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Fusion Health Sleep

Fusion Health Sleep

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Unfortunately no luck for me

Took 1 tablet 1 hour before bed, then increased daily to 4 before bed with no hint of being sleepy. I completed the full bottle of 30 tablets with no results. I have also tried Melatonin, Valerian, Seremind, Magnesium and Fusion Sleep also with no joy. Really keen to hear from anyone who has found something non addictive that really works. Stilnox and Lorazapam do work for me but have their significant long term issues. I would like to challenge any of the manufacturers to provide me something to shout praise about. Particularly with the costs with no benefits.

Purchased in May 2019 at Mr Vitamins.

Side Effects None
Symptom ReliefNo Effect

Waste of money

Didnt experience anything. Gave it 2 weeks but still 0 sleep. Plus the smell of them made me want to gag don't waste your miney..

Not so great

Took two tablets befor bed had no effect except to give me stomach pains and gas but no sleep
Tried two nights running but no luck with the sleep just an uncomfortable tummy

Severe stomach pain

I'm lying here with severe stomach pain. Took them a few hours ago. So painful. My stomach has blown up like a balloon. Not sleepy at all. I will throw them out :(

Awesome and works

I was on seroquel for 12 years to sleep . I went cold turkey and starred taking fusion sleep . I take one to two a night. Beautiful sleep . I have gone from a full blown insomniac to a normal person . These are the best. First few nights slower to work but now I'm getting 7 to eight hours a night

Didn't really work

After reading the reviews I thought I would give them a go. Didn't really notice any difference, and found they upset my stomach. Have been taking them for 3 weeks now and find I fall asleep a little faster but still constantly wake up through the night. I will not buy again once bottle is finished. I have found other fusion products work but unfortunately sleep did not

Still waiting.......

1st night took 2 tablets, waited 3hours took another 2. 2nd night took 3 tablets waited 2 hours took another 2 still awake, still waiting for sleep.... A total waste of money.

I crash in the afternoon

I've been using this sleeping pills for a few days and I've noticed that in the afternoon I feel very tired, drowsy and sleepy. I've not felt this before. So I started wondering when it started to happen and its the same time I've been taking the pills and what I was doing differently. Having said that, I have been getting a good night sleep. Not having trouble getting to sleep or waking up in the middle of the night.

Does not work for me.

I used fusion sleeping tablets for several nights ,they DID NOT WORK for me. My wife had some success with this product.For me they were waste of money.Original price $.46.95.

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Hi WJJohston. We are sorry to hear that you have not experienced the desired results when using the Fusion Sleep formula, however it may take longer than several nights for some people to experience the benefits. Feel free to contact us directly for further health advice and information about the Fusion Sleep formula.

Sleep tablets a fizzer

I bought 2 bottles, 1 for my 43 yr old daughter and 1 for myself (65). Unfortunately they didn't even make us drowsy, we have tried the entire bottle so gave them a really good test. Yet another waste of money, I have tried many of the sleep meds from health shops, I don't think there is such a remedy for us at least.

Long haul flying much better now

I have never been able to sleep on long flights so tried these on a recent trip to Europe. They were really good, I got 6 hours good sleep between Dubai and London and no jet lag!!

This really works!

I have terrible sleeping problems (sometimes not sleep at all) and found this product to work! I hate to take any 'normal' sleeping pills and tried this one because I have found other Fusion Health products also very good. I worked out for myself that sometimes I take one and fall asleep, then when I wake up again I take another one. It was good to read that a Naturopath also recommended that. It's much better than for instance Valerian.

Hi Geertje. Thank you for your great feedback on the Fusion health Sleep formula. We are very happy that you are experiencing such great results.Just a little additional info which can be of some concern. Because there must be an ingredient in this product that works as a muscle relaxant, I found that my bladder control was not so good any more. :-( So maybe, if that could be a problem, don't use it continuously.

Sleep is a blessing

I am amazed at how well these work. I do get up during the night for a wee, but can go straight back to sleep, when is very unusual for me. The next morning there is no side affects whatsoever. Thank you I feel so much better after a great night's sleep.
it works

Saved from yet another sleepless night!!!

My Naturopath recommended these herbs to me after months of waking and laying there wishing for sleep. I took two one hour before bed and also drank a herbal bedtime tea but I could feel the tablets calming my busy mind. The health food assistant said to take another tablet during the night if I needed but although I still woke to wee three times as usual I dropped back off to a deep slumber each time and woke at 7.30 feeling great. Have used them now for ten days....very very relieved. I have no connection with this company so want to make it clear I am a genuine reviewer of this product...
Easy, tasteless, no after effects

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Just a post note: I did end up developing an allergic reaction to the product...trying on three occasions to use it again after developing welts or large hives....but I am very sensitive to almost all over the counter medications and have recommended this to heaps of mates who have not had the same reaction to me..still a top product I reckon.

it works

This product is a natural way to gently improve sleep. I have suffered from sleeplessness since a child and these tablets help improve the quality and length of sleep. A lot of other products knock me out then leave me awake the rest of the night or induce nightmare but fusion does neither-a gentle product for those who want a naturally improved sleep
No nightmares, no hangover feeling in the morning

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Hi GCGirl. Thank you for your feedback! We love hearing how our formulas are working for people. We would love to use your comment as a testimony. If you decide to give us permission to share your story, please contact us (including the dosage you took, if you take anything else, your initials, suburb and state) at - techdept@fusionhealth.com.au

Questions & Answers

Hello. I take Fusion Pain & Inflammation for aches and pains due to fibromyalgia and stress. I also take stress and anxiety. My question is can you take it for long periods of time? Thank you Klara
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Can you use Fusion Sleep during the day?
2 answers
Well probably.. as it did nothing during the night it probably won't do anything during the day either.I didn't say it didn't work at night. I was just enquiring about day time use. Thank you for your response.

I sometimes drink a glass of wine before bed and then realise I can't sleep, I then take a fusion sleep tablet. Is this a bad combination?
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