commonwealth Bank Platinum Awards
Latest review: If one travels overseas, the CBA cards which offer complimentary Travel Insurance are the best. The Gold card is good for three months of travel, the Platinum card for up to six months, and Diamond

Jetstar MasterCard
Latest review: Card offered a competitive rate of points and a zero fee offer initially but Service via phone centre is slow and painful - dropped calls, pillar to post etc with diff teams. Normally 20mins plus on

Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer
Latest review: Not sure how they stay in business. Application took 3 weeks and I was declined. They didn't call to check my employment and didn't understand tax deduction on payslips?!? Called me 3 times to ask

NAB Qantas Rewards Premium
Latest review: I get this card with our loan. The promised bonus qantas points has never arrived and its been four months after i have spend the required amount of money with it. Every phone call needs more than

American Express Explorer
Latest review: Pros: 60,000 AMEX bonus point promo at the time of application. Member points can be used for things like travel, shopping or transferred to partner programs like Velocity (which I do frequently). 2

Qantas American Express Premium
Latest review: I'm a fan of this card, and would recommend it to anyone. I use it for all my grocery purchases and anything else I can think of! I've had this card for three years now, and love that Amex always

Commonwealth Bank Diamond Awards
Latest review: This used to be a good value card for people that had a high monthly spend. Not any more. CBA reduced the rewards points for the AMEX over the last few years, and are now removing the AMEX option

Westpac Altitude Business Gold
Latest review: The master Card statement of Westpac-Master card (Altitude) never provide the balance column to show a running balance, although computer do calculate that balance but the Westpac Banking

ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum
Latest review: Note: I will be switching to a different card very soon. The ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum started off with 2 cards a Visa and Amex (pictured above) with the Visa getting 1 point per $ spent and Amex

Bankwest Zero Platinum MasterCard
Latest review: This credit card offers a great mobile app which allows you to trace all purchases made against your card. Also, the card is free which is just one of the many great perks of this international

American Express Velocity Escape
Latest review: I pay my credit in full every month. I suddenly checked my statement and found $9.45 interest charges on my account. When I called them up they said they don't know why this has been charged even

HSBC Platinum Qantas
Latest review: My application is being processed and they have already given me reasons to doubt their competence.... Feel like they don't have their facts together before they call you. I submitted a document

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