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Fresh Meals 2 U

Fresh Meals 2 U

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The food was spicy and hit or miss.
The delivery was better than others however it did not make up for the hit and miss flavour and quality.
Customer Service was good ish but some of the meals that were not labeled as spicy were just not edible

Value for Money
Timely DeliveryYes

Love this service!!

Great service. I really am so happy to have found it and introduced it into my busy life. I would recommend to anyone with a busy life.

Some great dishes, some not so great

Some of the fish dishes were delicious but I found the quality of meat & chicken was hit & miss. Not a lot of veggies in any of the dishes but most were flavoursome. For the same $ I think youfoodz are a better option.
Great customer service & on time delivery!

Good, homecooked meals

We have been using Fresh Meals2u for a couple of weeks now and we have enjoyed them. Very home cooked meals compared to the other services- simpler, not as fancy, and are more like something Mom would have cooked. A little cheaper as well- I think they go more for the straight forward approach towards meals.

Food is good, not great............ but customer service is poor

I only purchased "family meals" and although some were better than others, (mostly down to personal taste) the roast beef was certainly more chewy than it should have been. I did find the menu for family meals very limited and after two weeks I was struggling with options.

The main issue I had was trying to get a copy of a receipt from them and sent an email and spoke to someone on the phone.............still not received it yet and doubt I ever will as obviously no margin in them attending to that request. I won't use this company again for the lack of customer service as I believe it says a lot about the company.

Tasty quality meals

I absolutely love their food! The meals are super delicious, and so nice to eat fresh meals instead of frozen. I have truely never had a bad meal, and I've been eating their food every day for a month now. Simply delicious meals, with really interesting flavours, and obviously quality ingredients. Love it! :)

If I could give 10 stars I would!

I decided to try these after using Lite n Easy for a number of years which I have been completely and utterly bored of for a while now. I have not once been disappointed with these Fresh Meals! The meals are absolutely delicious! I am a fussy eater but there is so much for me to choose from on the menu that I end up bulk buying about 20 meals at a time including some double ups of my favourites. My husband and I are both having these for dinner and as I said, we are never disappointed and always commenting on how delicious they are. The only downside is when older menu items are replaced with new ones, I then miss out on some meals I wish I could eat again! I highly recommend trying these to anyone who is considering it, you wont be disappointed.

high quality food, very tasty and delivered on time

there website is a bit clunky and slow but i persevered as i had been told the food was excellent. The order arrived on time and the food is well packaged. It tastes amazing, so fresh and excellent quality. It is surprising filling for the size of the meal, probably because they are high quality foods and well balanced nutritionally. I'm a repeat buyer.

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So i've been using for a while now and still rate the food. the service into Sydney has been a bit random recently (i think they changed delivery service and paid a heavy price for a fall in quality of service), your food now arrives at night time between midnight and dawn so you have to stay up very late to receive it which is pretty damned annoying and if you don't stay up or get up when you get the text it has arrived you can have a big problem as the delivery person sometimes leaves the box standing on its end meaning all the food in the containers follows gravity. I have had 2 instances where the food simply didn't arrive and they resolved that well by immediately re shipping my order. They updated their website recently too and it is a much better website now compared to previously. By comparison they are roughly $1 cheaper per meal than their competitors but their meals are bigger at 350g than youfoods at 250g. Be careful to compare meal size when shopping online. In short after a year. I am still a customer as their food is better and bigger than competitors but I find the delivery service very annoying in Sydney. I would probably drop my rating to a 4 now after 1 year just because of delivery issues but i can't edit it any more.

fresh meals 2 U

i have tried a variety of ready made meals and without a doubt,Fresh Meals 2 U for me are the best,
for variety and value, my delivers have always been on time and if they are not i have been compensated ,
I would recommend them to anybody.Keep the good work up Team

I love it!

I've tried food deliveries such as LitenEasy and Youfoodz but didn't like frozen meals and I found Youfoodz to be too spicy for me. So I tried Fresh Meals 2 U and I can say they are my new favourite. I only eat chicken and fish and there are so many chicken and fish choices for me, it's great. I also had liked Youfoodz protein balls and was skeptical to try Fresh Meals 2 U protein balls, but they are just as good! I see other people have complained about delivery but I haven't had a problem with this. They deliver early in the morning when they say they will and nothing has been amiss with my deliveries. They use just as many cold packs as Youfoodz does so I don't see what the problem is there for other people, the food is never warm. Yes, the plastic is hard to get off the containers but I just cut inside the film with a sharp knife instead of troubling myself to pull it off, that really isn't something to worry about.
The chicken portion sizes are great, some meals have a whole chicken breast and it's well cooked, not dry. There are a couple of meals I tried and probably wouldn't order again, but there are so many other choices that this hasn't worried me. I look forward to my meals now instead of being put off and thinking to order takeaway instead, haha! Very yummy!

Delicious, Tasty, Healthy, Cheap meals

I couldn't be more happier with Fresh meals 2 U.
Their meals are so delicious and they have a massive range and varity of Gluten free options.
They also have a meal of the week which is $6 which makes it even more worth while inregards to value for money and their portions are decent and will definately fill you. All the meats are cooked to perfection.

Fresh meals 2 U have made my life so much easier and especially being a shift worker
Im normally a person who meal preps clean/ healthy meals, so i am pretty fussy. The process of shopping & prepping can take me an entire day to meal prep for 2 of us for an entire week.

I must admit though the plastic on each meal is quite hard to pull off however I dont mind if that means the meals have a longer shelf life and to ensure no preservatives are added in the future.

Customer service from Fresh meals 2 U have been wonderful aswell.
I feel Fresh meals 2U are different to other companies in the market and I look forward to my future orders and i will continue to tell everyone how great they are.

Undercooked and unimpressed

Out of seven meals that I tried, I only really enjoyed two and another two I had to throw in the bin - that's something I never do, as I'll eat almost anything! I couldn't believe that in this batch of meals, half the vegetables were seriously undercooked, to the extent that some were still crunchy (carrots, pumpkin, potato) and contained raw onions.

On delivery, the items were loosely packed in a box too big for the number of items, so that during transport the ice packs placed on the top of the food had fallen off and weren't in contact with half the food. Given that the food isn't frozen, and is poorly packed, I don't think it would last at a safe temperature sitting outside all day until I get home from work. Also, the plastic film lids are very difficult to open.

I'm so unimpressed that I have a voucher for 2 free meals that I won't be using - I don't even want it if it's free! As I've now tried several food delivery services, I have a good idea of how FreshMeals2U compares to similar offerings. I'd suggest you try Youfoodz instead for a seriously better tasting fresh alternative.

Be aware of fake reviews.

Got us through a difficult month

Just very easy. There is a decent range of meals that are GF and without onion, garlic and other things the IBS member of the family can't have. We could select individual meals to make up our own menu. There is no ongoing subscription to remember to cancel each week by a deadline. Occasionally we added potatoes or salad to make the meal more substantial as we got some from the weight loss menu and then needed to add a little extra, but having the meat and some roast veggies already done was so helpful. Reasonably priced and got us through a very stressful few weeks during which I could not concentrate on weekly menu planning or hours of cooking. Delivery time tended to be around 3 am but the ice stayed solid for hours. Although fresh, the use-by date is not too soon to cause stress either.

no show on delivery

was worried about delivery at 4pm as delivery times were to be business hours, called and was told 430pm was due. complained at 530 and said i would wait til 630. 630 was called and told another driver in a non refrigerated van would deliver in a further 30 minutes. Demanded to cancel delivery at this stage and was given a refund however refund will take 4 to 5 business days which is disappointing as it only take 5 minutes to take out of your account.

Good food but random deliveries, if at all.

Food is really good but I am stuck with the cooler boxes after as they can't take them away.
Lids used be easy to peel off and now they need to be cut off.
I have raised these issues with the company and they do listen to you just never act upon it.
Maybe it's growing pains.
I've asked them to sort the size of the fonts out on the packaging as it's really hard to read. Again they listened and said they'd address the problem. 6 months later no change.
Come on Freshmeal2u. Listen to the customer. If you say you are going to do something then follow through.

As soon as I find a better alternative to the food I'll be history anyway.

Good healthy food. Gluten free options. Fresh and reasonably priced

Quite a selection of food. Reasonable portion of food. Good quality fresh ingredients. I've tried a few companies providing pre packed foods and freshmeals2u is my favourite.

Best cooked meals ever had delivered!

I have been on lite n easy for 2yrs, yes lost weight but was tired of the frozen meals..UNTIL I found Fresh Meals 2u & absolutely love every meal. Can't find any faults, quality, freshness, taste & variety its just PERFECT for me working long hours as a sole trader. I get home late from work & my meals are ready, my only effort is choosing which yummy meal to have for dinner.
Thank. Fresh Meals2u for providing such yummy healthy cooked meals.

Perfect for new Mums!

I have been ordering meals since having a baby back in May. I don't know how I would of managed time to eat without them when my baby was a newborn. They save so much time as I can quickly heat one up and eat it while baby is sleeping.
The meals are always fresh. I find they last the whole 7 days in my fridge... even the salads. Some meals are tastier than others but that depends on personal taste / preference.
I purchase on a weekly basis so I have a meal for dinner every night. It saves me money on my weekly groceries as shopping for one can get expensive, especially when it comes to food wastage!

Great food, outstanding service

These guys are wonderful. Fresh and tasty food, fantastic customer service. I just wish there were more lower calorie meals!

Excellent - Way better than youfoodz!

Delicious meals using excellent produce. Very impressed with the quality of the cuts whether thhe chicken, steak, or fish. Haven't had a bad meal. Way better than youfoodz whih is very hit and miss. Highly recommend.

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Hi it’s mels mum from F45 was looking at purchasing some meals as I am going two do the 8week challenge. Just wanting lunch and dinner. How should I put my order in.?
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